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DiNapoli Levels, the most comprehensive book ever published on the practical application of Fibonacci Analysis to the Price Axis, DiNapoli style. 300 Pages of trading techniques. $162

Independently rated #1 best seller.

Eighteen years in formulation, 18 months in the making, professional trader, lecturer, and author, Joe DiNapoli, tells it all in his first full length 8.5 by 11, 300 page book.

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  Traders World Magazine
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  Fibonacci ratios as market tools

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  Walter Bressert.
  Michael Chalek.
  Bill Cruz.
  George Lane.
  Louis Mendelsohn.
  Larry Pesavento.
  Linda Bradford Raschke.
  John Hill, Futures Truth.

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Client Testimonials

Wed, 17 Feb 1999

Just read your book (couldn't put it down) in 2 days. I run a small hedge fund here on Wall Street. I have seen you speak before, (futures west in October), and frankly I thought the fib stuff was a load of hooey.

After doing some investigation, I started to think something was there. Your book was a pleasure... I read several books per week, and yours was the first great one I've read in awhile. I saw that you trade some patterns that I do, and that I thought were mine alone (ie fading the weak stochastic when the stronger macd holds, mixing time frames, etc.). I'd reccomend this to anyone wanting to learn how to trade.

Honestly, it was the most useful book for someone hoping to make a living in this game that I've ever seen - in many ways its almost complete! Someone probably could read a little on the basics, pick up your book and make a FULL trading plan, and then implement what's in there for a successful career. Congratulations on a gem...


I, like many, have spent thousands of dollars in the purchase of trading books, methods, software, systems, and trading instructional courses in the past. Also like many others, I lost additional thousands of dollars in fruitless attempt to trade "their" methods effectively. These names of course, if mentioned, would be all too familiar to most. Hence, I will stop right there! With your book I have learned 25 times as much in one tenth the time , it's unbelievable! I would strongly recommend that anyone, novice, intermediate or advanced professional, not only purchase your book, but read it, study it, sleep with it, understand it and apply it in the trading environment. If your trading results do not improve, take up gardening!
John F. O., San Pedro, CA - private trader 1 year

Congratulations on a great book. D-Levels is the most complete and practical book on high-performance trading I've ever seen! I have shelves full of investment theory which cannot compare to this trading course. Of all the Fibonacci trading books, D-Levels brings clarity to the topic, condensing 25 years of trading experience into an integrated methodology. Brilliant! Neal Hughes PureBytes.Com

Why do you suppose a market stops suddenly at pre-determinedprice levels? Why are markets halted and reversed on specific identifiable points?

The answers are clearly specified in this book.!

DiNapoli Levels presents overwhelming evidence in support of the hypothesis that pre-existing support and resistance levels are actually out there! More importantly, this book shows you how to precisely calculate them.

"Joe, You're gonna have to improve your systems some, the way you showed us to figure profit objectives was all of a cent off the top of corn market. " CJ, Dalhart TX --- Farmer, trader, cash crop hedger

If you think the cost of an education is high, try ignorance! Short memories and lack of knowledge don't go unpunished for long. Imagine really understanding how the markets move. Imagine knowing precisely where to place your stops. Think about being able to calculate precise points where you will take your profits before the market ever gets there - sometimes weeks or even months in advance. Does this take a rocket scientist's ability? Do you need to have a brain surgeon's intellect? Absolutely not! These techniques have been mastered by Joe DiNapoli's clients for over 10 years and now with the benefits of this book , it's never been easier to learn. If you think this is another one of those books full of cross eyed mathematician brain twisting events, think again! We're talking real life trading here, with real life solutions not ivory tower postulations. "I've taught private and institutional traders allover the world and I'm here to tell you they're no smatter than you are.

"If I miss a trade, it's because I fell asleep." Tony D - Osprey, Fl - private trader 30 yrs

I bought a lot of stuff that was supposed to be good but yours is the only one that made sense to me. It's not so complicated that I can't understand it. It's just terrific. S. P. - El Cajon, California

I'm about half way through the DiNapoli Levels book, and all I can say is that it is fantastic. Especially for anyone who, inexperienced like myself, has read many books on TA and market psychology only to be left with the questions, "So now how do I use this?" and "Ok, what do I do next?" Even if we ignore the specifics of the methods, the explanation of how an expert approaches a market and applies TA is excellent.
Chuck W. Seattle, WA

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