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DiNapoli Thrust Scanner™ Order Now

Find DiNapoli patterns quickly and easily. Imagine scanning over 15000 symbols in 10 minutes or less.

Traders now can find charts which are potential DiNapoli Directional signals. These are the same signals we have documented over and over again as extremely powerful and high probability forecasters of tradable market moves. Of the nine patterns described in "Trading with DiNapoli levels" You can scan for the approximation of thrust required for four of them: The Bread and Butter, Double-RePo, Railroad Track, and Stretch.

Now you can do what we do to prepare for our own trading!

Our goal is to reduce your workload, by eliminating the majority of charts which are not yet ready to be traded. Through long-term testing and the use of a proprietary algorithm we believe that we have achieved this goal very effectively. We routinely scan 15,000 charts. Depending on market action the scanner finds 20 to 90 charts for us to review visually each and every day.

Scanning saves us from looking at the other 14,910 charts!

During very volatile markets, the scanner will find more charts. It found more than 230 thrusting charts when the markets were thrusting downward after the tragic events of Sept 11th 2001. In the months before that, the scanner found 40 to 60 per scan.

The algorithm

It took years to create the formula for this scanner because not all thrust is applicable to DiNapoli signals! As the formula was revised, we found that we were almost never out of tradable instruments. The scanner also give us charts that are maturing, setting up for a trade. Of course if you trade Futures rather than Stocks, your opportunities are reduced because of the smaller number of symbols in that arena. Futures however, tend to thrust more often than the average stock.

How it works

Unless you own our Coast Trading Package and use the Thrust Scanner in side it, you must have MetaStock formatted daily files. The stand alone version of the Thrust Scanner requires a data base of MetaStock files to search for thrust.

We like simplicity!! You tell the scanner where your MetaStock data files are and press "start scan" that's it! When the scan is complete, the "DiNapoli Thrust Scanner" will copy the appropriate MetaStock files to a new folder on your hard drive. You can then review these files to determine if the details required to apply the signal are in fact apparent. You will need to use your regular charting software for this purpose. We recommend our "Coast Trading Package" for this purpose, because we know all the studies are programmed properly and it will also read a MetaStock data base. You can however use any other software which can read MetaStock files. Remember, the scanner is available inside the Coast Trading Package as well and is even simpler to use.

Access to our Proprietary pages

While software support is unlimited, We provide much more: Access to our Client Proprietary web pages. If you have not taken advantage of this offer, buy the Thrust Scanner and get a 60 day free password. Send us questions on using the software and interpreting the powerful signals the scanner helps you to locate! Let me put my 38 years of trading experience to work to benefit you!" - Joe DiNapoli.


The Thrust Scanner Software may not function properly if your computer Language setting is not set to English. We know the Thrust Scanner Software will not work with Russian, Thai, Japenese, and Chinese Character sets. Many clients get seperate (older)inexpensive laptops to run this software and set the language to English
DiNapoli Thrust Scanner In CTP

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