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Testimonials - Here's what our clients are saying about us....
These are just a few unsolicited testimonials and comments we receive regularly.
We stopped collecting them many years ago... there were just so many.

Testimonials Year 2002

4th Quarter - 2002

  17 December 2002

Great book is the most succinct and lucid trading book I
have read thus far. If your course and software equal it, I believe you
offer the closest thing to a one stop shop for traders.
Now all I need to do is absorb all of this and put it into practice!

I am fresh out of a Forex trading course which has proven itself to be a waste of
money...that is why I was directed to your book by a trader I bumped into at
a party! Also when are you coming out to Australia for a seminar or speaking


Brian B.

  12 December 2002

Hi Joe.

The Private Seminar was great. I now have a much better understanding of how D-Levels work!
Thanks again!

Stan E.

  5 December 2002

Hi Joe,

I attended your P-seminar in Sarasota just this last August. Your techniques have helped my trading tremendously. Now, the only frustrating part of trading is being restricted to the daily and weekly time frames due to my having to work at the hospital!

E. H.

  25 November 2002

... thanks for developing this method of trading.
Having been a student of yours for about two years now, things are
really starting to click into place as regards the real integration of leading and lagging indicators and different timeframes etc - I used to think it was similar to Elliott but have come to realise how distinctly superior it is. I'm having more and more 'lightbulb' moments as I come to understand things that I'd heard/read but never appreciated at the time.

Many Thanks!
Andrew C.

  8 November 2002

I use Fibnodes almost every day & find to be a great
help analyzing the markets. It works great with 5 minute bars on the S&P I
wouldn't be without the confluence levels and LPO's.

Steve H,

  6 November 2002

Dear Joe,

I have now read your book twice (on 3rd), watched video, started trading course,
and I'm signed up for the January seminar in Florida. I'm at the point where
I'd like to start some paper trading.......

I have an even greater appreciation for the depth of what you provide and all at very reasonable prices. I've also been learning a lot by reading your forums.


Peter W.

  5 November 2002

Hi Joe,

Greetings from New Zealand

I own a copy of your book which has helped me tremendously.

Kind Regards,

Ross M.

  4 November 2002

I've finished the second reading of the book and am impressed.
Many thanks.

Bob W

  27 October 2002

I have read your book twice now, and it's sinking in - excellent and
thorough strategy. I've gone down the non-judgement route, and your
approach is rather refreshing and liberating. I'm an EE and have done some
interesting mechanical designs using Fibonacci principles, so the DiNapoli
levels are very natural for me. Your book does a good job of anchoring the
golden ratio in a granite foundation. I also appreciate you sharing many of
your hard earned trading insights so generously.

I look forward to studying the rest of your material, and get going trading!
I hope to attend your January seminar in Florida.

Best Regards,
Peter W

  15 October 2002

Dear Joe,

I recently purchased Trading With DiNapoli Levels, and I am about 1/3 to
1/2 the way through the book. Although I have not finished it yet, I
must tell you it is one of the best, if not the best, books on trading I
have ever read, and I have read many, many books on trading. This is
the first book on a trading methodology that has presented the
methodology in a clear and meaningful way, such that I could actually
understand exactly how I could get in and get out of a trade. My
congratulations to you on a job well done.

I am so impressed with the book that I intend to order the In Home
Trading Course.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Neil R.


  12 October 2002

Hi Guys, thank you for your e-mail. I really enjoy your products and
education. It has made a difference in my life.

My best to you,
Sara H

  8 October 2002

Last June, in the Orlando trading show, I visited the exhibition room and briefly stopped by your booth. I purchased your package "Intensive Fibonacci Course" just to compare it with my own system. Wow! what a surprise! love it. The calipers for charting are fantastic.

Look forward to meet you one day at one of your seminars in Sarasota

Joe S.

  7 October 2002

G`Day Joe,

Thank you Joe for all you have given to myself and many other fellow Traders.
Your Trading Methodology has transformed me into a winning speculator. I spent
many years in the red and now I enjoy being in the black. I will get to
Thank you in person in the not too distant future but for now Take Care,
Happy Trading and Keep Surfing.

Peter C.

  3 October 2002

Also let Joe know that I am knocking them dead. I picked up 26.70 S&P
points yesterday. I have figured out which days are my big potential money days
and I really focus on them. I love Joe's stuff because it works, and I have
made it part of my repetoire. Thank you Joe!!

All The Best,


  2 October 2002

I have learned so much through the book and see it as a must for any serious trader. I have thoroughly enjoyed the content. For me it has been a real God send.

Many thanks, kind regards,
Ross. M.

3rd Quarter - 2002

 11 September 2002

Hi Joe,

Kenny and I would like to come to Thailand for the live real time workshop. I think we would benefit tremendously. I learned a lot at your private seminar. I finally understood some of the
material I was having problems with--you made it all so clear. Now I hope to come to Thailand to put it all into practice under your watchful eye. They say "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life."soon after that workshop I intend to do some pretty serious fishing. The Chinese philosopher Confucius said" there is nothing more pleasant in life than to pass on to others what one has learnt for oneself." Joe, I think he had you in mind when he made that statement for I have found no one who would have invited us into their livingroom to pass on your knowledge to us which you have learnt from the school of hard knocks and the price you paid ie healthwise


 29 August 2002

Dear Pat,

I have received your trading course and I like it very much, my congratulations to Joe.

Thank you.

Vasilis P.

 28 August 2002

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to say thanks for putting on such an awesome seminar this past weekend. I really believe that by meeting you, I have gained a deeper understanding of your trading methods. More importantly, I have gained an understanding of what it means to achieve the right balance and having the right goals in one's life and career.

I honestly meant what I said, when I told you that having the opportunity to learn from you was one of the best things that has happened in my life thus far. And I thank God (or whatever is out there) that I had the good fortune to meet you so early in my life. Many years from now, I know that I will look back on this past weekend as one of the truly pivotal moments in my life.

Thanks again for everything - not only for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with us - but also for simply being such an honest and straight-up guy.

I'll keep in touch and let you know of my progress!

thanks again,
Eugene H.

  27 August 2002

RE Private seminar with Joe

Hi Joe and Pat:

Say, words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this weekend -- it was awesome.

Leslie F.

  22 August 2002

Dear Joe

You advised me to stop trading and learn all I can.
Well I did two things:

1 I studied your book
2 I did not stop trading I followed your tuition.

I have build my equity back to 80% of starting equity.
Sucess ratio is 90% of trades.

Thank You. I will keep on studying.

M. B.

South Africa

  9 August 2002

Good morning Joe,

I have just come out of my second LIVE trade this morning and bagged a total of 95 PIPS and I want to tell you that YOU are the reason why I did not "chicken out" at any stage. In fact had my charts not frozen over, I would have been way over the 100 mark! I wish I had met you 2 years ago when I started out, but now I want to be one of the 5 - 15% winners" that you speak of on page 68 of your book!

Best personal regards,


  5 August 2002

Hi Joe,

Greetings from New Zealand.

My Uncle and I have are now the proud owners of your book. Splendid work, a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Kind Regards,
T. Allen & R. Martyn

  1 August 2002


I met you last week in Johannesburg at your seminar. Firstly, thanks for a
great session. I enjoyed the time and learned a great deal.

Many thanks
K. Shames

  1 August 2002


Thank you for your time, message & kind advice.
I have traded with great success yesterday (on paper to try the theory
first) using Fibnodes.

Thanks for your reference to Chapter is very clear; so is the rest
of your book...a real gem!

Kind regards,
J. Simons

 26 July 2002

I am so excited about what you taught us, believe me if I tell you that you are one of th most brilliant Fx teachers that we have seen in South Africa. Thank you for being prepared to share your vast experience with us and in such a special manner. I would have loved to see a live trade demo on your CTP, but now I can experience it for myself.

Once I am in the "pound seats" I want to make an arrangement with you to come to you for a yearly refresher. I am amazed at the accuracy with which I am already forecasting the OP / COP & XOP positions.

Great stuff, may you be around for many more years of happy trading.

Looking forward to dealing with you in the near future.


 8 July 2002

Dear Pat,

I cannot thank you enough for issuing the credit for the class I was to take
recently in Sarasota. Thank you for the kind thoughts ........

Again, thank you for the credit. I know it is not much financially in the
scheme of things, but your kindnesses mean a great deal to me.

All the best. I look forward to personally meeting you sooner than later.

B. Moore

 Date: 07 July 2002

I'm on the last chapter of the book. I'm going to read it again more slowly & then do
the audio tapes. I can honestly say that there is more sense in the 300 pages of your book than the combined content of 80% of all my other books. I have over forty trading books, but only about ten had anything of meaningful value. Hopefully, I won't have to buy any more, and can just
concentrate on becoming an excellent trader.

Thanks for your very honest contribution.

Keep smiling.


 Date: 01 July 2002

Hi Joe

I want to thank you for sharing your experience with me. The best thing I have done to date was to buy your book Trading with DiNapoli Levels and later your software FibNodes. At this point in time I know the contents of the book by heart and my next step is to do more historical studies.

Thanks again.

Best Regards.

J. de F.

2nd Quarter - 2002

 Date: June 26 2002

Dear Joe:

I really look forward to the video.

Today I was lucky enough to catch the RR Track trade that started just after noon on the 5 min S&P chart and went from 1069 to 1062. They shook me out at 1068.25, but a soon as I got filled I realized it was just a fake out and I got right back in at 1067.75.

There were 2 good LPOs. One at 1063 and one at 1059.50. They held the price back at 1065 for a long time before it fell through. Since I felt the downward pressure on the market I held it through 1063 and it behaved pretty good as it went through this area. I decided not to be a pig and get out as
soon as it hit 1061. There was one tick at 1061 (on the e-minis) and I immediately placed an order to close the position at the market and got filled at 1061.75. The price reversed very quickly.

I was very lucky to 6 handles out of this trade. These are the first 6 handles I owe to you and your generous sharing of trading concepts that really work. Thanks.

All the Very Best!
Craig G.

 Date: 25 June 2002

Dear Joe:

Thanks for having a wonderful seminar. Your hospitality and generous sharing
of information was great. Your home is truly magnificent.

Thanks for sharing with me the key to the vault in the markets. I assure
you that the success from the trading I do will be handled wisely.

All the Best,

C. G.

 Date: 20 June 2002

Dear Joe:

I just wanted to send you a note telling you how much I am looking forward to your seminar. I feel really lucky to have you as a teacher.

For the past month I have really focused in on studying your methods. I have listened to your 8 tape seminar and read almost all of the DiNapoli Levels book. I read the book that came with the proportional divider.

I have set my indicators as you prescribed and am using the proportional divider. It is amazing how well your methods work. I hope and believe that they will stand the test of time. You can not imagine how much I appreciate your methods having studied and used other unsuccessful methods for the
past year.

I watched the markets for about two weeks before I really tried using your methods while trading. My plan for June was not to trade, because I wanted to be ready for your seminar and I just had so much personal stuff going on.

Anyhow, I just could not not trade. I kept watching the S&P market do exactly what it should with your methods so I put on three trades all winners. The first trade was for the first 3.75 handles out of a 23 handle ove. (Sorry I got out too soon, as the chicken inside me got the better of me). The second trade went right to the 3/8 Fibnode where I exited my short for a gain of 5.75 handles. I felt that the market was going to fall much further, but to my surprise it immediately reversed and went the other way. I am sure glad that I went for the COP. The third trade I had to exit early because I was traveling and I had to go. The MACD still had me short but I got out with a gain of 1.75 handles.

All I can say is that it is great to be making winning trades and I want to thank you in advance for your great teachings. The only thing that I regret is that I bought your book and tapes in November of last year and I didn't start reading and listening to them until June; 8 months after I bought them.

See you on Saturday,

All the Best,


 Date: 16 June 2002

I enjoy your commentaries while listening to the Tom Obrien show...........I have the utmost respect for you gentlemen. You have helped to save alot of novice investors from getting wiped out during this slow grueling bear market. The last appearance, you spoke of the double repo.........has the dow violated this level ? and if I may, at what level does the double repo take effect? 9716 appeared on your chart but no mention of that being the number...........


Sandra S.

 Date: 11 June 2002

Hi there,

I've really enjoyed the fibonacci courses - both the home audio course, and the session with Neal up in Seattle. My Trading with Dinapoli Levels is one of the few books that is falling apart from being read and re-read so much.


Kenneth L.

 Date: 09 June 2002

I am not in the habit of constantly contacting teachers when I begin
learning from them, so please forgive the intrusion. However I had to tell
you that I have begun reading your book and trading your levels.

First, the book is really well written and concise.

Second, I have started trading your levels and have had great success. I have been keeping close stops, since the markets are "War Crazy". But I've acheived about 88% success so far. I'm trading small until I can digest more of your book.

Thanks very much for putting your ideas out there. That is certainly one of the biggest risks you have taken.

Take care,
Jim G.

 Date: May 25 2002

Dear Joe:

Thanks for holding this seminar. I will attend it and really look forward to it with great anticipation.

I have been reading your book DiNapoli levels. The more I read the deeper my respect grows for you. I know that your techniques will be very helpful to my trading results. My only regret is that I spent so much time trying to figure out successful S&P trading techniques that have been dead end streets. I spent 6 months on xxxxxxxxx trading techniques and the markets have changed so that his xxxx trading methods and set ups have a low probability of success and a high probability of risk. This is primarily due to decimalization and more funds on the NYSE affecting the way the tick is behaving.
Although XXXX is a great guy and I learned much from him, I lost about 6 months towards my goal of being a profitable trader on a consistent basis.

So far I have been able to listen to 4 of your tapes and I am through chapter 4 in your book. My goal is by the time of your seminar I will have finished the tapes and your book. I want to come to the seminar with a certain degree of knowledge so that what you teach will be more meaningful. So far in your Las Vegas seminars, the tapes and the book I have thoroughly enjoyed your teachings.

Thank you for your sharing of techniques that really work to help a trader like me make more money at the end of the day. I especially thank you for the 3 period rule, and the never let a substantial profit turn into a loss rule. These concepts and their application have really helped me cut my losses. After a year of trading I am about break even now.

I want you to know that I really appreciate your sharing these tricks of the trade at your free seminar in Las Vegas.

Sorry for rambling so long. I just want you to know where I am coming from.

Thanks again and I'll see you in June 22nd.

All the Best,


 Date: May 24 2002

Subject: Re: Private Seminar last weekend.
Hi Neal:

You provided a wonderful seminar!

It was good to finally meet you. I certainly appreciate how you managed to answer all of the DiNapoli methodology questions that I have been considering for many months. You have provided clarity that should serve me well as I move forward in my trading career.

Thank you for your knowledge, skill and patience.

James L.

 Date: May 24 2002

By the way, I love the book, and have already profitted from it significantly by appying some of it's principles. This stuff really works in the real world.


Chris K.

 Date: May 21 2002

Hi Neal,

The seminar was a very rewarding event for me. My notes are on the table under my arms
as I type this message. have made some money already this morning using some
of my new tools. Do keep me on your list for your next workshop. This is not
a one time situation for me as I learn best by repition. If you can afford a
private session with me at your home, let me know your terms. have a
wonderful adventure on your sailboat.

Brent W.

 Date: May 20 2002

Hi Joe,

I just received my book & course through a friend (who came over from the States) last night & I'm already on Chapter 8. You are a bloody good writer! Why isn't the book available at Amazon - I'm sure I would have come across ages ago & saved myself the time & money I've wasted on other books. I'm hoping that this will be the last trading book I buy in a long long time. Do you plan to write another book?

Is there any similarity b/w DLevels and - Robert Fischer's, Bernard Mitchell's, Ed Moore's or Robert Miner's methodologies? A friend of mine said they are all the same thing packaged differently. Judging from websites alone, DLevels (in my own opinion) appears the most authentic & I wondered if you could shed any more light.

Many thanks.


No more books planned for a time-- just too difficult if you do a good job.

video project is due out some time soon.
We could not reach an agreement with Amazon.

There are similarities between D-Levels and other books on the subject of
Some of the people you have mentioned were former students.

Just like cooks--some really understand the subject and know what to do
with it, some are good, some are poor, and some make you throw up.
I'll leave it to the student/client to decide where I fit in. Judging from
the response I think most find the material quite useful and well done.

Thanks for your comments,

 Date: 07 May 2002

Hi, Pat

Meeting Joe was a thrill for me. I think he is one of the great minds of our time. He also impressed me as a kind hearted, caring person that day. I postponed going into the hospital for an atrial fibrillation
(heart thing) so I could meet him, and it was worth it.

Thanks, A. K.

 Date: 04 May 2002


Just a belated E-mail to thank you for your fine seminar.

Thanks again for your personal touch, and when you come to Boston, please be my guest.

Jack C.

 Date: 4/24/02


I'm the opinionated one that used to work for Ken Roberts. I just wanted to congratulate you on and thank you for the great time Saturday. The time seemed to fly by . I especially appreciate your clear-headed and objective analyses. Even in the area of politics (where objectivity is sorely lacking) you can stand back and see things as they are. Maybe, given your fundamental analysis of the world scene coupled with the technical analysis of bonds you showed us, it IS time to move to Thailand.

I also greatly appreciate the insight into the "Modified" trading plan you showed us. I intend to investigate that one thoroughly. The rest, well, I guess it was in the book but the review was much appreciated. I, for instance, need to reexamine my use of the 3x3. I hardly pay attention at the moment, on any time frame. Something I have known is wrong for some time but I still don't feel I have a good way to correct. The psychology of the whole thing is just weird sometimes.

Again, Joe,
My thanks,

J. W.

From: TRADER JO <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Sat. April 20th seminar

It was a real pleasure having you there--must say I was surprised by the strength of the group. Your comments are and were very welcomed--you saved some people some $ and thats to your credit-

I think the American people are way ahead of the politicians but I don't see change without a lot more bloodshed-- Come to Thailand and visit- I'll be conducting some really advanced sems over there and I think your qualified-

Thanks for your honesty,
A large part of why I do this is to meet people like yourself!

 Date: 4/23/02

Hi Joe

I have purchased your book and so far it's been fantastic. I think it's finally giving me a methodology of trading which I was lacking.

Kind regards

Kevin J.

 Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002


Since the seminar last month, I have either gotten lucky or some of what you were teaching has ubbed off. Boy what a difference in results!

I don't think I'm out of the woods yet, however, as I make one mistake after another. What is so interesting is that when I am entering with the DiNapoli wind at my back, the mistakes turn out to be not so very severe, or I can recover from them and actually make a dollar or two. It's also nice to be able to recognize a mistake and not just blunder along clueless.

Thanks, Neal, for the excellent and effective presentation. I could see that you work very hard for your students. My notes are a goldmine of information.

All best,
Michael M.

 Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002

I just finished Joe's book and I have to say, I have read a lot of books and owned 4-6 trading systems, but this one makes the most sense. I'm looking forward to learning more.

Steve H.
 Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002


It was the most informative seminar I have been to. The reason is that I have always wondered why the price moves when it does and what causes it to move. With your course I now have a chance to predict those moves, that in the past, where unexplained. The section on indicators and how to bracket the time frames I also needed to hear.

I purchased your Thrust Scanner software and have just finished my first scan.

Thanks Again,

Albert G.

 Date: 4/15/02

Hi Joe-

I attended the seminar taught by Neal this past weekend, and I can to tell you it is the best class on trading I have ever taken, and I have taken many! He did a fabulous job of presenting the material in an organized format, then tied it all together in the end with real strategies that I will put to work this week. Your industry is filled with hucksters' who flunked out as traders, so they instead turn to teaching and/or selling deceptive software programs. It is obvious that Neal is a "Real" trader, and the fact that he is a gifted teacher as well is very rare.

I read your book several times before taking the seminar, (which I would recommend to anyone planning on attending) and it has made a significant difference in my trading even before the class. It is hands-down the best book I have read for anyone serious about being a trader, and with Neal
teaching your material you have an unbeatable combination.

I will enthusiastically recommend both your materials and your training to anyone smart enough to listen.

Brad M.


Thank you so much--

We do our best to give traders what they need as well as what they want and it is always welcomed when our efforts are appreciated-

All the best you.

 Date: 4/10/02

Joe, Thank you wariting Trading With DiNapoli Levels it has changed the way I trade.

F. C.

 Date: 4/8/02

Hello Joe:

Glad to hear from you. I am not trading now, but remember what you taught me. I KNOW FIBONACCI
WORKS!! I have your old courses, and remember. Just wanted to say hello.

Good luck and Best Wishes
Mickey W.
 Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002

Hi Jo,

Thanks for responding. Getting a great deal out of your book, thanks for writing it. I think it will short cut my learning process, give a level of confidence I have never had before and hopefully enable me to finally quit my job and trade for a living.

Best Regards,

H. S.

1st Quarter - 2002
 Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002

Hi Neal,

I was delighted to hear from you this morning, but it is I, who should be thanking you for a truly great seminar last weekend. The setting of your beautiful home, and your kind hospitality provided an absolutely perfect learning environment. Combined with your extraordinary dedication, and teaching skills, I feel that I was able to derive the maximum benefit from Joe's material.

Also, I received your follow up with charts included. Thank you again for your conscientious efforts to make us better traders. I am looking forward to thanking you, and Joe, with good reason, many more times in the future.

Thanks again for making this a truly pleasant and unique learning experience.

Deeply grateful,

John W.

 Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002
Subject: Private Seminar


Thank you for a most interesting and educational weekend. You did a great job of organizing the material to our personal needs. I could not have asked for a better format. Very well presented.

I also want to personally thank you for opening up your home to us to minimize costs. Most presenters would want to perform in some lavish and expensive hotel in some exotic part of the world.

I will look forward to attending another seminar with you. Please let me know when you will be doing an advanced class.

Thanks, Mike V.

 Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002

Dear Joe:

I plan attending the seminar in Las Vegas and I am trying to arrange my schedule to get the most done with the least conflicts.

Also I have been listening to your tapes and I have been enjoying them very much. Your analogy of the boxers, wrestlers, Chuck Norris, invalids and druggies in the ring is priceless.

All The Best,

Craig G.

 Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002

Hi Joe, Pat & Neal

Thanks for the email. It is greatly appreciated. I received an email from Jim Wyckoff about you and your programs today and he rates you as "one of the best". I'm beginning to see why. I'd love to come to Las Vegas in May and I'll try my best to get there.

Steve H.

 Date: 23 March 2002

I have now spent about eight months working with your system. Am shocked at how this thing nails the stock tops and bottoms.

G. W.

 Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002

Joe and Neal,

"Inflation is brewing" thread and the "U.S. Stock Market" thread. I read the threads last night. Wonderful, inspiring stuff. Keep up the good work,

Richard S.

 Date: 11 Mar 2002
Hi Pat,

I recently received my book order. Thanks, great book awesome stuff. I am now considering purchase of your Coast trading software and fibnodes also.

I would like to access the client pages and I suppose I need a password for that. I would appreciate if you could provide a password for the client pages area

Russ J.

 Date: 3/11/02

Hi Joe, this is Sara,

I spoke with you about a month or so ago. I had just purchased your Fibnodes software, which by the way has taken my trading understatnding to another level, which is appreciated and fun.

Hey, I also want to thank you for aaalll of your shared experience as a trader. I really appreciate it. It has been a fun learning expience thanks to your diligent hard work. Thanks Joe.
My best to you,

Sara H.

 Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002

Dear Sir,

I'm very interesting in your seminars in Moscow. I read your book "Trading with DiNapoli Levels". It's a very good book.

Best regards,

R. C.

 Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002
Hello Mr. DiNapoli,

Thank you for the great seminar the last couple of days. I have been writing
and thinking the whole day and I absolutely believe that this seminar will
be the breakthrough in my trading career. I appreciate all your efforts very much.

Also, if you are giving a lecture in Holland, please let met know.

Im looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

J. M.

 Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002

G`Day Neal,

.. I purchased the DiNapoli Predictor Pack last week. I have been trading for eight days now and have not had a losing day, and I read the market very confidently (not over-confidently). So once again Neal, thank you for the valuable knowledge you gave me at your seminar and of course to Joe for passing it down.

Peter C.

 Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2002

Many thanks for a fine book which I bought and read

M. A.

 Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002

Hi Neal

Just a quick note to say a big thanks for a great seminar - it was good to actually hear someone talking about what up until now I've only really read about.

I came away with a pretty long list of points that I'd previously missed/misinterpreted - certainly didn't regret coming on the Seminar - quite the opposite!

I've come away feeling far more focussed - I'm going to concentrate purely on daily and weekly B&Bs for the
time being.


Andy C.

 Date:Tue, 19 Feb 2002

Hi Neal,

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the time you took to go over everthing in just great detail. It really helped to clarify some points and help bring it all together. You are a great teacher and know how to explain things in a clear and succinct manner.

Best wishes,

-Danielle B.

Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002


Really enjoyed the seminar, not to mention such a nice group. We are finally putting things together. Thanks for all your hard work, good food and helping us soooo much!

Good luck and good trading!

Thanks again,
E. G.& Melanie

 Date: 11 Feb 2002


I just started reading your book and of the 30+ books in my trading library this is definitely the easiest/straightforward/enjoyable one yet.

I'm sure that I will take the Online course as well as anything else that you offer. Can you help me out?


Stephan L.

 Date: 2/11/2002


I'm ready for a seminar. The book and I are good friends and I am getting through the tapes and will be finished well before 3/23.

I enjoyed the online conference the other day. That was my first time using my computer like a phone. Amazing. You have the gift of explanation, too. Very clear responses even to complex questions.

All best,
Michael M.

 Date: 2/11/02

Hi Jo,

I am re-listening to the tape course... last time thru was 2 years ago. I am picking up some new pointers that I didn't hear, get, or register in my brain the first two or three times.

The SnP hits with such precision it's almost scary and they often get positioned in Globex where we small guys don't play. Always wondered who"THEY" are?

Still recovering mentally from my screw-ups 10 days ago.

Tell your students, "The psycological damage incurred from not following your t. plan/rules,
will far exceed the $$ damage from ANY losses you may generate from following trading your plan.

Yes, lets go to Thailand sometime. :-)

John O.

 Date: 2/10/02

Dear Mr Dinapoli / Hi Joe,

First of all thanks for writing a excellent book about trading. Great stuff!!!

H. H.

 Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002

Pat and Joe

A special thanks for shining a light in the fog. I have been trading for about a year and have easily spent $30K on various seminars. The results are an unbelievable amount of work, serous skepticism (or sarcasm) of anyone presenting anything anywhere, and my wife thinking I have lost my mind. Fact for me is, most who teach, are clueless. Fact is also I love to trade, will not give up, and wish I had started 25 years ago.

Your book and presentation have given me an insight into trading that I always felt existed, but was unable to grasp. Your material is most encouraging.

If there is anyway to join you or your colleagues in the private instruction of your system, I would be appreciative. I understand the current class is full, but if there is enough interest maybe you will do another one. I live in Sarasota.

Thanks again,

Al G.

 Date: 2/9/02

G`Day Neal,

Thank you for a sensational seminar, you did an outstanding job in teaching us what we needed based on our understanding of the markets. I personally came to the seminar looking to put the finishing touches to my trading, and you gave me exactly what I was looking for.

Since getting home and going through my charts of the last week, I can see trades that stick out a mile. So I feel very confidant in trading this year, once again thank you.

To a Great Year,
Peter C.

 Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002

Hi Neal,

Many thanks for the live session - it was great. Hope there will be more. I especially liked the chart analysis bits by you. It's very useful to hear your thought processes as you look at a chart. I hope we can have much more of that. I've read the book and listened to the tape course a few times....


 Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002

I wanted to thank you for your patience and help this morning. I installed the OscPred files without difficulty. Next will be FibDTNV5. I may have to call you next Tuesday if I run into any problems. Thx again, Neal, your tech support is superb.

Bob D.

 Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002

Hi Neal,

We did learn a lot in your seminar especially in the small class setting....Thought you might like to know that just today we switched to XXX, and with it and the DiNapoli level studies and the knowledge we gained at your seminar we should see a lot more gains pretty soon. We also purchased your Scanner yesterday (to do Stocks on daily)...

Thanks again,

Alex and Alice.

 Date: 2/5/02

Hi Neal,

The seminar was great! Had a good time in your educational though informal workshop. It was just the way that I would have liked to have had a weekend of market analysis. Good time... informative and relaxed.

There were some questions that I had that were answered during the weekend so I've walked away quietly confident that only good things are to come my way as regards trading. I had made some observations about various conditions in the market that you covered...

I'm sure to benefit for many years to come. It was very good to have met you and hope to catch up from time to time.

Thanks very much for the weekend! Like I said... it was fun and informative in the best possible way.

Take care... Peter L.

 Date: 2/5/02

Dear Mr. DiNapoli,

I liked your book a lot. One of the best I've read over the years.

Could you please advise the name of one or two good real forex brokers?

Your interview in Active Trader Magazine in October 2001 stressed how important selecting the right broker is for real forex trading.

I have been trading futures and stocks almost 30 years but have not traded real forex. Also, I have no contact with anyone who does trade reaal forex. Help!

Please point me in the right direction concerning forex brokers.


Rick B.

The very best Guy I know is Gary Tilken

Very honest -- very fair.
Also some day his software will have correct DiNapoli indicators in them.

Tell Gary I sent you along (there is strength in numbers) and if there are
any issues dealing with Gary's firm we would like to know.
So far, everyone has been very pleased with him.

Thanks for the comments on the book as well-- We try. We care!

Consider the FibNodes software if you have the chance--makes life much
easier employing these techniques-


 Date: 2002-02-04

Hi Pat,

This is Sara and I just purchased your fibnodes software and I
would love access to your client propietary web page if that is part of the
software package. By the way, I am enjoying the software. It's great.

Thank you,

Sara H.

 Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002

Subject: Thank You

Hi Neal,

Thank you so much for the excellent seminar! I learned a lot from you in last two days. Personally, I think the seminar is a must for anyone who is serious about learning Joe's D-Level trading skills.

Thanks again for your answering all my questions and showing me how you organize your trading plans and related information.

Please say hello to Joe and Pat!

Jason Z.

 Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002

Dear Fibnodes,

I originally learned of Fibonacci principals from Joe DiNapoli who was a guest on a business channel (Channel 22) that was broadcasted from San Diego, CA, back in 1999. Thereafter, this business channel was changed to a new station and I lost track of it. It was hosted by Mike Russell and I wanted to know if Mr. DiNapoli is still appearing as Mr. Russell's guest on this program. If so, what is the new channel?????? I would LOVE to find this program again. Can you give me any help or information? Please advise. . . .


Jackie E.

 Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002


I have enjoyed reading your book. Now I refer to it as a bible.

Thank you,

Rospina X.
 Date: 2002-01-10

Hi Joe, Hi Pat,

Joe, your book is never far from me. A marvelous book.
Now I am ready to upgrade to your latest software versions. I have set
up a satellite dish with DTN for real time quotes (stks, options, cbot, cme).

I will phone to say Hi and Aloha, when you both have a moment or so to spend
with me. I await your comments Joe. You are the BEST and I am back in the

Bob D.

 Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002

Hello Pat,

The book is outstanding work on trading mechanics and is worth every penny.

Thank you.

Boris H.

 Date: 01/02/2002


I've been reading your book last 2 days. Excellent!

I have been trading SP e-mini intraday on a 5-min basis/chart using eSignal data and Ensign software for more than 18 months . . I like XXXXXXX and XXXXX and would like to continue using them. I don't have XXXXXXXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXX/XXXX(tried them and did not like some aspect of each) and would like to stay simple.

What product would benefit me most? My understanding from reading your book and reviewing your website.

[1] Integrated FibNodes 5.0 for Windows( I am running Windows 2000)

I Would appreciate your comments and thoughts before I purchase a product.

Many Thanx

Mano A.


I've forwarded this to Neal our software expert- [email protected]
See the following link if you haven't already:

The FibNodes software would be an excellent next step but you may want to include the Trading Course.

Esignal and Ensign would be fine! Ensign does (or did) all our indicators (MACD Stochastic etc)properly.

The whole approach was developed on the 5 minute S&P which I've been trading since it started in 1982 so you've got the best stuff for the job.

Thanks for your comments and-Welcome aboard,


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