DiNapoli Expert - Tony DiNatale:

I began trading commodity futures in 1977, with a Harvard classmate of mine who is a producer of orange juice concentrate. Although I found it exciting, my friend did all the trading and I basically put up the losses or realized the gains without actually particapating.

By 1980, I had become more interested in trading futures than in my manufacturing business, and began trading by the seat of my pants for the next four years. It was a miracle that I didn't go broke. I did learn, however, that people who were doing well trading futures were a lot more knowledgeable than me in not only the fundamentals but the technical aspects of various markets.

Since I am technican by nature, I decided to learn that phase of trading and contacted Jo to attend a large seminar in Southern California in 1985. Subsequent to that seminar, I have become a firm believer in Jo's methodology. I have used his Trading Package and Fibnodes software since 1985, attended numerous private and semi private seminars and put into practice that which I have learned.

In 1988, I sold my business, spent the next 4 years refining my knowledge of Jo's teachings, and traded in limited quantity. In 1992, I began trading full time. My area of concentration is divided between long term, (weekly or longer), charts seeking directional changes such as railroads and double repos, and daily charts seeking first penetrations after a thrust. I find that these types of signals offer unique opportunities to make low risk trades with well defined stops and objectives.

I never enter a trade unless it meets the following parameters:
1. Defined entry as established by fibnode retracement.
2. Established stop also defined by fibnode retracement.
3. Clearly established objective for the position.

My intention on these web pages is to help traders improve their odds and reduce their risks. Feel free to post questions to me on the DiNapoli Workshop forum.