DiNapoli Expert Pragati Kumar:

Like many traders, my formal education is in engineering. After finishing my doctorate, I got interested into trading with the idea of making a quick buck in early 2000. This was the pinnacle of dot com boom and I hated to be left out while everyone else was seemingly getting rich by just by being in the market. Well, as the market crashed, all my quick profits evaporated along with the principle.

This failure, however, forced me into looking at what other successful traders were doing. I looked at a wide variety of technical indicators including Fibonacci numbers and ratios. This is when I got hold of TWDL. TWDL provided me a unique and structured way of creating DiNapoli levels and integrating those with directional, trend and overbought/oversold indicators. After going through TWDL, I followed the learning path recommended at Joe's website ( https://www.fibnodes.com/training/learning_path.asp ) including a private seminar in Florida , followed by an advanced seminar in Bangkok in 2004. At the advanced seminar, Joe essentially taught us the art of tape reading which formed the basis of my trading system. My trading decisions are based on price-action and its interaction with DiNapoli levels, MACD- and the oscillator-predictors and stops. Obviously, as is imperative with any trading methodology, I employ sound money management rules to control risk.

I have not looked at any other technical approach to trading since I started DiNapoli style trading. I am convinced that it is extremely hard to find a better methodology, assuming it exists. And even if you found one, it is unlikely that the person would be willing to teach it for the risk of dilution.

I mainly trade stocks and to a limited extent delve into futures, focusing on monthly, weekly and daily time frames.

Pragati Kumar

July 2008