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Getting accomodations in Thailand is pretty easy. Getting them done correctly is occasionally easy. You can look around on your own. I have just one connection or "deal" and that is with the Grand President.

If you don't like your hotel, you can just change it. If you don't like your room, tell them you will leave unless you get a nicer room. Unless you arrive in peak season, rooms are plentiful. You location is near the Nana BTS (skytrain) station. Get within a 5 minute walk of that location and you will be OK. If you don't, you might need a motorcycle to get here, due to traffic. It will be a memorable ride... Guaranteed! If you get a "tuk tuk" (open 3 wheel taxi) get a back brace first.

If you choose to book at the Grand President here are some helpful tips. Some of these comments can be extended to the other hotels. Don't expect efficiency and you won't be disappointed!

Peak season: November through February.

Rainy season: June through August but don't let it bother you.

Weather: hot ... hotter... hottest (april15). If you're here between March 15 and May 15 be advised that you will need to stay cooled and hydrated. For about 2 days in December you might need a light jacket or long sleeved shirt.

Clothes: bring casual, very light wear but have some long pants and conservative clothing. Short sleeve shirts with collars are very good for men. String tops, cleavage, and butt cheeks are appreciated the same way as a plumber's crack in America. Such items on display are considered impolite here. Wear long pants after dark. Regardless of what you may think you know of this place... Thai culture is quite conservative. You cannot visit many Wats (churches) in shorts.

Have a couple of copies of your passport. Leave your passport in your hotel safe and carry a copy.

The restaurants are the best in the world, but don't eat the food in the sidewalk stalls until after the seminar. There is no puking allowed at the trading room.


Prices are in Baht. Divide by 30 and you get an approximate US Dollar rate. 100Baht--> 3.33USD

More on Thailand

Contact Joe:

When you get in town, phone me. Call anytime. That means anytime. You will probably get a recorder. Give me your room number and hotel phone number even if you think I have it. Start with the important stuff and be conversational later. Speak slowly and clearly!! My phone and location are not "published". The address on the home page is a massage parlor... enjoy. You will be given my phone when you sign up for the seminar. Don't lose it. If you lose it, email me. My number is unpublished because I don't want to be bothered by people wanting to know where Siam cement is going. I trade from here.

For the Salil. Located on Soi 8.
If you say you are coming to a seminar with Coast Investment Software. You have a better chance that they will get it right!
Be sure you get a confirmation from reservations in writing!

Internet bookings are typically pre-sold to a booking company and availability is limited. The Internet company has no one looking after your reservation and knows nothing about Coast.

Email me your exact schedule, flights etc.

Mistakes you should not make.

1-using a web booking form instead of an email as suggested below
2-saying you are going to a seminar with Joe DiNapoli or CIS... Coast Investment Software Inc is the correct name. Remember English is not their native language.
3-Giving them the wrong arrival date. Date mix -ups are very common!! You may be crossing date lines!!
4-Calling them... if you can do this by email you are better off as you have a printed record.

The Salil Hotel:

You want the one on Soi 8

This brand new, very small, quite hotel, with comfortable outdoor dining, is about a 1 minute walk to the trading room. If you want all the amenities you might chose somewhere else but if you are coming with a wife, or girl friend, this might be just the spot. You're near the action but not in the middle of it.

email phone 6681 659 4945

The food is really good!!!

The Grand President:

15 minute walk in 100 degree temperatures --taxi takes much longer.

Their email address is reservations@grandpresident. com

Facilities & Services:
* 25' Sony Wega TV in Suites - UBC programs and in-house movies
* Video & CD player - High speed Internet (upon request)
* International Direct Dialing - Business Center with meeting rooms
* 3 swimming pools - Gym, Sauna, Steam room and Massage
* Same day laundry & dry cleaning service - Daily maid cleaning & towel change
* In room electronic safe - Kitchenette, cooking & dining ware
* Microwave oven, refrigerator and electric Hotplate - 24 hour room service

The Solitaire:

The Solitaire is very upscale but not uncomfortably aloof.

It's a 15 minute walk from the Trading Room. I've no longer have a deal with them. The old rates are shown below. This hotel is further away from restaurants, action spots and my new trading room. It's pretty quiet but not far from all that makes Thailand a great place to visit.

You would contact:

a) 42" LG Plasma TV's and DVD players in all suites
b) Complimentary 24-hour in-suite internet services
c) Wireless internet
d) Complimentary utilities charges (water and electricity)
e) Complimentary daily cleaning & change of linen
f) Complimentary cable TV, approximately 30 channels
g) Fully fitted kitchenette, including dining and cooking utensils,
microwave oven
h) Electronic safe

A. Ananda Spa
B. Complimentary shuttle service to Nana BTS Sky Train Station and
other key points
C. Limousine & tour services
D. Meeting room & Boardroom
E. Business Center
F. Swimming pool

The Ambassador:

This is right next to the Grand President but is a sprawling affair. Certainly a good spot to stay.

Good food,rooms are about the quality of Grand PresidentTower 3 but older.

It's a 10 minute walk to the Trading Room.

The Sheraton Grande :

250 Sukhumvit Road Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Phone (66) 02 6498888 Fax (66) 02 6498000

This place has style...older and really nice!

It's a 10 minute walk to the Trading Room.

The Landmark :

138 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110 Thailand Tel: 66 (0) 2254 -0404
Fax: 66 (0) 2253-4259 E-mail:

A bit stuffy and expensive (but still very nice). It's a 10 minute walk to the Trading Room. If you want your a** powdered, stay here.

I'm working on a couple of other casual hotels but I don't have anything organized yet

Transportation from the airport-- Taxi:

You can order a hotel car pickup but a taxi is about half price...8 USD or 300 Baht.

First, You go through customs. You get a 30 day visa on arrival--you are a tourist. Change some money before going outside. Then after luggage claim, wind your way past all the folks trying to sell you a taxi ride, to the official taxi line, outside near the curb.

You tell the booth personal at the termination of the Taxi line that you're going to the Grand president Sukhummvit soi 11. Pronounced sue-kum-vit... or wherever.

They give you a paper that you hand the taxi diver- You will later sign the paper at your hotel that says you got all your luggage.

You make sure he puts on the meter--if he does not you exit the taxi. This is a good rule whenever you get in a taxi. You will end up paying him 50Baht extra plus 60Baht for expressway tolls plus meter usually about a total of 300Baht.


At a time convenient to all, we should get together for an orientation
of sorts. If you're new to Thailand this is an especially good idea. We can tentatively plan this for an early afternoon but I'm flexible. Thais are among the most friendly on earth---enjoy them... Its part of the wonder of the place-- Smile a lot--they will smile back.

Be advised,
I have excellent connections for quality suits and professional massage. We can also plan for the boys night out usually after the seminar but sometimes before and after.

There's lots to do here and Pat and I will be happy to advise.
Remember -- When you get in be sure to leave us a message on the voice machine number including your name room number and hotel number- The message machine is not the best --name and room number quickly is safest.

One new development that may pay for your trip!!
Besides the night life
The great Thai massage
The temples
and the Clothiers
That I can introduce you to...
Both Pat and I have just gone to a top notch dental facility that is capable of
any kind of advanced or typical dental work at about 20- to 60% of USA prices.
Their work is excellent! Whatever the issue, they can handle it.

Grab a few nights out, a massage, a new suit, get some great food, and get new crowns while you learn one of the best trading methodologies available anywhere-- not a bad way to spend some time!!

Starting Time:

We will plan to start at 12:00 noon on Saturday. You are arriving from many different continents and this time should serve as a good compromise. Come fed and watered. We will go until about 6:00. We'll have some light snacks available. Bring your book and note paper. No recording is allowed! You will have homework. Get ready for a great seminar and a terrific visit!


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