DiNapoli Expert - Tomasz Augustynowicz

My passion and adventure with financial market started during the early high school years when I saw the beginnings of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Having searched among different trading methodologies, studying those that promised to be universal in different markets and those which may allow for a regular profit, I came across the TWTL Book and found out about the Joe DiNapoli investment strategies.
I went through an excessive education path and attended the meetings with Piotr Grela who is a Polish expert on DiNapoli methodology.
My first chance to meet Joe DiNapoli was during his visit to Poland in 2011 and I was really impressed by his sincere eagerness to share the knowledge about his own method with the students.
I took part in his standard and advanced seminars participated both seminars twice, 2017 spring and I had a pleasure to attend the joint Joe & Pieter seminar that took place at Joe's house in Sarasota, Florida, USA

What’s more, I also had a chance to practice live trading with Peiter van Wyk and participate “Trading Professionally” seminar offered by Tony DiNatale
Workshops on forum together and MSN & DLFF subscriptions helped me to understand the method better.
I have to admit that joining DiNapoli society was both very motivating and inspiring.
I had a chance to meet wonderful people and used the opportunity given to work with them on the market.

Currently, I can proudly say that I trade full time using DiNapoli method only.
I mainly trade stocks markets, index and some commodities focusing on higher time frame and e-mini S&P 500 futures on intraday.

To sum up, I am more than convinced that learning Joe method allows you to achieve success and gain the necessary freedom.
Last but not least, thanks a ton for the invitation to the group of experts! I have to say that I’m really excited about this and I promise to do my best to help other traders on their way to success.

Remember about the sense of humor, keeping form and money management rules to control risk.