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Testimonials - Here's what our clients are saying about us....
These are just a few unsolicited testimonials and comments we receive regularly.
We stopped collecting them many years ago... there were just so many.

Testimonials Year 2006

4th Quarter - 2006

 December 21 2006

Hey Joe!,

I wanted to say hello. Its been sometime since we have met. I have travelled many different roads to find the greatest system for me. Anytime that i have failed to a new adventure it was your stuff that got me out of the water and back into profits.Its the truth!!! your book is still #1. I have ventured into square roots, Time and price etc..... smack me already!!!

Again I come to you for an opinion. What do you think of Market Value / Market Profile by Steidlymayer? Seems this stuff is being hawked by every pit guru. These guys state that Profile is the way that the pit trades.

My opinion of observing the bell curve is that it is a method that is clever in identfying the Point of control and over extending value... where fibonacci work is anyway!!! though i could be wrong.

Can you tell me what is in the advanced seminar ( what will i learn) do you hold these in Florida?



 December 17 2006


Wondering if you got any confirmation if the CTP package will work on Extreme Charts? Thanks


 December 11 2006

Hi Pat,

My name is Phil Hecker.

I would like to gain access to the web site please.

I attended Joes Melbourne workshop.

I purchased his excellent book that was sent post the workshop.

I also have subscribed to GFT for the DiNapoli indicators and was

using these prior to the Melbourne workshop.

I think my initial trial period is up and expect to be charged

for my indicator subscription if the charging hasnt already started.

I am a little unsure what my GFT DiNapoli subscription allows me

to access on the web site so if you could clarify this and provide a

user ID and password that would be great.

We have completed a reasonably detailed analysis of Joes book

in conjunction with Kevin Riordans tutorials and it is starting to

work well and sit comfortably during live trading so thanks for that.

Kindest Regards


 December 2 2006

Joe, I was one of the many that attended your presentations at the Sydney Traders Expo. I knew nothing about your methods other than you use fib levels. I only went because of your reputation and I wanted to experience the American enthusiasm. Well, I have to admit that you were good, but your trading method was even more impressive. I never take the credit card to these types of shows but after a few weeks I was still keen to learn more of your methods so I bought your book.

For a trading book published eight years ago it was still very relevant. I loved the book. I enjoyed reading about how your mindset and trading method evolved. I was impressed by the amount of work you must have done to get the understanding and confidence to trade this way.

I am a breakout trader and to buy on a theoretical fib-node support needs a big mental adjustment. I can see how important the context of the trade is. Buying dips in an uptrend, sounds easier than it really is.

I have reread your book many times and am getting a better understanding each time. The problem now is that when I am reviewing my charts each evening I am noticing how often a retracement has hit your first fib-node and rebounded up. This happens a lot and they are excellent low-risk entries. I don't have to tell you how often this occurs in thrusting market moves. I was asked to comment on the NAB.asx chart, which is not looking to good on the daily. Looks better on the weekly but when I looked at the monthly chart, I was gobsmacked. The monthly chart shows a low at 26.04 up to a high of 38.10. The 0.382 fibnode = 33.49. The price fell for two months and stopped at 33.07. This is pretty good fibnode support for me. Calculating the COP from this low I get 40.52. Five months later, the all time high was 40.53 and the price has gone down since. Amazing!

It is one thing to recognise this pattern on past charts but my difficulty now is to apply this method to a real time market. I will work through it.

I just wanted to thank you for presenting in Sydney and I am glad I bought your book. It will improve my trading.



 December 1 2006

Aloha Joe,

Thanks for the note!

The quality of posts in the forum that describe and add clarity to questions are very good and an excellent support mechanism for all of us learning the methodology.


 December 1 2006


That was some of the best information and analysis in recent memory. We all need to stay close to our faith in God because we will all be challenged in the near future. Keep up the great work!
M :)

 December 1 2006

Hi Joe

My manager has given his approval so I believe I should be able to to
attend your seminar on 10th and 11th of February! Now I'll try to work
out my passport and flight. Feb is during Chinese New Year. Flights
may not be easy to get in this season.

Could you please reconfirm that the seminar date in Thailand is the 10th
and 11th of February.

I want to thank you for making your trading method available to me
through your book and training material. As a result I am so excited
about learning more from you. However, my only fear is not learning
anything at the seminar as a result of my lack of knowledge and
experience in trading. Friends have advised me against attending the
training because they feel that I am too inexperienced and may not be
able to learn much from the training.

In making my decision as to whether to attend your seminar, I will once
again depend on your advice. When I was considering whether to invest
in your book, video and home education, I trusted your recommendations
back then and haven't regretted my purchase. So, I will once again take
the plunge if you recommend this seminar to me at my current level of
understanding (6 months of reading and very minimal trading in shares
only). I have confidence that you will be able to assess my
preparedness for training as you have been teaching this for such a long
time and have encountered many types of students.

Once again, thank you and you're greatly appreciated.


 December 1 2006

I recently attended Joe's workshop in Las Vegas and also purchased his book on Dinapoli-levels. I am very interested to get a free 60-day trial to access discussion forums on btw, i have fully read his book and have found the material very informative.


 November 29 2006

Hey Joe,
Sorry I didn't get to come to LV. My guys (independent but my guys) enjoyed visiting with you and Pat. I had some CE that I had put off and had to complete. Manuel is doing super with your levels and that has been super help with my Fund.

We have been trading other peoples money for three months and after 50% profit incentive and expenses, we have returned to the client 4.13%, 5.21% and this month 6.06%. We are very excited. The fund is now about 700k and we are working to get it to $2.5mm in order to fully use our automated platform. Our returns should increase at that level due to many more trades. We trade both directions at the same time.

I have gotten lots of tests on my heart. Went from a potential of several occlusions down to only one using an angiogram. That's good news. No stint, just Lipitor at 80 mg to stop the accumulation of plack. I have been on Paulings program for 6 months and in Jan will take another test to see how it is working. I fully expect to see several calcium flags go away---we'll see

All in all all is very good. Even getting a pay check

Best to you and Pat,
JT Texas

 November 29 2006

Hi Joe,

Thanks! After reading your book, I would have to say that I am hooked on learning more about your trading techniques. I've read a lot of books on technical analysis which seems to make it more confusing. Your book gives me a practical trading approach which I can apply. I'm looking forward to the trading course.


 November 29 2006


I attended the Trader's Expo in Las Vegas, where I bought the book, Trading with DiNapoli Levels, then later the DVDs, Supercharge Your Trading.

After reading the book twice, I decided to order the software. Haven't heard back from Genesis yet (ordered on Nov 23). I was going to wait to ask for a password til I could quote a serial/registration number for the software, but dont know when that will happen, so I may as well ask for the 60 day password offered for the other purchses.

The book was easily the best book on trading I have ever read, and I have some good ones in my library.

I have been researching Fibonacci ratios for a year, not just in trading aspects, but in histories of math and art. This past year my partner and I had a gallery show entitled "Harmonics: Fibonacci and other harmonic ratios applied to jewelry and painting". (I am a painter and gemcarver, and my partner is a goldsmith.)

Anyway, this material is right up my alley; the book is clearly written and superbly logical. Congratulations and thankyous to Joe.

As for the software, I know I ordered on American Thanksgiving, so that may be why I haven't heard anything yet, but thought an email confirmation should be forthcoming. When ordering, I started on the Fibtrader/Fibnodes website, but was taken to the Genesis website for the order page. (ordered the Coast package, and the Thrustscanner). When it all arrives, I will order the monthly D-Levels item.

Should have ordered everything at the Expo....

Anyway, would love to receive a password, so I can investigate the website in the meantime.



 November 26 2006

Hi Joe, I attended your seminar while you were in Australia, and have found your material very useful, and have been using the stuff you have taught on a demo account for just under a month. While I still wish to practise on a demo account, I have been trying to find Forex brokers that are actually reliable to open an account with. I only wish to use a mini account to start, and have been told to stay away from brokers which use a dealing desk, which clicked since i vaguely remember you saying that forex brokers have a liceince to steal from you.

Anyway I was wondering what broker you would recommend that are reliable, I have been told are not bad, however was wondering what your opinion was, and if you could recommend anyone?? I also hear FXDD are okay.I wanted to ask you at the seminar, however I thought it was somewhat inapproriate since the semiar was being conducted with GFX.

Kind regards

 November 20 2006

Totally agree with Bob.

I attended Joe's seminars at the Vegas traders expo this weekend and once again brushed up the basics and picked up many new concepts. Joe was the primary reason I was there. Note that this is after attending a p-sem in Sarasota, Fl and an advanced sem in Bangkok and an online seminar by Kevin within last 2 years or so.

...and I am not done attending Dinapoli seminars.



Harold Chu on 19 November 2006 at 11:55pm said:
>Dear Joe,
>Please reserve a seat for me. I asked for it in September and was put to the waiting list.
>Looking forward to seeing you in Bangkok.
>Bob Costa on November 19 2006 at 10:26pm said:
>>Unsolicited endorsement....
>>I took Joe's psem in September. It was well worth the two days and the cost, especially for anyone who is a one-person trading operation. I have never worked in the industry, so maybe that is why I found it so interesting. Joe offers many insights into what is really going on in the markets. Just last week I found myself repeating some of his seminar stuff in an email to one of my co-students who did not really absorb it. And it was not the discussions about d-levels, but some comments Joe had made about "correct trading". For my money, the real value of the class was NOT in the "book stuff", but in all the other trading concepts that he shared. Take lots of notes.
>>And Bangkok was a trip too. Be sure to check out the Aussie bar on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 (short walk from the GP), and tell Thomas that Bob from Florida sent you. I am planning a visit to Thailand in Feb (not for class though), maybe I will see you there.

 October 25 2006

Hey Joe / Pat

Just want to say that the Sydney seminar was so good, I learnt so much about context of a trade -Higher time frames-crossing time frames to enter at a Fibnodes -Agreement - Macd Predictor Dynamic Pressure I now understand.

Realising that this is a tough game, do you think just focusing on say 2-3 stock, currencies or futures would be the better way to go instead of a whole number of stocks currencies etc or is it a matter of scrolling through to find the better trades.

My thinking is to focus say on 3 that way I get a feel for them!!

your input would be really appreciated Joe.

And thanks for the great rap that you gave me in the Seminar.

Every time I see you in person I learn so much!!!


It was really nice meeting and getting to know Pat really like Her Joe!!.

 October 24 2006

thanks Joe, this is great
will make airline bookings and arrange hotel bookings as per your web site instructions
looking forward to a great 2 days

btw, we picked up 80 pips on the GBP/USD last night with your levels and expansions, it was so accurate as to be scary!!
traded this on the GFT platform, with only your seminar to guide us, and the GFT platform with so little training just shows you what is available yet.

btw, we picked up 30 pips on our live platform account too, seminar almost paid for from the profits already.

Gary & Tina


GR Sydney

 October 23 2006

Dear Pat

thanks for your help during the trading seminar

Joes sydney talks friday and saturday were just the medicine i have been searching for

i am well and truely inspired to thoroughly learn the techniques joe presented

so they will become my bread and butter trading methods!

please book me in for the intensive training in thailand in january - i would love to attend if my finances allow

and please forward me information about the fibnodes software - cost,  what it actually does etc

My sincere thanks to Joe as I now feel anchored (rather than at sea)
in the extremely vast and unpredictable ocean of forex trading!

best regards


ps. i am hoping to attend the 4 hour talk here in melbourne so i will probably see you there

 October 23 2006

Hi Joe and Pat,

This Kushlan (friend of Todd Slater), I met you over the weekend at the Traders Expo in Sydney and the seminar on the Sunday at the Marriott. It was great to meet you both, and Joe, thanks for the talks - its amazing how much clarity I gained about the trading process at the seminars - something I really needed in my trading at the moment. Was getting a little bogged down on the analysis side of things - so easy to do!

As mentioned I would very much like to attend one of your private seminars in Bangkok.  January would be perfect if there are any spots still available.

Thanks again,

Kind regards,

3rd Quarter - 2006

 September 27 2006

Well I am back in the USA killing time during my 7 hour layover on the way home.

Thanks for all your help in BKK and for a great class. I will be back, maybe as soon as Jan/Feb if the next three months or trading are decent.  I really want to see Changmai, Kong Kean, Pattaya, and maybe even Phuket.

 September 22 2006


thank you for your wonderful book. At this time I believe it's the most useful "tool" I can get to reset "my software" (i.e. the one between my ears) and I certainly enjoy and appreciate the SW package (GFT). 2000 years ago people were afraid to share knowledge and losing control; the same 200 years ago as "all inventions have been made". In most cases of sharing it turned out to the better and the next logical step in context of trading might be elimination of money alltogether. Until then your techniques should work even or especially when systems trying to outsmart each other, since fear and greed will still persist. I also believe there's nothing wrong in getting money from people or entities who have more than me and are willing to give it away :). My 2cents.


 September 20 2006

Dear D-traders

I truly learnt a lot from the P-seminar.  If reading the book was like learning how to walk, here in the P-seminar, Joe taught me how to run.
Even though I am new in this game, Joe still took time to answer all my queries and I am sure I had shortened my learning curve extensively.
Besides elevating my trading skill to the next level, Joe also shared his vast trading experience with us which is, priceless.
I will recommend anyone to attend the P-seminar.  And while you are there, enjoy yourself and have a good time in Bangkok.

Best Wishes


 September 20 2006

Hi Joe,

It is really a fantastic experience for me. It is nothing than learning under the private couching by the Guru. There are a lot you can learn within the two days. There are a lot probing and questioning of the concepts. The only thing is whether you can absorb, digest it and apply it to your trading. You will be able to sharpening your trading  after the P seminar. I felt that I should have attended the P Seminar much earlier. I am confident that I can trade much better after the P-seminar. I can't wait going back for another P-seminar and advance seminar in very near future if circumstances allows. Joe, see you soon.



 September 16 2006

Hello Pat:

I would like to inform you that I recently purchased Joe's book, "Trading with DiNapoli Levels" and I have found it very useful as a beginner.  Given the fact that the book takes us through practical ways of trading and analysis, I could not put it down; and so, I am on my THIRD review of the materials.  As a result of this, I would like to request that you grant me access to your proprietary pages, which I believe, would further enhance my knowledge base.  I look forward to sharing my excitements and findings with you.

Take care and have a fantastic weekend.

Sincerely yours,


 August 31 2006

Thanks Pat

They said the Internet would kill off personal service - not in your case I am pleased to see.

Best wishes


 August 29 2006

Dear Joe,

Thank you for the invite - I would very much like to attend one of your private seminars but am having eye surgery on Sept 14 th so cannot make it on this occasion. We are moving from the UK to Australia ( Perth ) in January so please keep me informed of future seminar schedules in Bangkok .

Since we met in London in February I have been thoroughly enthused by your methods and approach - I have been feverishly programming and testing setups for the FX market to put together my own set of rules around your trading system as well as trading part-time while still working. I am confident I will be ready to go full-time in January next year.

What particularly fascinates me about your methods is the concept of trend and momentum in different time frames - something which is completely missed by most commentators who tend to concentrate on a series of indicators related to the same time frame. I can now see how watching trend/momentum in different time frames leads to all sorts of insights into the psychology and strength of the market. Being an FX trader I am also fascinated by time of day (in conjunction with DPO - fading hourly trend at London close in particular) and am convinced this must play a role in my setups.

Thanks for giving me the urge to learn more.

I hope to see you soon

Best Regards


 August 14 2006

hello joe,

i am humbled by your personal assessment of my character. i look upon you as a trading guru whose company and guidance i travelled around the world to seek and visit--you have had that much influence in my life. that my character should impress you in any way is remarkeable to me. again, i am humbled. i hope to return to bangkok soon. when i do, we'll certainly quaff the brew--and talk trading.

speaking about trading--how could people know about the airplane scare in advance? unless one had floor information and could see the build-up of puts on a board, how could anyone else know that traders were anticipating a terrorst event? i remember, at the p-sem, you mentioned how 9-11 was anticipated by a large collection of puts in a certain sector--but to see that, you'd have to have the perspective of a floor trader who can see the collection of orders that are placed. where can someone like me, with no floor trader insight, spot a put buildup to signal that something "unexpected" is about to happen?
well, at any rate, take care. we'll meet again.

until then,

best regards,


 August 14 2006

by the way, the p-seminar in bangkok, at your home, seems like a dream i had. i'll never forget it. i want to thank you for showing us around as you did, and for your hospitality. i hope you were able to get the pen mark off of your couch. i was mortified when i did that--thanks for taking it so well. i would have ran me out of the house!

take care,

best regards,


 August 12 2006

Joe and Pat,

Hi to both of you , hope you are well and everything is cool with you.

Joe, I know you're a busy man but wondering on a few things , and whenever you have time and  it's convenient to you please send me your thoughts on my following question.

Since the P-sem my trading and psychology has been better than at any other time.I've been consistent in trading. There have been times where there's been a few heavy drawdowns but due to good entry technique I've been saved a few times which has taught me further lessons and improved my trading overall.The biggest hurdle is not to think about the money as you mentioned so many times and this question I'm going to pose to you is to with money.As mentioned in the course on how to increase your size i.e. after 14 or so winning trades.I've gone past this stage and been with successful with account size of ?20k have been able to return over 40%.Now I'm thinking of increasing my base size to ?100k using the same principles, money management etc, and was wondering on any advice for dealing with such a size. I remember you mentioning in the seminar as long as the discipline and the trade plan rules the mind it shouldn't matter if the trading size is 10k or 100k, please correct me if I'm wrong in my perception here and any further thoughts.

Secondly I do want to come for an advanced seminar next year at some point which will no doubt depend on your schedule for next year, I'll be checking your site for up coming dates.

Thanks in Advance

Best Regards


 August 9 2006


I wanted to say Hello and thank you for sharing so much of your trading knowledge with the rest of us, it's pretty amazing what you have put together!!!

I have two trading buddies that I met through Optionetics (advanced option trading strategies with George Fontanils) and we have been programming some TradeStation stuff together.  One of them rented some of your videos from TraderFlix and then he lent me your DiNapoli Book (which I want to buy a copy for my trading library when funds permit).  We love your work!!!  

Anyway, I'm building a Radar Screen system that flags thrust moves of 8 - 15 bars and it is amazing the setups we can find with this!!!

Besides thanking you for your wisdom and experience in the market, I was wondering if there is anyway I can get onto the attendance list for your event in Bangkok this fall - it looks like the course is full already.

Questions: Is it possible to still get in?

Do you have actual dates yet?

May I pay a deposit now and then the full amount at the class itself? 

I can use frequent flyer miles for my ticket.

I would really like to attend one of your live seminars!!!

A new fan,


 August 4 2006


I am sorry I didn't write to you earlier, this is a note just to say it was a pleasure  to meet you during the P-seminar In June.( I was the Englishmen - who is useless at mechanical things  and with a background in applied maths.) Unfortunately, I had to squeeze the P-Sem into a busy day job schedule and therefore was unable to take advantage of the night life. I have just created my Trading Plan for Intraday and and started demo trading Forex and am currently up 12% on my account in week 1 using a max 2% initial stop loss. More importantly, I seem to get a feel for what is going on in the market intraday using your techniques and am much more confident in my decisions.  I am so glad I have adopted your methodology and can think of no other way to trade. As I mentioned, if you and/or  Pat are ever in the UK then please feel free to stay at my wife's small hotel - 20 minutes from Heathrow - website is . should you wish to stay there then call me on ______ . Once again many thanks for all you have done for me and good fortune and good luck.

Yours sincerely


 August 1 2006


I know I've said this before but I'll say it again, "You're amazing!".  I'm consistently impressed by your prompt and helpful responses.  Without exaggeration, you're exceptional - one of a kind!!  Thank you for being you.

Thanks again,

 July 24 2006

Joe & Kevin,

I have only have one line to describe both of you guys



 July 24 2006




 July 24 2006

Hi Pat,

I attended the one day workshop in May this year in Singapore. It is really good workshop worth to attending. I also bought the MP3 from you during the workshop. Do you think I can be qualified to access the forum. I believe I can learn a lot from the forum. Thanks. Have a nice day.


 July 11 2006

Hi Joe,   

P-sem might be too advanced for me "I'm Keen". What about the public courses. You only hold P-sems in Bangkok is that right. Flight travel ..      Im not sure what you mean by sponsor something.? Can you fill in the blanks. Thanks    Your book is great read - 2nd time over  + more.       

Kind Regards           


 July 6 2006

thanks for your input
my time frame is between 1 day and one week since i am not able to trade full time.
I try to place stop losses very close to my entries but sometimes i take more risk than necessary .
(I am working on that)
since i have been exposed to your system my entries are getting much closer to tops and bottoms...still i have some work to do. Using the daily frame, the retracement areas called by tour system, the oscillator predictor and the detrend oscillator on the daily as well as the 30 min frames, i entered a short position in gold yesterday near the 632 top...but missed it and entered it finaly at 623.3...
thanks for all your comments they realy help
best of trading


2nd Quarter - 2006

 June 26 2006

Hi Joe

Thanks for everything, I enjoyed the seminar and stay in Bangkok a lot!
As I said, I will be able to sell books, but it would be as people talk to me and is interested, I won't be able to go out and look for people to sell the books and I know you understand that.
Then I have another question:
When I sell the book, I know you mentioned something about support.  How does that work? Must I be able to provide support and to what extend? And to what extend must I work with the Forex house?
I think the bottom line is:  I will be able to sell the books and provide support and will enjoy it, but I don't want it to intervene with my trading. Luckily you know exactly what I mean!
I'm interested in getting into Eurostoxx50 and Eurobund.  Do you trade them trough CME and does CTP have data for those markets? I think then I will buy CTP to trade them...

Thanks again for everything and let's keep contact.


 June 24 2006

Joe, thank you I will look at your message, and I'm very happy with the Genesis program with your tools that I just contracted. This is really a very good option.

Thank you again.


 June 16 2006

Hi Joe,

Have been enjoying your postings in the forum and it has been a great help to my understanding of how to trade. Have log into the and can see the new site. I am using the Microsoft Internet Explorer. All the best & looking forward to meeting up with you some time in the future. Send my regards to Pat.



 June 15 2006

Hey Joe,

How are you?  How's Pat?  Still in Thailand ?  Allison and I are doing well.  Well, I traded for a bit after the seminars, but found that due to a large loss I took prior to meeting you, I wanted an unrealistically high degree of certainty in my trading, and the markets won't provide that.  I then traded with Kevin Riordon a bit, but we hit a section of market difficulty, and I backed off.  So I dived in and I went the non-judgmental route to escape the emotional pain of trading.  I spent a lot of time developing some high probability non-judgmental systems that trade index futures a few times a month: 80% wins, average $won per winning trade to $lost per losing trade of about 2:1 … but what to do in between trades….??  .

I realized that I am really more suited to lower time-frame trading – I like to see the market in action and flow with it with relatively responsive feedback. I don't think I'm an action junkie; I just prefer staying awake and engaged.  I also have more confidence in a judgmental approach since we're interacting with living markets that change as times and participants change. The performance of non-judgmental systems can be scary and out of touch at times.  That brought me back to you and D-Levels. I'm back at it, making progress and working through my issues so I can trade judgmentally without the pain (fear), recklessness, or arrogance that I retreated to.

Enough of that gooey stuff, this is really why I'm contacting you: I'm using TradeStation and I find their built-in fib stuff messy to work with.  I dug around on your site (nice new format) and found FibStation, but the order form page was not viewable.  Is it still available, and if so, how do I order it?

I must say, not to inflate your ego but in appreciation, your work is very thoughtful and very thorough.  I've read through my notes from the seminars recently and was surprised by the things I wrote… the little power packed revelations especially about market mechanics and forces, that I didn't really get on any meaningful level then, but I'm getting now.

Thanks, Hope all is well,


 June 9 2006

Dear Joe:

Thanks for your advice and your help. I have calmed down. I was very upset. I have sent copies of the cancellation letter to Glen Larson and Richard in tech support.
I shouldn't have let the idiot in their billing department get the better of me. My mistake.
Anyway it is June and I haven't been trading because of your teachings about the thin markets between May 15th and Labor Day. If I do any trading during this period it will be at a one e-mini level. My step son is getting married on Saturday and I wish him only the best. Hopefully it will be forever, but only time will tell. I know as I have been around the block 3 times. You never divorce the person you married.
I want you to know that my trading knowledge is really starting to gel into a real time high probability success rate for each trade. I can now feel the way the market will be going really good and I look at the right tools, many of which came from you. All I can say is God Bless You! and 1000 Thanks.


 June 9 2006

You folks are great...! thanks Sean and Pat.


 June 7 2006

Dear Joe:
In my first e-mail about Genesis I misspoke. The Genesis people told me I had to send an e-mail in writing to [email protected] to cancel the account. I did. I have sent you a copy of this e-mail.
I have also sent a letter to Glen Larson. Maybe he get give me some help.
Any way right now trading is going great. I have finally put it together. I am using many of your techniques. Thank you soooo much for your help!!! I love your DTO!
All the Best,


 June 5 2006

Thanks Joe.

That's pretty much as I remembered it and from what I
had in my notes. I remember we breifly looked at the
$TRIN & tick to see if things were supporting our
trade direction. Aside from a few things I watch in
some of the more major sectors I have settled on
watching/trading the ES, YM, E-Mini Russell 2000 (for
now). I have been working on assimulating and
integrating what we went over in the seminar and it
has certainly been a very great help - things now seem
to be clicking into place.



 June 1 2006

When I said thanks, I meant for your Fib tools that you have provided me with. Your video is worth its weight in gold! :)


 May 24 2006

Aloha Pat,

I just recently purchased the Trading with DiNapoli Levels book, and would like to access the support and education area of your website.

By the way, the book is one of the best that I have read. (Had a difficult time putting it down!)  If you could pass that on to Joe, it would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,

GB Hawaii

 May 10 2006

Thanks Joe and have a great time in Malaysia & Singapore. Am applying your stuff in equities and it's working. Brendan sends his regards to you & Pat.



 May 3 2006

Good day Danielle

Just wanted to let you know that delivery of the Mr. DiNapoli's trading course together with his book arrived safely today. Thanking you for the speedy delivery. Much appreciated.



 April 30 2006

hello joe,

indeed, i just got back from la. i met kevin and danielle. kevin did a great job. i took lots of notes. i am really looking forward to your course of instruction. it's not bangkok i'm going to; i'm going to the top of the mountain.
hey, joe, do they really call you "elvis fibonacci?"
see you in bangkok.


 April 24 2006


Many Thanks for your lovely comments below and I'm glad you think we're ready for the  Advanced and I for one am very keen on it. I think Jackie menitoned next year and   I 'm up for that next year at an agreed date hopefully between all of us.Before attending this seminar I had gone through the course and book as much as possible and  listed about 15 questions that I would be asking you.As we progressed through day one my mind was blown away , 8 of those questions were answered  without me even asking them and the others were clarified the next day.I realized after the seminar the way my trade plan should be and the different versions I could follow whether trend trading or using only the modified one.I have already started to apply these skills and hope to keep it that way if not I have a lovely thick elastic band ready to be strecthed and some grapefruit tucked away too.I loved your way of hands on apporach in which you asked the question appropriate to each of our understanding/perception of your work which ensured complete understanding. That was the key which really helped the most.It's obvious from the way you teach you have a great passion for making people understand your works.
It would've been cool to meet up on Monday  but my hols were very tight this year.Next year if it happens I plan to stay slightly longer see a bit more of Thailand with the Mrs. as she's just been moaning ever since I got back that I didn't take her along this time.
Finally if I were to sum up the seminar in and your way of teaching in one this is most appropriate quote:
"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life."


 April 24 2006

Hey Joe

well what can one say but unbelievable the seminar was exactly the way I would have liked it, as a novice to trading I didn't know what to expect, you gave it your all based on the groups level and then some, the way you got us working together was great your methods of directing questions at us was excellent and It showed that we need to think about what were doing. Context Context was to me a wake up call in respect to analysis and the way you approach your trading.Discipline also is a major strength of yours which is admirable I took note and realise this plays a major part in (Trading to a Plan). Market Mechanics hahahahahahahah mmmmmm what a Discovery! this Joe was a discussion you gave that opened me up to the realm of the floor trader,brokers and the institutes, fascinating but at the same time Scary, I had no idea that all this went on thanks for the enlightenment! I could go on for days about the Private Seminar but what I need to say is that your seminar was Absolutely Fantastic Joe and to those aspiring traders yes u must attend a Private Seminar if you want to be a Profitable and successful Trader.
Bangkok oooohhhhhh My GOD hahahahahah im moving to Bangkok!! Joe this place is awesome what ever you want you can have the sky's the limit.Your orientation of Bangkok was much needed, made me understand how the Thai's think, Great people so accommodating, kind and affectionate beautiful people.Food, I love Thai food any way however the food was so much better than I expected, aromatic flavoursome and best of all Dirt cheap!! your recommendation regarding accommodation was spot on the Grand President was 5star loved it there, it's smack bang in the middle of everything and best of all so close to the trading room.
Had some dental work done at the dentist you recommended fantastic service and exceptional pricing very affordable, and the Taylor you introduced us to well worth the trip I had 5 top quality shirts made up for $35.00 each to have them done in Australia your talking at least Double the Cost and had a Business suit made up for my Girl Friend cost $350.00Aust she said it would have cost her easily $500.00Aust Great stuff Joe.
The Night life I don't know really what to Say ahahahahahah.... The best Time I have had in many years, Boys night out a must !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe one last thing I would like to say many thanks to Pat and yourself for your hospitality and kindness!!


LS Australia

 April 24 2006


….I'm really excited to know that your indicators are available now for forex trading. I've had Joe's book and have read it a lot. I'm looking forward to more training. Thanks for your help.


 April 19 2006

Hi Pat and Joe,

It was very nice to meeting with you. I have learned lots of things in the seminars…


AV India

1st Quarter - 2006

 March 25 2006

Dear Joe.

First of all thank you for everything. The seminar have been the best I have ever attended, even though I have been able to lost some explanations due to the problems I have with the language. Your trading mythology has helped me enormously and clarified me many things over I have doubts, now I am working in this direction and I hope, with the discipline you has taught me, have success trading. In the next future, I would like to coming back to Bangkok for another advanced seminar.

After the seminar I remained with my wife all the week in Thailand three days in Bangkok and two in Chiang Mai, two wanderful cities, I like Bangkok it is a great city I was having dinner in LÓpera the italian restaurant you recommended me, very good food. I have been for me a big discovery Thai culture.

Thank you again.

My best for Pat and you.

JF Spain

 March 24 2006

Hi Joe,

I'm currently in a learning mode. I have read your book a few times, watched your DVD and followed Kevin's market commentary. I feel that I need at least 1-2 years of experience trading with your indicators until all the information is ingrained into my mind …..I only have 2 years of trading experience and after suffering some losses, I know what it takes to become a great trader. I need primarily patience, ability to control emotions and lots of practice. Thus, I am now trading with fewer shares (300 shares) and trying to build a foundation based on what you have taught in your training tools. I've been doing much better with your system and I'm eager to learn more.


Best Regards,


 March 6 2006

Hi Joe,

…………..I've been looking at some charts and practicing with my fibnodes. They are amazingly accurate.

……... Before I came for your workshop, ……-- I had studied and read quite a few trading books. I learned from all of them but none of them gave me practical knowledge that I could put to use like your book does. With the fibnodes, when I look at the swings, it is fascinating to see how often they are perfect or almost within a cent or two……

I hope you and Pat are having a wonderful time where ever you are. I'm so thankful for what you have given me through your teaching.


 February 22 2006

Thanks Joe

I bought all your education materials in December and have been studying them. I also have the Genesis (CTP) software package. I've studied trading for over a decade, but have never been able to succeed to be profitable
trader. I've been wanting to learn Fibonacci for several years...with the right teacher. What you teach seems so right on...I really appreciate your years of hard work and your generosity in sharing it.

Thank you very much.


 February 20 2006

Hi Pat

I've read the book and it was amazing. I would like to study the forum pages now, so you can send me that password...

PvW South Africa

 February 14 2006

Speaking Apple or Sugar-no matter !

The Message:
I wish to make an important statement for those who still do not believe;

Mr DiNapoli directional signals work every market and every time frame! Really...

For prove of it please see Kevin's comment on Apple in John's topic -( weekly RRT ) and see into this chart of Sugar which I wish to share with You today...also weekly. Do You see any similarity ?

Good trading to all!
PvW South Africa

p.s. Joe, thank You!

 February 12 2006

Dear Joe

Firstly thank you for a great day in London, it really helped me in clarifying my thoughts on your methodology. Also, I enjoyed the opportunity you gave me in explaining the MACD/stochastic to the rest of the group…. please keep me informed of other dates as attending is a top priority for 2006.

Yours sincerely
PC United Kingdom

 February 8 2006

Hi Pat,

… Please say a big thank you to Joe for the course. It has changed my outlook on Forex trading and already resulted in 2 nice clean GBPUSD intraday trades over the past 2 days by simply following the plan on retracements and projections.

JA United Kingdom

 February 7 2006

Dear Pat,

…Some one that I met told my that it is a wonderful book so I look very forward to reading it Thank you very much for all your help

RG South Africa

 February 6 2006

Hi Pat,

This is great. As soon as I started Trade Navigator Gold today, I saw the new "DiNapoli Retrenchment" button had appeared and then I found the MACD Predictor. I could hardly believe it.

I had the great privilege of meeting Joe here in London on Saturday. It was a fascinating day. Thanks so much for setting me up so quickly while Joe's seminar is still fresh in my mind.

ET United Kingdom

 February 6 2006

Hello Joe

…I have received feed back from some of the attendees who thought it was, fantastic, brilliant, and comment similar to this. …So thanks a million for doing what you did, it's very much appreciated.

Best regards
AB United Kingdom

 February 5 2006

Joe, I've gone through all your material and have been employing your D-Levels, patterns, and other insights in my trading. Although, I'm far from an expert in using all of your techniques, employing just some of the basics has already taken my trading to a whole new level. I'm really glad I got to meet you at the TFNN workshop in Clearwater. I'm not much on celebrity, but I have to say I admire you...mainly because you shared something of real value in your books and other material.

I particularly like the Wash & Rinse setups as these are high probability trades with excellent risk-to-reward ratios. I've done a little programming in the past and it seems like one should be able to come up with an automated scan that would drastically reduce the universe of potential candidates. The same goes for railroad tracks...certainly you must have done some work on this, no? Any guidance or advice you'd be willing to share along these lines?

Maybe I should know better than to ask a question like this, but please realize, I'm journeying down the same path you traversed, following in your foot steps. I can relate to the musings in the early part of TWDL like, "My naive idea that this individual would share his earned knowledge with me...was absurd. That he would recognize my sincerity and my obvious worthiness was also absurd." I'm certainly not trying to put a guilt trip on you...just saying I know you walked in my shoes at one time and the things you said in your book definitely struck a chord with me.

Lastly, I found your material on floor mechanics fascinating and now before taking a trade I try to consider the floor traders perspective. I always ask myself, where are all the publics buy and sell stops sitting at and I have used this to my advantage buying-in when the floor is hitting the sell stops and visa-versa. Of course, I get out quick if I'm wrong. I'd be interested in reading and learning more about floor mechanics, do you know of any other books or material on this subject? As always Joe, thanks again for being there, I think your great!


 January 27 2006


Your book DiNapoli Levels is an excellent read.


 January 25 2006

Hi Joe,

New CTP Trial for RH. Followed up with him last night from buying your book. He has almost finished it and loves the information ;>)

Kind regards,

 January 12 2006

Hi Danielle:

It's nice to get your email again. I was sorry not to greet you at the expo --- I did not want to disturb you --- you were very busy….

Joe did a refreshing presentation…, especially explaining for the first time the tips of using MACD-predictor. I certainly learned something new about it as well as about double-repo failures……

I will never forget it was Joe and YOU introduced me to D-level concepts and Trade-Navigator, allowing me to have a great improvement in FX trading. And I deeply appreciate all the help you offered me in the past.

THANK YOU, Danielle,

Please say hello to Joe and Pat for me when you guys are in touch.

Have a wonderful New Year of 2006!!!


 January 12 2006

Hi Pat and Joe,

I met you at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas. I was the guy that you were kind enough to walk over to the Genesis Financial booth and show me the software so that I could buy the complete package (both the software and your training materials).

Joe, you also mentioned to email you to remind you of who I was and that you could bump me up on the priority list for the Advanced seminars in Thailand. I would love to attend that. I also need to activate the subsciption for the DiNapoli screen on the Genesis software ... Also, please sign me up for the Chicago class that Kevin is offering. I figure that is a pre-requisite for the Adv. class that you have in Thailand.

Joe, I wanted to thank you again for the time that you spent with me. It is incredible that someone of your knowledge is willing to share his time with newbies to technical analysis. I completed your book and probably highlighted over half of it. I have no doubt that I'll read it a few more times in the next couple of months.

Thansk again!

 January 11 2006

Dear Joe,

I have just recently purchased your book and home study course both …are excellent….

Your sincerely

PJ United Kingdom

 January 9 2006

Hello Mr. DiNapoli,

Firstly, I would like to say "Thank you!" for TWDL. I appreciate your frank tone and analytic style, as well as the explanations that you have provided for the methodology…


 January 6 2006

Dear Joe,

Have read your book and try to use the concepts. Your DVD on DiNapoli Levels is most impressive. So is Merrick Okamoto as a presenter.

I would like to combine a visit to Thailand with attending one of your seminars later this year...Please put me on your list of interested people, and let me know your planning.

NG South Africa

 January 5 2006

Wow, thanks for replying so quickly Pat and thank you for taking care of my order. My brother was on holiday in Sydney from Tokyo over Christmas, he spent a fair bit of time reading the book and given its high quality, I simply had to let him have it.

Take care and all the best.

Kind Regards,
AL Australia

 January 5 2006


I spent the Christmas break studying your book and course, and can say it was a very good use of my time. I will be recommending this package to my fellow traders, and send them your way.


 January 4 2006

Hello again Pat

Happy & prosperous 2006 to yourself and all staff.

I have received and read TWDL a couple of times from cover to cover, and found it to be of great use to me, many thanks to Joe Dinapoli & all in the organization. ..

Thanking you

 January 3 2006

Hi Joe,

I bought your book and have achieved excellent results trading white maize futures in South Africa, especially in the past years bull-run…

…..Are you coming to South Africa in near future for a seminar?

CG South Africa

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