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Testimonials - Here's what our clients are saying about us....
These are just a few unsolicited testimonials and comments we receive regularly.
We stopped collecting them many years ago... there were just so many.

Testimonials Year 2009


1st Quarter - 2009

 January 23 2009

Hi Joe.

Thanks for sharing your insights with us traders in the way you do. We are all privileged.

S. A.


 January 29 2009


Your seminar was an illuminating experience and I'm currently trying to
apply your teachings and I'm constantly reviewing your book. I'm sure it
will make a big difference to my trading. I've also applied for the DiNapoli
tools on my platform.

M. D. C.


 Febuary 3 2009

Hi Joe,

I would love to visit, and have another seminar with you if the opportunity arise, with the rest of the guys!

I am starting to become consistent... in my trading... Thanks for helping make my dream come true!

I am trading every single day, on 5min, 30min, and Daily, and weekly time frames, by controlling the stop losses through different instruments and size.

Just want to let you know that you made a big difference in my career, life, and future...

Look forward to meeting up with everyone in the later half of 09. Yes, please include me in the next group seminar...

Warmest Regards,



 Febuary 20 2009

Hi Joe,

So good to hear from you.

You have helped me a thousand times more than I can express. Learning from a
master is the only real way to learn and it is more than the words. It is
the whole mindset and approach to trading. I will always be indebted to you.

Best wishes



 Febuary 26 2009

Hi Joe, how are you?

Well, it finally happened, the company I was working for had a big layoff, and I was included in that list. Yep, nobody is safe from the current crisis.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you once morefor your guidance in order to become a succesful trader. I can imagine the feelings ofthe immense amount of people losing their jobs without any other source of income. Yes, the markets are incredibly difficult and in these timesthey are even more difficult to trade with huge volatility, and risks of brokers failure. But right now there is no safe place to hide, and at least I don't feel lost after losing my job, I have a card up my sleeve :)

All the best.



 March 30 2009

Joe, I didn't get a chance yesterday to say thank you for taking the time to teach. There are a very few really great instructors out there for this game and you are among the best of the best.

I know that many times it probably actually costs you money to stop trading, plan these lessons and take the time to impart your knowledge to us.

I enjoyed every minute this weekend and really couldn't believe how quickly the time went.

I know you said its just about impossible to get into one of your advanced classes, but I would like to aim for the impossible. If any slots open up at any time at any location for an advanced p-sem, just let me know. I will be there.

Thanks again



 March 31 2009

Dear Mr. Joe,

How are you?

I really think that I am so lucky I have the chance to read your book. I am also think that I made a very smart decision to come to your seminar. The seminar is really great. I leart a lot from you. You told me how the market works which I never think I will understand before. The classmates in the seminar are also good and kind. I am for sure will like to attend your seminar again in the future when I am ready. (After I read your book in English version and have some experience in the market using your new powerful trading plan)

I really have a very good time and experience during the seminar. By the way I think you are a good but strict teacher. Remind me those days when I was in high school, had the oral test during the examination. I can never pretend to be understand. Haha....

Very Best Regards,



2nd Quarter - 2009

 April 3 2009

Hi Guys,

Thought I might send an email to all you guys...

That has been one good Private Seminar. It really was. I am glad to have been in the great company of such talented and good people... Hope to keep in touch!

I did not do a good job sharing my development as a trader, as I was caught by surprise there... That was kinda of an injustice to Joe's efforts, in providing this setup to train aspiring traders.

Thought I might share with you guys my relatively short but exiting journey as a trader, and with Joe. I will feel bad if I didnt.

This will particularly help K, H... who are relatively new to trading. ( I don't know whether I got the spelling right, I apologize ).

Like you, I was very new to the real world of trading when I first met joe 2-3 years ago... although I have been trading around here and there a couple of years before that.

Profitability and consistency had been the evasive 'dream' and holy grail of trading... and they did not immediately come to me, after learning joe's methods, and learning to apply them. Some further experience in applying the methods, insights on how markets move and work, psychology, and trader management is required... Joe's continued guidance has been very helpful.

I have to say that in Joe, you guys have the best mentor one can find that will give you your best shot of becoming a trader, through the setup he has provided.

I have been to several Seminars with Joe, and have met really great people in this journey... Past students of Joe, new students, experience traders etc.... All good and talented people... but not all finished the race. Some dropped out along the way. Some made it in half the time.

If in a few words, the determining criteria is :

Do you want it bad enough. Maybe it is just me, but in my instance, the desire to accept no other outcome was critical in my own journey, as alot of further work was required, and in my case... I did it under pressure, and having to deal with mixed results ( that would be an understatement ) along the way.

The determination to push on in the journey of a trader is vital. I believe that Cl, F, and T can give testimony to that... And you need lots of it... Trading must have been the toughest endeavor (but definately the most rewarding) I have attempted thus far.

On how to best shorten the pain, and thus the journey :

1) Understand Joe's material very very well. Read and re-read TWDL.

2) Apply them immediately, and constantly.... to acquire further insights and required experience.

3) Trade a small account, to develop the mindset, habits, psychological makeup of a Trader.

4) Use the forums

5) Try to get an advance seminar with Joe... I think the seminars, if you can get on them, is critical.

There is no room for doubt. Eradicate it.

Joe is the real deal, and the methods barbeque the competition. What needs to change is us, the trader, and not the tradeplans...

Not often can one find like-minded people in this journey. We belong to a minority group in terms of our thinking...

The partying was fun yeah?

Do share the photos?

Keep in touch!



 April 3 2009

Hi Joe

At last - a descent internet connection!

Joe, many thanks for the Psem. Prior to this I could use the set ups and do much of the fib work, but it wasn't until your explanation of stops and the "cat and mouse" games the big boys play that I could visualise how and why the patterns arise. Visualising the market forces at work is the prelude to a thorough understanding of what is really going on. This understanding probably has saved me years of pain and frustration, not to mention money.

The Psem was also a great social success having met yourself, Pat and the other attendees. My only (great) regret was not being able to stay for the Monday night "excursion".

I would be grateful if you would put me on the waiting list for an advanced seminar. In the meantime, I will be buying the CTP Trade navigator package - but not until I'm back in Sydney which is after 16 April. Mini crude, Eurostox and Aussie shares will become my mainstay rather than the Forex and CFD indices of GFT.

Once again, thanks.

Best of trading



 April 5 2009

Hi All,
Thanks to all of you for helping me out at the seminar,
I think T's idea is great to keep in touch and help each other where possible as by doing so it also helps to re-enforce the subject ,
Ks I would just like to say the little book that came with the dividers is very good I have found it most helpful,


 April 6 2009

Thanks to you both I have gain some great knowledge on this site. (Forums) Keep up the great work



 April 13 2009

Hi Joe,

I want to thank you and Pat for the hospitality when I attended your private seminar. It was a pleasure meeting the both of you.

After having read TWDL twice (frankly, it was more like skimming through the pages and skipping the more detailed concepts), it gave me the impression of a jig saw puzzle with missing pieces. My idea of coming to the seminar was to patch up the gaps in my understanding and knowledge of TWDL – to pick up the missing jig saw pieces. Now that I have completed the seminar, I realized that the jig saw puzzle has multiple layers and I have yet to pick up all the pieces to complete the top layer!

Your willingness to share your experience and knowledge was evident throughout the seminar. As a newbie trader, the gem I took away from you in the seminar was that I lacked a trading plan. You have helped me understand my motivations in trading and that trading requires discipline, hard work and patience. The small class was a plus, allowing more individual attention and camaraderie amongst students - I have learnt a fair bit from the sharings and responses from the other students. I also appreciated that we did not start off straight into trading on the computer but the ‘back-to-basics' approach using pen and paper to drill down the concepts. My knowledge of the DL is still incomplete and would like to do the seminar again after I have plenty of time to put into practice what I have learnt so far.

Thank you again for including me in the class.




 April 22 2009

Hi Joe

How are u doing , hopefully u have enjoy yr stay in Singapore

I have attend yr seminar and i found i learn a lots of great mkt movments abt reading the charts that i always wondering why there are thrust and wash and rinse.

U have give me a answer that are more resonable and logic, i am currently forex and with yr logic i have make more confidence and bold to take the challange for the mkt.

the presentating u gave is abt mkt logic movments not stragey(we have enough stargey from books ,internet , website bla bla bla ) thats make the different between u and others.
after all is not know the trade than we will know how to trade.

Again pls cont'd yr way of teaching as a educator



K.E. Y.


 April 23 2009

Hello Joe,
Thank You for the great sharing session yesterday, it was really very useful for me.
I am interested to find out how I can subscribe for the above. Could you forward me to the relevant party please.
Once again, Thank You very much!



 April 24 2009

Hi Pat.

It was a great pleasure to meet you and Joe.

I attended Joes talk last night and I enjoyed it immensely.
I would like to be included in the Subscriber List as I had purchased your Book.
Would appreciate if you would do the needful and advise me.



 May 1 2009

Dear Joe,

Thank you for Emailing. When I was a child, I played competitive chess against Adults. My Parents would rent me a room where the tournament was taking place and pick me up after the tournament ended. 99% of the people I played were adults and I learned a great deal about the human brain through that experience. In high school, I found out that there was no money in chess and quit wasting my time.

There is no person on the Planet that I admire more than you. You are an extremely smart person and a very good person. I spoke with you over the phone years ago. I have also spoken with Larry Williams by phone and have Emailed and received Emails from Connie Brown.

All I'm saying is that life is too short to wait for a stupid Floor Trader to f*** up a good Fib trade.

Very best regards,



 May 3 2009

Hi Joe,
Hope your going well. Still waiting to hear back about attending a advanced private seminar and just wanted to make sure my name is still on the list. I am still determined as ever to be a great trader. Have moved away from looking at forex all together and purley looking at gold now on the futures while I am learning as I thought this would be much easier.
Should let you know some good news, G who came to the private course with me in Bangkok has done really well. He just quit his job 2 weeks ago and has moved to Vanuatu to trade full time. (and drink part time, lol)




 May 5 2009


In the past I come to you when I run in to issues and you have always steered me in the right direction. Once again I like to thank you for your guidance.



 May 14 2009

thx joe,

Yep, your stuff is good. i'm not looking for anymore TA gadgetry, your fib's are the foundation of my approach, i quit looking for new tricks a long time ago. I've tweaked a thing or two, but i still do stupid things sometimes.
have a good time in MA.,, life is short.




 May 19 2009

hey joe
how are you?
hope you are graet ):
first- thank you again. the best parts of trading knowledge i have learned are from you.
i am trading according to your methods almost one year now and feel like i want to get some more.
wanted to find out about the seminars. i know they are not often occuring , and i know there are a some priorities,
but will be very happy to attend one of them soon.
until then i am learning as much as i can from the forum, it is a treasure for a trader although some of the stuff there is a bit advance for me to understand it well.

best regards


 May 21 2009

Hi guys

Well - it looks like I haven't made it as a trader !

A few reasons - have spent quite a bit of time analyzing why - but the bottom line is that I have run out of time - and money !

Joe - thanks for everything - there is no doubt you have some of the best techniques around (and less bullshit !) - have been watching intermediate moves (calculating COP/OP/XOP in a spreadsheet) and watching in GFT - often amazingly accurate even on a 1-minute chart !




 June 18 2009

Dear Joe I`m waiting for my flight. I think that was a fantastic meeting. Thank you for all. See you soon - I hope in Poland :)
Best Regards


 June 18 2009

Dear Mr. Joe DiNapoli,

I really could go on and on about how much you and your Trading With DiNapoli Levels book have had a serious impact on my development as a trader, and this journey that we all call trading, but I do not want to come off sounding too unctuous.

Suffice it to say, I am truly grateful for all of your work, all of your contributions, all of your words, all of the pain that you endured while learning and then mastering your craft. And finally I am thankful for all of your courage that it took to break out of the very solitary and private trading world, in order to write and speak so that others may have a road-map, to what at times could be called: a small part of heaven on earth, and at others: sheer madness.

Thank you and respectfully,




3rd Quarter - 2009

 July 8 2009

Gudday Mate! (er Mates)

Sem is wrapped up and I for one am very pleased with the outcome.

I assume you'll get appro. Feedback from(DiNapoli Expert) Pieter (vah Wyk) but I was very impressed with Pieters patience to handle odd and obscure type questions as well as repeating an answer as many times as it took for us to ‘Get It'.

Theres no doubt Pieter has just the right personality to be an educator.

As for me the first day out – back at work Ive managed to capture 5 out of 6 stop grabbers and have convincingly paid for the sem costs already… quiet a change on last sem….

Keep well



 July 15 2009

Hi Joe,

Its young A R here, I hope your travels back state side went well. I always read the forums but never post.

I was wanting to be put on a waiting list for the advanced private seminar in Thailand. I know they are not as frequent but I am in no hurry.

I am now consistently getting 4 out of 5 trades, however they are mainly off bread and butters, every time I try something fancy... so I have opened up a demo account to execute those trades

I'm currently trading 2-5 trades a week. With avg time frame being 1hr or 30min, have done a few 5min

The reason I want to attend the advanced course is to fine tune my trading. Especially at the lower time frames.

Take care


 July 23 2009

Dear Joe, Hope you are well. I am not quite sure if you got my email about the CQG program. I have truly enjoyed my course with you. I want to thank you for an amazing two days and I have learned a lot from you. Truly think it is amazing stuff. I am interested in your CQG program - you said when we did the course with you in January that I can contact you when I am ready and you can guide me on using the CQG program. I am still trading Forex and enjoying myself but would like to test drive your CQG program as this program has all the added DiNapoli tools that can be very benificial to my trading especially the confuence areas and your MacD as well. Please let me know if I can set up a phone call with you to discuss this - If you agree to a phone call please let me know which number to call you on. Have a fab day - I am planning to come back to Bangkok for a month just to rest and relax - have really fallen in love wiht the city and the lovely people.



 August 4 2009

Dear Joe,

How have you been? Hope that the travels were good... It has been a few months since our last meeting... and much has happened for me in the months after that...

I have never been more focused in the markets since I started out... getting rid of all other distractions and conflicting emotions/thoughts etc... and just focused on trading...

And I have made significant progress... in my relatively short trading career....

I cannot thank you enough for the role that you have played in my life... the whole setup that you had... gave me the opportunity to grow both as young man and as a trader, at the right time....



 August 31 2009

Hi Joe..

Can I get you to cancel my Dinapoli tools subscription for the time being. Having a bit of a break from trading for a little while.. Have been fighting being majorly undercapitalized for the last 12 months (took a hit about 12 months ago (maybe a little longer), on the day that gold moved $150 in one day from about 750 - 900 in about 4 hours, I think we spoke about this but I shorted it after gold had already risen about $60, and then kept adding to the position, and basically killed 70% of my account that Night. I have been trading well since then, in fact I have never traded better, but there is no amount of any sort of psychology that can do any good when you are trading an account that is too small.. (having to make withdrawals from your trading account each week/month is a serious head****!)

its impossible in this situation to have sensible money management but also make big enough profits to make a living full time.. its one or the other.. I need to regroup and either have some stable income stream outside of my trading account, or have an injection of capital.. just finishing off an advanced diploma of financial planning (which covers all the government certifications etc to allow me to work as a broker/advisor or any in the financial world that involves dealing with clients etc).. I'm not really interested in financial planning but it keeps me close to the markets, and have a friend who runs a small financiall planning firm that wants me to be their market analyst so going to have a look at this to get back on my feet so to speak.. After 4 years of pretty much sitting staring at screens for at least 12 hours a day this is going to be quite a change... but hopefully just all part of the process..

I switched to trading mostly forex about 3 months ago. (mostly prior to that I was trading gold & S&P500 futures, and for a while the Aussie SPI. What I can say with a lot of conviction is that Dlevels work an order of magnitude better on the forex markets then any of the other markets I have traded.. even down to 5minute charts the results are very good with Forex. after trading forex for the last 3 months, I dont really think I have any desire to trade anything else.. probably the liquidity.. I do my fibs & analysis on the S&P and ESTX, but trade it via the euro and AUD..



 September 2 2009

Hi Joe,
I trust that all is well with you and Pat. Hopefully your trip to the US achieved all it was supposed to. It's good to read your input on the blog again. It is very thought provoking and useful. Your experts do a very good job filling in, but your own input has a masterful touch to it.

I want to share with you the great excitement I am feeling toward the market these days. It has nothing to do with the market itself, but more to do with my approach to it. Since our initial contact, I had been using your methods, but I had an internal problem with all the other indicators I had learned over the years. As a result, even though my success rate improved dramatically, I was still occassionally mixing systems and thus put myself in a state of confusion. The perseverance must have paid off, because about 2 or 3 months ago, something clicked automatically. I quit trying to apply other systems on top of retracement and expansion levels. I automatically started wondering what higher time frames were doing when a market bounce didn't seem right. I was always aware of where the stops were on the important time frames, and where the macd predictor was in relation to my trade entries. All of these things, and the application of the money management that you have included in the home study course removed almost all anxiety from trading.

Even more importantly, my winning percentage went from about 50% to close to the 80% you talk about. Besides knowing where to get in, getting out was easy. So was staying in when in counted.

Well, that's all the market excitement I can share with you.
Best regards to both you and Pat from Carol and myself



 September 21 2009

Hi Pieter

Thanks for a great weekend - it was truly an eye-opener for me. Although there are a few things that I will have to study I understand the bigger picture much better and, together with the course notes, should be able to improve my results dramatically

I found the seminar well structured and methodical and always had a clear picture of where we are going and what we are trying to achieve – that was great. Well done.

Take care



 September 21 2009

Hi Pieter,
Thank you very much for the P-seminar on Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed the interactive way in which you presented the material. The substance of the material was enriching and I found everything you teached of a very high value.
I can already feel a huge improvement in my total approach.
Thank you very much once again. I am looking forward to the advanced course.

Kind regards,


 September 23 2009

Dear Pieter,

Thankyou very much for the D-level Seminar. When I bought the book 10 years ago, I tried hard to implement Joe's trade plans, but somehow was never confident enough to put a cohesive whole into practice. After spending 2 days with you, the complete trading method makes a great deal more sense. I now understand the setups and can see how to trade them using D-levels to manage the trades. I needed the course to interpret the book. Its obvious that Joe has a very high standard of requirements when appointing leaders of his training courses. I must particularly thank you for the gentlemanly way in which you were able to conduct the seminar in English when I was the only one whose home language was not Afrikaans. I now feel that I have gained a friendly expert and look forward to further training time with you.
I need to get my computer, software and platforms in order and much more powerful before doing anything more advanced.I was extremely impressed with your comprehensive trading room!

Best Regards,


 September 30 2009

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to thank you for the most fatanstic and best seminar I have ever attended.
I really learned a lot from you during the seminar and I am sure such valuable seminar
that I can never obtain from somewhere else.

As you know I am a totally new starter in this trading game. Before I read your TWL book and attend my first standart P-sem, I am just blind. I did not even know why there is support/resistance level. But now I am more confident to say that I started to know how the market works. I love the way you teach. Not just teach me the practice technical side but also the information behide the chart. You teach me how to think and why to think that way.

After attend two of your standard p-sem, I have already apply what I have learned in my trading and it works well. I expect to spend some time absorb entirely what I have learned and then plan to attend your advanced P-sems. As a good and strict teacher, you tells me:" Market is more strict than I am." And I will remember this. I really think that I am so lucky to find you as my teacher and it is my honour to be your student forever.

As time limit, I didn't see much about the Bangkok this time, but the food here is great. And I am planning to take my family for holiday in Bangkok when next time I come for the Advanced P-sem. I will then go for your introduced tailor made suits plus the best place for shopping.

Thank you again for your most fatanstic and valuable seminar. We all had great time and enjoyed very much. I wish next time when you have time visit Shanghai, I can provide you
a tour and take you to try some Chinese food.

Wish you good health and my very best regards,


4th Quarter - 2009

 October 2 2009


This was an outstanding event in my trading career! Things just seemed to
click into place, building on the foundations laid in the first Psem; and it
was privilege to be with such a great bunch of people.

I'm looking forward to attending an advanced Psem hopefully with Harriet,
Jeff and Shaun. Would be grateful if you would put me on the advanced
seminar waiting list, I will get in touch with H, J and S to
try and go as a group.

Best of trading



 October 6 2009

Hi Joe,

thanks for your hospitality, i think i had too much fun at bangkok...came back with a sore throat,

If i had attended your pseminar a few months ago, the node breaker concept would have saved me thousands of dollars when my stop was filled far far away. Can't wait to attend the advanced seminar.

see u soon.

take care,

 October 8 2009

Hi Joe,
Hope you have a seat available for me at your Bangkok private seminar Oct/Nov 2009.

I live in Sydney and I met you for the first time at Sydney last year and attended your 1 day workshop. I have studied your book and all your naterial I could buy after the workshop. I have always wanted to attend your private seminar, but work and other commitments have stood in the way. This October - November looks perfect for me as I am taking some time off my day job.

I have been trading forex since 2004 and have applied your methods to my forex trading since I studied your courses and I have had a lot of improvement. I have listened to your course on CD in the car while driving to and from work and sometimes when hearing the same topic - there is a new thought/idea that occurs and the feeling that there is something elusive about trading execution that I have not understood. There are those things that will only sink in through something like your private seminar. So like in the proverb - "The teacher arrives when the student is ready", I feel I am ready.

Hope I am not too late.

Thanks and regards,


 October 21 2009

Hi Joe,

thanks for your email...i will dig out the charts over the weekend and repost on the forum.

i would like to thank you for your generosity in sharing...just to let u know that I first heard of your name from a local trading guru called Michael Woo, he recommended your book, but his understanding and interpretation of your methods only scratched the surface of what is the most comprehensive, rigourous and advanced trading methodology i have seen.

Also, since the seminar, my win-loss ratio is standing at an impressive 100%! Just hope that it is sustainable...the $$ amount is not big though, because i am only playing 1 contract and I always choose conservative LPOs...I can definitely improve on my exit selection, hopefully that will come with time.

thanks again,

 October 23 2009

Hi Joe,

Thank you for the Advanced Seminar. I learn more things in the 2 nights than most other courses combined.

I like to sign up for the next Advanced Seminar please. But I have to pass the one in February 2010. Just put me on the waiting list for the one after.

Have a nice day cheers.


 October 27 2009

I just wanted to share with you how much more confidence and knowledge I am trading with since the seminar. I entered short positions on Sunday evening in the EP, YM, and YG markets, and cashed out at the OP's of all for a neat 4200 profit on monday morning. All this was done using a 3% of account risk management. By the way, I rechecked the liquidity of the two mini gold contracts, and the YG is more liquid. It is a little less per tic than the merc mini. Thanks again for the knowledge and accompanying confidence!



 November 3 2009

I'm doing good... and thank you. = )

Trading has given me the independence and freedom I have never had... and enabled me to earn some 'respect' from my parents...

Really have to thank you and Joe for doing what you do... that has given me the belief and helped me make this transition, without which I'd no doubt still be working a job.

I am still working on becoming good at this trade.. but my life have no doubt turned for the better, immensely.

Do take care... and do send Joe my regards as well.

With Gratitude,


 November 27 2009

Amazing stuff... OP 3 points of the high.. beautiful. Not quite sure how I used to trade before I stumbled across you.

I know you're not big on conventional chart patterns, but the price target once this rising wedge breaks is appoximately the march lows..



 December 9 2009

Mr. DiNapoli,

Hope you enjoy your day.

I'm your adherent from China. I'm really eager to attend your training class a lot.

I have read your Chinese edition work for more than ten times, at the same time, I have read some important chapters, which were without being translated, in your English work for more than three times. Such the book made me first time feel so absorbed as to neglect sleep and meals. It is the only book that attracts me to read many more times, by reason of I will discover new more and get another experience after each reading. Sometimes, when I integrate your method into A share market, it's the same as you have said that 'Once you become familiar with DiNapoli Levels, you will see a poetry evolve in market moves that is truly fascinating. It's like holding a prism up to white light and seeing the colors of the entire spectrum emerge.'

I have attended your two lectures and meet-and-greet event last weekend in the International Finance Exposition. I have gained nothing less than before. I have understood the importance of money management and self management. I have understood why I always be Hank or Carl but not Dan. I have understood that the truth of less is more. I have understood the market meaning of wash and rinse. At the same time, I have understood the effect of news during investment and Chinese people's inherent defect ---"Guess psychology" and "Gambling mentality". Although the most important, I can feel distinct that you are a trader, you are a real man. ( After finishing your work, My character has been changed at the same time. There is an old Chinese saying that old habits die hard, but now I find myself become a real man bit by bit.) As you have no reservations told us your trading method and experience, shared them with us, which made us avoiding detours and made our learning curve be much gentler. The vivid image of your body language, and illustrations of the teaching methods also made my girlfriend feel your lecture is great, who is a teacher and knows little about trading. She can understand Double Repenetration Signal and the simple definition of DiNapoli Levels only after your 2Chour lecture.

It is important to make a trading plan, especially the plan of life. Before finishing your book, my life may only had the trend without the direction. So I often lost myself that time, which was the same as a daily trader faced the daily chart of no direction or trend. But after reading, there is a direction in my confused life. I make a life plan: I want to be a trader, who trades for a living, to achieve financial freedom. That is to say I will spend all my life studying your method, which is a useful tool to help me achieve the life goal. I hope to be your student very much, especially I will have the chance to attend your course in Thailand, that will be the greatest honor of my life.

I know that you are a very strict teacher. If I will be your student, I must study as hard as other Chinese students. Since that is my ideal, my pursuit. I wish you can give me the chance to achieve my ideal. Thank you very much!

Meanwhile'I wish you good health and every success in your work'

Best wishes!

Your adherent,



 December 18 2009

Hello Joe,
Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to participate in your seminar. For me, the seminar helped me identify and clarify concepts that probably I read before in your book and the Forum, but I did not have them in black and white in my mind, and this will be very important in my trading career.
In the seminar we also learnt about trading ideas or concepts that are not mentioned in your book or the forum because they might confuse beginner traders like me, or experienced traders, because they need to be learnt personally in a seminar.
I really enjoyed being in your trading room where I saw personally that your tools, hardware and software, are simple and highly efficient, as you mention in your book and the Forums.
I appreciated very much being at your home, conducting a personal and informal seminar in which we reviewed the book, and explained concepts that are necessary in your trading methodology. At one point one of the attendees mentioned that your seminar reminded him of India in the old days in which the students sat in a room around the Master and learned his teachings.
Concerning future seminars I need some time to summarize and implement the ideas that I have learnt, and then I will be ready to back again to Bangkok.
I'm not going to say much about the boys night out. That really was a spiritual experience that I highly recommend to anyone visiting Bangkok. But here again, you really need an experienced Master and Guide to show you something very special ..

Joe, thank you again for having me in your seminar, Cheers,



 December 24 2009

Aye Joe, I gotta tell you, after being in the forum for a couple of weeks, I Love it. You got the gig Joe, you got the gig !!!
Stay healthy, don't ride motorcycles, don't go up in small planes with one engine, and when driving a car put your seatbelts on, You know I gotta catch your private seminar.

Merry Christmas Hombre. thumbs up



 December 24 2009

Hi Joe,

I don't know how to thank you or what to say to you. You have been an enormous help to me, literally lighting my way. And to realise it has come from years of experience and painstaking study from your part - I am just speechless.

May you be blessed with many many years of wonderful life and I pray that you never stop teaching!!

I have been blessed to have had a few very good teachers in my life starting from the ones who taught me the ABCD...., to the one who taught me how to study (in year 4), to the one who inspired me to top the school in year 10 and so are the latest addition and you are there right at the top.

Wishing you and Pat a Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year. I would very much love to come back again, but first I must have a bigger cup. Meeting you on Tuesday was like coming to the ocean with a small tumbler! Please let me know when you have another p-sem or advanced(if I improve in the next few months) that will be suitable for me.



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