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Testimonials - Here's what our clients are saying about us....
These are just a few unsolicited testimonials and comments we receive regularly.
We stopped collecting them many years ago... there were just so many.

Testimonials Year 2007

4th Quarter - 2007

 December 21 2007

Dear Joe and Pat,

As far as trading goes I can only say one word which strikes out in the home course " Graduation" Graduation!!!"

Well here's wishing you Merry Christmas and and super duper 2008.


 December 21 2007

Hi, Joe

I am very glad to know you are coming to Beijing China to hold a seminar. I am a big fan of yours and enjoy very much
reading your book of Trading with Dinapolli Levels, which I think is one of the best trading books I ever come accross. I am also very interested in your Trading Course and would like to know if it is possible that you can bring one with you to Beijing Look forward to hearing from your soon and in the meantime would like to wish you and your family: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Best regards,

 December 10 2007

Dear Joe,

You do not know how much I have to be grateful to you for having studied your book and tools and attended yours private seminar; now I have getting the fruits.

All the best for Pat and you.

Your friend.


 December 7 2007

Hi Pat,
It was very nice meeting both you and Joe at your great Siesta Key home over the weekend.
It was very gracious of both you and Joe to take the time in the middle of your move to help
me gather Joe's investment material.
Please tell Joe that his book is outstanding,... very well written and full of unique and
valuable information.
Whenever you get a chance, please send me instructions on the password to get access
to your web site.
I hope you both have a great time in Thailand and have a great holiday celebration to
bring in the New Year Bangkok style !!!

Thanks for everything,

 November 28 2007

Hi Joe,

Ana Marie loved your information at the Traders Expo. She was wonderingif you will be speaking in Austin TX before you go back to Thailand.

Best wishes,

 November 22 2007

My dear Friend,

Please allow me to show you how I benefitted from the P-Sem and the 4years of Trading with DiNapoli experience.

Thanks for the good trading experience you share with us on your seminars. I spoke to Pieter and he said that you would know us when you plan your first Adv-sem in Bangkok. I do not want to miss it.

All the best and good luck. Hope to see you on the forum soon.

Best regards,
CG South Africa

 November 20 2007

Joe DiNapoli,

First off, I just wanted to thank you for taking some of your time inLas Vegas to speak with me personally. I really enjoyed both your friday sessions as well as your paid Saturday session and have never felt more ready and confident to trade. Just as a reminder, my nameis J. P. We talked for a few minutes after the Saturday 4hour session right by your booth. You asked to me to send you a email to remind you to check and see if I had already been added to you rwaiting list for the next private seminar you will be holding.

Once again, thank you for your time over this last weekend andI look forward to sitting in your next private seminar soon.


 November 20 2007

(This email is regarding a hard hittinng presentationn I give titled "Truths about trading no one will tell you". The author was misstreated by the "floor" and asked what might be done)

Hi Joe, I've been to several of your talks, one or more at the Las Vegas expos ( couldn't make it this year), one back probably late 80's or so.
Thought you might be interested to read a copy of my email to my guy at the brokerage today, concerning what somebody down there on the floor did today.
Thanks to your talk , I'm not naive and I know this type of thing happens, but it hurts that they won't give me my trade and I can't collect the premium that is deteriorating even as I type this.
Maybe it could be a valid thing? but it really doesn't look like it to me.
Either way, I 'll accept it, if my broker guy can't do anything. And your talk makes it easier , knowing these things do happen.
Still, if they did take it from me, its not right.

Thanks, Joe, I just wanted to write.


Here's the main part of the emai I sent :

Is there anything you can do?



Dave, probably nothing-- I dont like options for this reason and encourage you to trade with a electronic market-- you could call your broker and threaten to go to the regulators-- or go to them --but probably nothing-

Join the crowd of the knowledgeable traders that are ****** by unfair rules-- by less knowledgeable group-- that need the rules to win!!

good to hear from you my friend!


 November 14 2007

damn joe, you are lookin' good.

got all you hair, no weight gain and you don't look dusted....

just a quick note........
double repo 3 x 3 is alive and well in the forex market on intraday and i luv it.

great stuff. you taught it in 1996 tag xviii


DK Canada

 November 6 2007

Hello Pat,

Just finished reading the trading course you sent and it has been great! Can see there has been an enormous effort gone into it over a long time. Going to read it again and practice before coming over there in January to do the course. Look forward to meeting you and Joe. All the best....

Kind Regards,


 November 2 2007

Dear Joe,

Thanks so much for writing back! Yes, we've met a couple of times at seminars in S Cal (San Diego?), and definitely in Chicago where I bought the book, and you were forced to leave early before you signed it. Honestly, I have always kind of regretted that. It's been several years now (99??).

Your books are more than valid, they've helped teach me to fish, but most importantly, you have always had complete candid honesty about your approach and your teaching, and I know this as a fact from traders of very different levels of experience other than my own opinion. I am quite sure that the course materials are worth every penny charged so I'll pay whatever you think is fair.

I would value, greatly, a signed copy of a first edition of "Trading with DiNapoli Levels", when I order (I'll pay extra because I know your copies are not free). I would send my copy in to you but it's worn out and has my notes and scotch markers all in it, so I would like a clean signed copy like I would have gotten in Chicago. I have the tapes here, but I understand the course is updated so I think the mp3 stuff is great, I don't care.

I am really glad you remembered my name and am more than glad I wrote in after so long. Can you believe I had forgotten you produced a course until I found this in a rare book shop!

Many thanks again, let me know what's fair ok.


 November 2 2007

Hi Danielle

Thank you again for a fantastic weekend. I have already emailed Kevin for presenting such a fantastic seminar. Like I said to Kevin, it really did go beyond any of my expectations.

Danielle, my colleague Mahesh is interested in purchasing the Trade Navigator software. Can you please advise us on how we should approach this. He will also want Joe's tools.

Thank you


 November 1 2007

Dear Joe,

First off, it has been a great pleasure to sit right next to a copy of your book for some time now on DiNapoli levels. It has been more than instructive and thought provoking, it has helped make me money over the past few years, and my sincere thanks for it. Please keep sharing your experience.

I'm a former currency trader turned comml re developer, and have collected investment books, etc. for many years. Recently, I came across a cassette set course on money management and trend analysis by Coast Investment Software. I am in the process of listening and plan to also archive to cd, but I was hopeful to find some matching course materials, booklets, photostats, anything that might have been used in tandem with this course.

I sure hope you or your staff can help me some on this one, it feels like important work I want to make complete in my library. Once again, my sincere thanks for your educational efforts and books, as well as my best wishes for you in the future in everything you do. God Bless.


 October 30 2007

Hi Joe,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed Sunday's Seminar at The Marriott, Sydney.

What I did take in was fantastic. I have already made more than thr cost + time spent and then some. And it is only Tues morning here.

Will keep in touch and look forward to seeing you again


 October 29 2007

Hello Joe,
here is Marco, italian trader.
I was in Milano at your conference at the beginning of this month,I really appreciated that day with you.
I'm reading your book,happy to read you have a good relationship with Jake Bernstein,I study a lot of his material...I like seasional set up for the big trends.

I' m really working hard to improve my trading and I want to thank you. You teached me some new ideas in my trading
and in particular:

-TIME STOP - it makes sense and makes a good difference
-DISPLACED M.A. it's working good,less false signals( I like 25,-5)
-MACD/STOCHASTIC- its filtering signals so well-

Nice to met you

Thank you


 October 5 2007

goodmorning Sig. Di Napoli,

my name is VP and I am a student in finance at Bocconi Universiy in Milan(

Last tuesday I was at your conference in milan...wonderfull!!!(even if when I went out for lunch the police took away my car)

I'm quite close to graduation and I would like to write my thesis starting from the gold ratio that is present in nature passing through wave priciples and reach your ideas doing some backtesting on your strategy for long-run prediction(for example prediction every three years on some important index starting from 1990 till now).

thank you very much for your attention


 October 5 2007

Hi Joe

By the way, I want to thank you for what I have learned at the advanced P-Sem. I learned to look at my Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily charts on a daily basis before the market opens! Strange that I should learn such a basic thing on an advanced sem, but I must tell you at has opened a new world for me. My trading has improved a lot!


PS When there is ever an p-sem in Bangkok with only DiNapoli Experts (Jason, Piotr, etc), I would love to join it!

3rd Quarter - 2007

 August 13 2007

Dear brothers,

How have you guys been? It has been almost 5 months since our meeting with Joe, which has been nothing short of magical = ) . Hope that all is well.

Was wondering if there is any interest in the completion of our trading education with Joe in attending the advanced Private Seminar as we have previously committed to? It is to my understanding that there is a long waiting list, thus it will be good if we can commit our attendance in advance for Joe's planning and scheduling.

Really look forward to meeting up with you guys again. Fellowship among traders, learning from Joe, and all that partying, nothing beats all that! = )

Please do keep in touch no matter what! = ) Look forward to hearing from you soon...

Warmest regards,


 August 6 2007

Thank you for your insight.

I am amazed at how well the emini S&P has found the Fibonacci numbers, especially in the weekly.

You taught me to do Fibonacci well, and that has given me great insight into what is happening. Thank you, once again.


 August 2 2007

Hi Joe ~

I have seen it for real now ~ Chuck Norris, Andre the Giant, and Boom Boon Mancini are in the ring, and the tired and the weak, etc have been thinned out!

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been several occasions where I was in a profitable trade, and the trade was at my profit objective working through the bid/ask at that level, when some huge order(s) came in and snatched the market several ticks away from my profit objective in one fell swoop, quite often precipitating a strong move in that direction. Taking a profit became having to save my ass in less than a second!

Your teaching has been a great influence on my trading. That seminar that you did in 1987 was very insightful, and is still very applicable. Thank you for sharing that with me. It has been valuable, as well as your many p-sems that you allowed me to attend.

Best regards,


 July 21 2007

Thanks. I'm very interested in a private seminar with you. Although it has a taken a several years of painful experiment and observation your teachings have proven key to learning to trade consistently and profitably. When I started, I thought that my quantitative engineering background would help more than it has. The discretionary part of trading is the truly difficult part. Your article on judgemental trading in the book "Computerized Trading" now makes perfect sense. In any case, II want to thank you and learn whatever else you have to teach. If anything opens up sooner, please let me know.


 July 8 2007

You probably don't remember me, but about 4 years ago I set up for one of your seminars, because I believed that you were the right person to introduce me into day trading without all the crazy and over blown offers made by the ....

I found very difficult to understand your Levels Book and heard your CDs, but without having a basic core it was futile.

On an inspiration I decided to read the Levels Book, and began to play with your indicators, and suddenly a light broke through the darkness, and I could see.

It has been three weeks of daily trading the ER2, profitably. Have not had a single day with a loss, and I had set myself a goal before doing real trading, and if all goes as current, I plan to start at the end of the month.

I truly want to thank you, and hope that in the future I have the opportunity of meeting.

By the way, the FibStation and Branko's help in setting it up are the foundation for my trading


 July 7 2007


Bouht your book almost three years ago. Took me until 6 months ago to fully internalize most of it. Still have work to do on choose OPs for exit. But I'm cleaning up with the Bread and Butter setup. Only thing is... getting a fill is insanely hard. I'd have tripled my account by now if not for no fills. 2pips to a fill, 3 pips to a fill, 1 pip to a fill, then the market takes off w/o me. It really wears on my patience, but man I love it.

A sincerely happy purchaser of Trading with DiNapoli Levels,

CO McKinney, TX

 July 4 2007

Joe -
I hope your travels are going well. I was on a panel two weeks ago with Tim Morge at the San Diego Traders Expo and your name came up during the event. You truly are an icon of the industry, respected and revered by traders in all circles, including myself.
I am in the process of writing my second book right now, with a loose summer deadline of September 1 (haha). I am not sure about your feelings on this, but being that you were extremely influential in my trading style, a point that I repeatedly articulate when speaking and being interviewed, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind doing a forward in the book. I am very open minded for where this book can go if you would like to participate in some other manner, I am more than amenable. However, I would be extremely honored if you could somehow be involved....

Best Wishes
Your Friend,

2nd Quarter - 2007

 June 24 2007


Too right Joe I have lost count on those scalp O' rama type trades I have had of late, just beautiful, and beautiful indeed.


 May 21 2007

Hi Pat,
I watched the DVD and liked it very much. Hopefully I get to attend one of Joe's live presentations in near future. I'd very much appreciate the offer to access the forum page. I'll be looking forward to your email.



 May 19 2007

Hello Joe,

After much reading on technical analysis I decided that I needed serious training so I had a computer company build me a trading machine with all the power needed, four 19inch flat screens etc.

I bought your book and read it again and again getting something more at each reading.

I bought the trading course and dividers great decision.

Now I have a quantum leap in insight and knowledge all be it still not enough I now know how much I don't know.
I am determined to get this endeavour right, no matter how long the apprenticeship takes, failure is not on the agenda.


 May 13 2007

Hi Joe,

Sorry for such a late comment for the next guy to attend the P-Sem. As I told you I have to come up with something good that reflects your true expertise. ...

Here is what I thought of my experience with you in BKK:

"Joe DiNapoli is one of the rare breed of traders who can not only show you how to trade well but can impart this knowledge to you in a crystal clear way. This shows his great teaching ability. He is also fun to be around as he makes the learning environment very comfortable. I would advise any one willing to learn to trade well to attend one of Joe's seminars."



N.B. : Joe would you please let me know of any progress for the Advanced P-Sem. I am interested.

 May 11 2007

Greetings Joe

I hope you are in good health and that life in Thailand is treating you well. I just wanted to share with you some of the positive changes over the lastfew months. At the time of writing my last my email to you, I had hit a reallow point in life and I have hit a few over the years of being in thisbusiness.
You advised me on the following

1 - focus on the method-- forget the money
2- you likely need an independent income
3- you must divorce your self from the income or money

Well in that order this is what I have done. I have focused all my time and energy on the method and this is via your
book, the forum, kevins weekly d-level newsletter and of course with REALtrading. In my early days I used to spend around 50-60 hours on the tradingfloor(my office at home). Those hours of course were not productive - I useto flit from one method to another - on a perpetual quest for more and moreknowledge.I am now spending around 40 hours a week, but the difference is that myfocus is now the best it has ever been(thanks to you). I am using the forumas more than just Q&A. I am attempting to understand the THINKING behind thetrades(and my trading is beginning to reflect this). I use Kevins weeklynewsletter to confirm that BOTH my analysis and thinking is coherent withhis. I am also constantly re-reading your book. I am now trading regularlywithout the fear and hesitation and my consistency is improving nicely.

... I am so muchricher in knowledge, emotionally stronger than I have been before and mostimportantly happy and in good health. My wife has been a pillar of supportthrough these difficult years and that too is a huge blessing.

Joe I have not met you(yet), and here I am writing you a life story. I wouldlike to say that you are an absolutely fantastic teacher and mentor and it really is thanks to you that I now finally can see some light at the end of
the tunnel.

My sincerest regards to you


P.S. Any dates decided for the P-sem?

 May 1 2007

How are you Going Joe????

my Visit to the private seminar was a dreamrun this time around!! the best Mate!!really made so much more sense, just unbelivable again to be hanging out with you in your home talking trading one on one!!
Joe you are to me a close friend that i respect alot and i want to say a very senser thank you for the whole experience and experience's that we have had.
Bangkok is an amazing place as you know, its allso much better the 2nd time round
the Boys night out, the Ultimate!!!!!
L xxoo

 May 1 2007

Hi Pat

Just writing to let you know that I received the order this morning andeverything is excellent. Instead of conventional books, the material seemto be part of a Phd thesis which make them just beautiful. I feelprivileged to have this knowledge on my hands, and hopefully I will knowhow to give it the best possible use .



 April 25 2007

Hi Pat,

Thanks for your quick response. .... If I could get the stand alone Thrust Scanner as well, that would be great. I really like the tradingmethods you present and hope to develop a good businessrelationship with you guys for years to come.



 April 20 2007

As a recent seminar attendee I say don't come if you don't want tolearn. I arrived a day late and Joe made sure I had the information Imissed.. How many investors will let you learn in their home for such asmall amount? I had a great experience and will do it again sooooooooon.


 April 17 2007

I had the privilege to attend the ATIC session u present on Nailing the Dinapoli Levels and also owning the book.

I have just started reading the book and still far from the finishing point but I would like to say the best takeaway I have in my learning to trade stage at the moment would be the preface and the Chapter 1 of the book.

Life has been kind to me and I did know some friends who are successful traders and investors who have provided me tips that enabled me to make shopping $ in the past. When I decided to learn to fish vs having to have the fish fed to me last Nov, I encountered the challenges that u mentioned in your book.

Now I have finally have the courage to pull the trigger again and thank you for the seminar on Sun and the book.

Best wishes

 April 14 2007

Aloha Joe,

Just wanted to share the strangest thing where it's like a string of lightbulbs went off on finally reaching a point where your methodologies are coming together for me on an "active" basis.

Since coming back from Thailand, it's been a constant progression from organizing to applying your techniques. Within this last week, even better from an active standpoint where things I've learned have started coming together and moreso reaffirmed from the bulletin. I'm going to make it a point to become more active on your bulletin with questions and sharing trades (goof ups and all) on spotFX which have been helpful in the learning curve. The last couple of posts I made and reading the more recent from Kevin has been very helpful where my lightbulbs went off.

Hope all's well and "hi" to Pat.

DC Hawaii Forex

 April 10 2007

Hi Joe,

I had a great time at the P-Sem and learned a lot from you. .... Until next time best regards,


 April 10 2007

Thanks Joe, I really did enjoy the weekend. You definitely hammered me on my weak points, and I appreciate it. Happy trading and don't be a stranger, Im always here for advice, Ha! LOL...


 April 4 2007

Dear Joe,

I'm e-mailing you in regards to your private seminar courses in Bangkok, Thailand. Having read your book I'd like to firstly thankyou for difference that you've made in my trading and my life. Iwould also like to further my studies of your techniques in trading and hence my inquiry on your private seminars in Bangkok.

Could you please send me a 2007 schedule of educational seminars in which you will be holding. I reside in Jakarta, Indonesia, would youhappen to hold any educational seminars here in Jakarta or Singapore?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

1st Quarter - 2007

 March 31 2007

Hi Joe

I want to thank you for the profound influence your work has had on my trading. You truly are a trading legend....

Kind Regards


 March 29 2007

Hello Joe

...I latched on to fibonacci trading about a year ago and came across your material about 7-8 months ago. Since this time my approach has been soley based around your methodology. I have read the book many times over, watched the dvd course, listened to the audio version and am currently a member of your forum. I have said it before and I'll say it again - it's the best material I have ever come across. Thank you so much for this.

I would say that I have a relatively good understanding of your material. When circumstances allow - I will definitley be coming out there to Bangkok to attend your private seminar...



 March 26 2007

Hi Joe--I just wanted to thank you for your incredible calls on this market...I took your advice and reread the post beginning in September. Absolutely incredible. Hopefully I can meet up with you somewhere...I really would like to come to Bangkok.... Anyway, thanks for your great calls.


 March 24 2007

Dear Joe,

First of all, thank you very much for everything, it has been a pride tohave you as teacher for twice. In spite of the problem I have with thelanguage - I understand much more than I speak ? I have learn very muchthan I expected and, now, I have done only two trades and turn out well.

I follow you and the others DiNapoli experts through the forum every day,thus, I go on learning the rest that I can missed in the P-seminar.

...thank you again for DiNapoli method and tools.

All the best for Pat and you.


 March 22 2007

Good morning Joe and all,

Is the B&B now complete and a good time to enter shorts? If so, where would stops be placed? We did not ever reach the XOP areas around 13045.

Great call Joe. You da man!!!


 March 20 2007

Hi Joe
looks like we are getting real close to the B&B targets.I didn't get to go long this last move...
I was skeptical but have been watching the action vrty closely and in sort of disbeleif...
i am amazed at how you can project these moves.
i am now ready to go short when targets are reached and we get a rally failure directional signal.
Thanks Joe...still learning
Best of trading


 March 16 2007


Many Thanks, indeed, we're fortunate to have you as a teacher and since using your methods which are excellent and can be developed into a great plan in a variety of ways according to the psychological make up of the individual. ...

Thanks again


 March 9 2007


First off, I would like to say thanks for everything that you provide for trades. I just picked up your book and I am very impressed with it. ....



 March 8 2007


Thank you so much for following up. ...

TS just released a new version (due to the new daylight savings time) and so I just installed it. In the process I seemed to have lost all my DiNapoli indicators etc (thank goodness for backups). I have all the old e-mails from your team so I should be able to reinstall everything again. Per chance I do have problems I will let you and/or Branko know.

Again thanks for the follow up... I must say that everyone on your team (and Joe's) is a class act.

Be well,


 March 7 2007

I think yor book is excellent. A light bulb went on with your confluence explanation.



 March 7 2007

Thanks for the password Joe & Pat.

Joe - Following your advice (small lot size - 100 stocks), I am doingvery well. I learned about the correction with out listening to CNBC ornews. Just understood the impact following the futures. Understandingand playing Fib nodes, Bushes,Minesweeper, Wash & Rinse. Have seenDrepo look alikes. I do understand I have difficult road ahead, but asyou taught us Patience,Discipline, Money Management will get me there....


 Febuary 27 2007

Hi Joe,

You have done a good job aldready!

I'm confident of your Retracement and Expansion and I have realized it myself. It is very precise.

...This is a very safe way with the lowest risk.

Thank you.


 Febuary 26 2007

Hi Joe,

Look what the guy who implemented your indicators in NextView Advisor tells abt your indicator!!!

I must thank you for your powerful indicators....the Retracement and Expansion.
I had been developing software and I have never ever traded before. I just wanted to put the knowledge gained into practice so that i can gain the self confidence in your indicator. Only after I gain confidence, I can tell others.

I started to trade singapore stocks for the very first time from the first week of this month following your teachings and I'm happy to inform you that I got my first humble S$100 profit from my very first Sell transaction.

Yes DiNapoli Retracement and DiNapoli Expansion works.

I'm so delighted that I have aldready started to tell others to buy your indicators!

Thanks & Regards

 Febuary 23 2007

Good morning Joe, my name is ......and I am contacting you via ....He has highly recommended your book : Trading with DiNapoli Levels. As a fomer CME floor trader, primarily in the Eurodollar and Nasdaq pits, I have spent the last year trying to migrate to the screen. Although I felt the transition would be straightforward and rewarding, the challenges associated with not buying the bid and selling the offer have been a dose of reality. I felt I could use my pit instinct and transfer that technique into a screen awareness to help recoup some lost edge. My thinking was: "more products, more opportunity". Lately, it has been "more products, more confusion"....

I have read a review of your book online and it was very complimentary of your work well beyond Fib levels. The field of psychology is one that I feel is directly reponsible for my poor decisions when it comes to impulsive trades. As written, your no nonsense approach to trading is just as important as calculating levels. With this being said, I would like to request a book for purchase since I cannot find a new copy and would like to know if I can continue my pursuit of learning how to trade. I realize you live in Bangkok, but if ever travelling through Chicago, I would like to extend the invitation to meet in person. Thank you for your time.


PS Chicago

 Febuary 19 2007

Hi Joe;

J. Has run some new numbers on the monthly corn chart, We can not believe what we are seeing. ....You are the best at reading the charts that I have ever seen,....

....Hope both of you guys are in good health and feeling fine !!

OXOX TO you both..


 Febuary 17 2007

Hi Joe,

Thanks again. The P-sem was excellent. I liked it very much. Relax class environment, serious discussions on an array of topics, on the book or not. It indeed covered what I expected and not expected, as a daily based trader.

In particular, I like the following topics / sessions very much :

(a) Replacing the Stochastics by fading lower time frame MACD : so that I can keep my charts neat and cleaner, hence easier to read

(b) Choosing the fib level to enter in trend trading : this one is particularly important to me as I trade trend primarily. I now know when can I expect a deeper retracement given the objective point reached by the preceeding swing.

(c) Tricks of the market makers : Joe, you opened my eyes! My professors in university told me nothing about this! You know what? They only taught me that market makers earn the bid-ask spread and that's it. Well, all of them came from top-notch universities in the US.

(d) Identifying stops for potential W&R : again, I never know this in school. The incentive of gunning for the stops sheds some light on choosing the most likely D-Level. I heed your advice and am studying on charts.

(e) Scalp O Rama : Thanks for that. I have included this in my trading plan after studying some charts.

All in all, I had a great time with great people. I gain a lot in terms of trading knowledge and equally important, I know more of my weaknesses. Thank you again.


 Febuary 16 2007

Hi Joe and everyone,

....The P-Sem Excellent in terms of content. What I enjoyed the most was the STOPplacements of the market and how to look out for it. It really opened myeyes. It was good to cover the basics like focus and reaction pionts, K andA, etc., since if the basics are not understood, the application is useless.As mentioned, a lot of traders in the market use Fib-levels but we have the
advantage of applying it correctly. One must also understand the marketmechanics, which Joe covered in depth, to show where additionalopportunities may arise. After studied the TWDL several times, I still had questions and uncertainties and the p-sem answered all, or those that count anyway. Fullyworth the money paid.

You either like it or hate it............. Riding on a tuc-tuc was a great experience.......Cheap clothes worth the while.

Thanks Joe and Pat for your hospitality and your profesional service. You are great. I did not expect Joe to be so relaxed and casual, I was surprised, not shocked!!! Bare-foot, in the kitchen and luckily not pregnant.

Happy Trading. And please let me know if you want an African SafariExperience, lion or elephant hunting or just on the outlook for a great vacation in the bush.



 Febuary 13 2007


It was really an excellent experience, not only validating your understanding of course material but aso meeting like-minded traders in an informal learning arena.

The detail that you pick up here can very subtle, but thats the issue - it's the details that make the difference. Listening to how Joe interprets the patterns not only educates you about the patterns itself but also what the markets are doing and more importantly , how the markets move.

For me, learning about how large players manipulate the market was an eye-opener. I know it happens but i never understood the mechanics of it. Now i have a much better understanding.

Joe makes you think about your answers, there's no wishy-washy answers, which is what you want in trading. You can't get away with vague answers and this is for your benefit.

One very important thing i got from it, was a confidence that this stuff works. this is the exact stuff that Joe uses - no Bull shit. Other people use it successfully. Listening to the other classmates about how they use DiNapoli studies just reinforces this. You are given the building blocks , You are not spoon fed. you must do the follow up work to make it work for you.

Patience is one thing that my class mates have taught me. For me there has been so much subtle pieces of info given to me , that it will take a while for it to sink in and provide that " Whoaaaa " moment , but i know i have to keep working , keep charting , keep on the forum and provide that platform so that at some stage in the future , that little bit of info will get there and will be that edge you need.

Great bunch of diverse people at the course from which you learn about other markets and other failings that they went thru and learnt from.....

An Advanced P-sem is definitely on the agenda , but i will give it some time to go thru and get better skilled at the base stuff.....

Thank you again Joe. thank you for opening your home to us and providing an excellent learning arena


 Febuary 12 2007


Thanks for enlightening me so much on the market mechanics. It really opened my eyes.


 Febuary 12 2007

Dear Joe,

Not only You are the best trader I ever met but great friend too! It was enjoyable seminar worth coming! I wish I did it earlier but nothing is happening for a reason. I was able to restructure some of trading ideas and learnt new things-You know; soemtimes five minutes from the whole day is making a difference as all Your thoughts are regrouped again! For my coming it was not only five minutes! I guarantee You... I wish I had less jet leg only...

Thank You for organization of our stay in Bangkok once again! If You need anything in future from me just tell me.

All the best my friend,
PG Poland

 Febuary 12 2007

Hi Joe,

I want to thank you for your wonderful hospitality and the sharing your techniques and philosophy with me over the last few days, I feel honoured to be able to enter into sharing your passion and models of thinking. They are in very strong resonance with me. Over the last year you have very significantly helped shape my journey as a professional trader. Thank you for that and I look forward to continuing the journey.

May the Gods continue to smile on you.


 Febuary 5 2007

Hi Pat,

I have an account with GFT, and I bought Trading With DiNapoli Levels some time ago (excellent book, by the way), and was wondering if I am able to qualify for the free password to the trader support and education area.

Thanks in advance,


 Febuary 3 2007

Dear Joe DiNapoli,

I like to thank you for taking time to speak with me during your seminar at SGX (Next View) today. I really enjoyed your teachings, and more so reading your book, and your trading philosophy. Your direct, open and honest approach really struck a chord in me.

Please give me the opportunity to attend your private seminar, which I believe will be life changing. ...

Yours sincerly,


 January 22 2007

Hi Joe,

I'm back at home after an outstanding learning experience. After 30 years of hit and miss trading in both stocks and commodities, the lights have finally come on.

It all started when I discovered your book and home study course. Things got even more understandable when I heard you speak in Las Vegas, and it was all tied together beautifully at the private seminar in Bangkok.

I now understand market mechanics, good entry techniques, the importance of having logical profit objectives, recognizing areas where markets are unstable, and stop placement at predetermined areas, which may be adjusted depending on changing market conditions.

It took me a while to overcome the urge to be a "breakout" trader, but I think I'm finally there. I also love avoiding the big drawdowns my old systems brought into play.

I can't wait to come back to do the advanced seminar.

Apart from the learning experience, the "boys night out" provided great camraderie which brought us all closer together as individuals, and also gave us a glimpse of Bangkok's exciting night life.

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to the next visit.



 January 20 2007

G'day Joe and Pat

Tina and I want to thank you for the warm welcome and hospitality and the training material and knowledge that you gave us so unreservedly.

We have nothing but admiration and are so grateful for the opportunity. If only we had come across you sooner, but we did get here and that's what's important now. Tina and I will be working very hard now on the book and reviewing all that we covered at the course....

Will keep in touch.

GR Australia

 January 11 2007


Please keep me on the List ... I am so looking forward to your seminar. Seeing what I have seen after the small amount learnt, it is to say the least, mind boggling. This is not a black box idea, it's the real thing. If I could master your techniques,. I'd be a happy camper.

From my experience I have learnt it is easy to get in to a trade. But knowing when to get out is where bucks are made, and minimizing losses is Paramount.

... I just wanted to let you know my thoughts. I'm glad I was lucky enough to be introduced to yourself, but then again you make your own luck in this game.



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