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The first indicator to be added to the DiNapoli suite of studies in 16 years!

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It is free to those of you who subscribe to DiNapoli Levels

How it came into being:

Many of you know, TWDL was translated into Russian several years ago. The book was published in time for Russia's first trading Expo in March of 2002. I was invited to speak at this event. It was Expo mania, Russian style... Brass bands, Eager traders, Caviar, Caffeine, and enough Vodka to fuel a division. My kind of place!
I made a lot of Russian friends. They are great people! And, one of these guys programmed this indicator in CQG, as a favor to me, for improving his trading results. After a year of testing in CQG I gave the indicator's equations to Tim at Genesis and we have been using it with great results ever since.
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