DiNapoli Expert Kevin Riordan:

My initial introduction to the markets began in 1984 as a runner on the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. During this time I became intrigued with the technical aspects of trading the markets and tested and/or applied a number of (unsuccessful) methods. I quickly became frustrated with the inadequacy of most of these techniques and became much more skeptical of the more well known trading approaches. In other words, I adopted the philosophy that what ever was obvious must obviously be wrong.

By the mid 1990's I became increasingly intrigued with the applications of Fibonacci analysis, an interest that led me to Joe DiNapoli. After reading Joe's book (a few times at least) and attending a private trading seminar, I shifted my trading focus to a primarily Fibonacci approach. Set apart from virtually all other trading styles, the application of Fibonacci retracements & expansions, coupled with the detrend oscillator, offer DiNapoli traders a package of leading indicators to apply to the markets. The fact that these can all be applied on any time frame is exceptional.

As much as I was fascinated by Joe's application of Fibonacci analysis, I found his comments regarding the importance of a judgmental trading style- accompanied by strict trading rules- right on target. In the age of computers and extensive back testing, my own experiences taught me that markets are fluid and continually adjust over time. A trading method that is inflexible is doomed to be broken.

Today, I am both a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and a broker with Fox Investments, a division of Man Financial. With a strong influence of Joe's trading style, I provide advanced Fibonacci analysis to my clients across a wide array of markets and also in various time frames. With over eighteen years of futures trading experience, I have worked with thousands of traders. The experience of dealing with these traders has enabled me to study many of the reasons why some people make money, and why others lose. As a broker and trader, I have witnessed and experienced which types of strategies are likely to prove successful and which types are destined to fail.


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From a recent email:

Kevin Riordan has been my broker for the past year, he and Danielle have
been great to work with, genuine people. I am thrilled they are
representatives of Joe's Trading System and software it has been extremely
helpful to me. I am booking my reservation for Joe's one day seminar in
Chicago and hopefully will get the opportunity to meet Joe in person. I
can't tell you how much I am looking forward to lifting my understanding of
his trading methods upwards a notch or two by being his student in a live

Thank you,