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Testimonials - Here's what our clients are saying about us....
These are just a few unsolicited testimonials and comments we receive regularly.
We stopped collecting them many years ago... there were just so many.

Testimonials Year 2012

 January 11 2012

Hey Joe,
Been out of touch lately. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the seminar and learned quite a bit. I feel that attending will really accelerate my trading. The real time trading and learning was excellent and the breadth of experience from the other attendees added to it. Overall looking forward to attending another since there is so much that is gone over.

Later, Kev Afghanistan

 January 17 2012


Hello Pat

Hope You remember this „contest” while appearing in CNBC ?

40 guys with 1 mln each to trade it---we meet about every second month---see how things went - we can only change strategies, trades, while this meeting. Announced in the show.

See this link---take You time-it last about 15 minutes with 1 minute ad at the beginning---spoken in Polish but You can see charts. Person interviewed is the “controller” of auditing firm which follows trades and results.,0,0,2,1,podsumowanie-portfela,tvn_cnbc.html

After about 8 months the best out of 40 is…Piotr Grela ( DiNapoli Expert )---and not only now-from the beginning! Within this period of time it brought close to 6% return…

Thank You my friend---without You it would not be possible!


Piotr Poland

 February 1 2012

Thx Joe.
I really learnt a lot as well and benefited greatly - so it was mutual :-)
Could you also pls add me to the list for the next advanced seminar - If I am not on a consulting project at the time, I will definitely come over - I think it will be very good for me to have another session after a few months of practice of what I learned in the last few days
Many thanks again, Kind Regards,

JMH Australia

 February 18 2012

Posted by Tony DiNatale

The Precision of Fib Nodes ( 17 February 2012 at 6:54pm )

The Message:

Very well said, Lisa, Vernon and Steve.

Reading your posts tells me that you are turning the corner by paying attention to the rules of trading which I always drive home in my seminars. Somewhere in the top two or three is "never, ever trade with an opinion". Do not listen to the idiots on CNBC. Rather, apply your knowledge of D-Levels and let the charts tell you what should happen.

Once we understand the essence of trading with D-Levels. and have confidence in its high probability of return, the opinion of others is clutter at best. Ignore it, and you will be miles ahead.

All the best,

Tony Florida

 February 20 2012

Hi Joe,

I am half way through the course and would really like to commend the organization of the course, jokes between the serious topics making learning continuous and enjoyable, the content- concentration and quality (of both workshop manual and audio)- it is absolutely mind blowing. Thanks for putting it all together. I have seen some of your trend following techniques being used in bits and parts over internet- but nothing close to the whole package. I am sure that you must be receiving a lot of emails like this- here is the one from me. I will plan to attend a live seminar at a more favorable time for me- and am really looking forward to it.

Once again, thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.


 April 19 2012


(re:DLFF)  I have enjoyed listening to the accent and believe you have helped
me beyond measure.


V T L Texas

 April 22 2012

Hi Joe,
I hope all is well with you and Pat. I am in the process of trying to wind down, but it is taking longer than I anticipated.
Pieter presented a wonderful seminar in Chicago, and I know that you already know this, but he is very knowledgeable and a good teacher. He is enthusiastic and well organized. The material was presented clearly, and we were able to apply it to markets on the two trading days the seminar overlapped. There is already some talk of a west coast seminar in the Bay area next year, and I am sure that most of this year's attendees would probably go again.
Warm regards,
John Canada

 April 25 2012

I can't put this off any longer; my thank you for this is long overdue. I really appreciate you giving me another week of DLFF. I am going to sign up; it helped me allot yesterday. I also wish to convey my thanks for the extra help you had shown me. I am having more experiences of clarity about this method  since the class and I have you to thank for it.  This method is dovetailing nicely with my trend following education, although there is a certain amount of conflict. What it brings to the table is an clear expectation of when something is going to start or end. I'm also getting a good workout with the mind map.

Thanks again for the DLFF, I'll be signing up this week.

C J Chicago

 April 28 2012

Hi Pieter,

Glad to here you are back in good old SA. How is the jetlag.
Please sign me up for the seminar next year in San Francisco.

The seminar was a valuable education that I received and getting hands on experience with yourself was extremely informative.
The way you go through the trading setup step by step helped me in preparing for my trades daily and I realised that I have to be very methodical
in my approach. Also it was good to see that one needs a good amount of patience.
I learned a lot and give this seminar 10 out of 10.

Thanks Pieter and I can't wait for the next one.


 May 8 2012

Dear Joe,

First I would like to thank you for the best training I have had. And If you have the advanced trading course in Thailand please kindly let me know. 

Best regards,
Jittakarn M Thailand

 June 28 2012

Hi pat,

It was really nice finally meeting you in person, after all these months email exchanges.  I love all the  plants you have inside and outside the condo, they look very well placed Feng shui wise, for bring in good chi into the house.  Wish we had more time to chat, but I guess I got too involved with learning...  Haha, I never was at the bottom of the group before, so I was busy digging myself out...
Thanks for all the support from you, and see you again soon.

Ying China

 July 1 2012


Really excellent seminar, I learned loads!

Many people have asked how I get DLFF into an iPad so Ive put together a doc. The group at the last psem has it but thought I'd send it to you in case anyone asked.


T S Australia

 July 3 2012


Thank you again for a great seminar. I again learned that I still have a lot of work to do to acheive my goals. To this end, I am adjusting my work schedule (with my clients concurrance) beginning next week so that I can trade between 5:20 am and 8:30 am PST, Monday through Friday.

Kind regards,


 July 4 2012

Hi Joe,

Thanks very much for the chart, it always helps with a visual.   Just this one tip alone is worth far more than the time and money spent on the trip to Soi 8 lane!  

Thanks again! 

Ying China

 July 4 2012

Thank you Joe for a serious learning experience and a lot of fun.


 September 3 2012

Hi Pat,

  Thanks for the DiNapoli items you sent.
My profits have improved greatly since reading
them !

Gary. USA

 September 10 2012

Hello Joe -

My name is Mark M and I just finished the standard seminar with Shahid Aziz in Mississauga, ON.

It was an extremely valuable 2 days. I learned a tremendous amount and didn't realize that your methods/techniques have evolved since the publication of the book as much as they have.
It's interesting to see what hasn't changed is DLevels.

Anyways, I wanted to thank-you for sharing so much of your methodology for such a reasonable cost both in the software (TNG) and the education - book and seminar costs are very well priced.

I have a few comments about Shahid. It was apparent right from the start that he had my best interests at heart. He shared with me not only the materials from the seminar very competently, but also shared his own experience, knowledge and methods quite extensively. He listened very much to what I needed and taught from that perspective. Its clear he is a well-rounded trader - he is well aware of what makes a good trader and what doesn't. He's also humble and shared about his mistakes, learnings and limitations. It made the training very real - not something preached 'from on high' from a well-structured script.

I've done the training from Larry Levin, Larry Williams and David H. Weis. All have been very valuable in my education, but until now I've not had as a comprehensive education,support program and tools, as I do have with the DiNapoli training. And again at such good costs.

I am deeply grateful and feel optimistic that I will be able to improve as a trader and reach my personal life goals.

I really do look forward to the advanced seminar and have set a goal on attending in Bangkok in 2013.

I also look forward to developing my relationship with Shahid.

Thanks again Joe and all the best.

Mark M
ON, Canada

 December 2 2012

Hi Joe,

I ran into Mike M at a Seminar in West Palm Beach Florida this weekend. Mike wanted me to tell you Hello and that he did get that Porsche 911. Mike took a private seminar from you in Siesta Key. You took Mike on a boat ride and during this ride he explained that he wanted to make money in the markets to get a 911 Porsche. Well he made it and now He is working on getting that boat.

You can catch up with Mike via email [email protected]

FYI PolarSilv is the color of his Porsche…

After speaking with Mike, I can see how you both have a lot in common.

Best regards,

Danielle Bourbeau

 December 3 2012

Hi Joe,
Thank you for teaching, after 20 years I am doing in well now. Now I am a day trader I would like to be competitive so that I can compete with other traders.
I am consistently making money now.

Trading is a tough business. I am a gambler with over 20 years on and off. Now I am a full time. Thank you very much for being my teacher.

Best Regard,
Kenneth D Singapore

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