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DiNapoli Levels, the most comprehensive book ever published on the practical application of Fibonacci Analysis to the Price Axis, DiNapoli style. 300 Pages of trading techniques. $162

Independently rated #1 best seller.

Eighteen years in formulation, 18 months in the making, professional trader, lecturer, and author, Joe DiNapoli, tells it all in his first full length 8.5 by 11, 300 page book.

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  Fibonacci ratios as market tools

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What's in the book: Fibonacci ratios as market tools.

For centuries, scientists, mathematicians, and artisans have discovered that the Fibonacci sequence of numbers is replicated throughout nature. This amazing number series defines the appearance of physical structures, as well as the PROGRESS OF CHANGE AND GROWTH governing dynamic structures and systems.

The Fibonacci sequence is found in the structures of trees, plants, and flowers. A regular sequence of Fibonacci numbers occurs in the relationship between a particular branch and the next branch. Fibonacci relationships also exist between leaves and stems. Radio signals generated by pulsars conform to Fibonacci numbers. Research reveals that many natural crystals contain the Fibonacci golden ratio, 1.618. There is even speculation by Dr. John Penrose of the Institute of Mathematics at Oxford, that the golden ratio may provide the crucial link between the sub-atomic and the supra-atomic world!

Human behavior has a dualistic nature. We think and act both as individuals and as part of a crowd. A crowd has its own energy and collective mind. It can be viewed as a dynamic system and, as such, it is governed by the same laws that exist throughout nature. Since a crowd is a dynamic system, and since financial and agricultural markets exhibit crowd behavior, it follows logically that Fibonacci relationships should be intrinsic to all liquid markets. These all important numbers and ratios indicate areas of contraction and expansion in price-wave movements. The concepts of Fibonacci support, resistance, and expansion in price function due to the principle inherent in the unfolding of all natural phenomena, including the behavior of crowds and the collective mind. The real difficulty is in the PROPER AND PRACTICAL APPLICATION of this natural phenomena to price movements. It is precisely that difficulty which DiNapoli Levels is designed to address. The text puts it all together in a unified trading approach you can act on!

This book also dispels myths about Fibonacci analysis and only covers those techniques that are useful and practical to employ in real life trading situations.

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