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Testimonials - Here's what our clients are saying about us....
These are just a few unsolicited testimonials and comments we receive regularly.
We stopped collecting them many years ago... there were just so many.

Testimonials Year 2010

1st Quarter - 2010

 January 1 2010

Dear Khun Joe and Pat,

Sawadee Pi Mai.

Thank you for the access to your proprietory forum.

It is an invaluable place to be for all DiNapoli traders.

I plan to have continous assess to it by subscribing to your CTP trading package after the Private Seminar.

See you in a fortnight.



 January 12 2010

Dear Joe,

I wanted to write to you earlier than this to thank you for the p-sem, but I wanted to take some time to let things sink in before I wrote about my experiences of the p-sem and what I took with me, because I was simply overwhelmed and still have not assimilated all that I heard and saw. I drafted some of it on the plane flying back to Sydney and it was great re-living the p-sem experiences and smiling to myself a lot!

When I decided to come for the p-sem, I thought I knew everything in your book(TWDL), and then some, because I had read the book a few times and listened to your the audio CD on money management many times and had attended your 4 hour seminar last year after the traders expo in Sydney in Oct 2008. I thought I was all set to apply what I knew to my trading and I actually did improve a fair bit over the last year since Oct 2008, compared to my situation before that. And the p-sem was to just to add some finishing touches, before I added more capital to my trading account. Other motives were to meet a few fellow traders, a pilgrimage to your trading room and to understand why you live in Bangkok!

I think the p-sem experience well and truly starts when you do your initial chat to everyone and sort of do a short interview. And before the p-sem you wrote to us “how much you take away from the p-sem depends on how much you bring to it”. It is so true. I know because I know how it feels to bring a small cup to the ocean! Even a cupful is a big deal for me now. You gave a 110% percent but I did not have enough mental capacity and experience to take it all with me! Now I know why people keep coming back to the p-sems and I will be one of them!

My first major lesson learnt was about the “WHY” of your tools and techniques.

Before the p-sem I was thinking that I could visually identify the 3/8 node and 5/8 node etc and I thought that the divider, and D-Level retracement and expansion tool etc were a bit of an overkill and I was of the opinion you could use any fib drawing tool if you knew the concepts behind using them. I was going to buy the divider only as a souvenir. A few months ago, I had cancelled my subscription to your tools on my GFT platform because I was not using them much. The first thing I did after p-sem was to re-subscribe, you did not ask me to subscribe to them, I did it because I realized that I was being silly not to use them - now that I know “why” you developed them many years ago and why you “still” use them. What convinced me to get them ASAP was the last hour of the p-sem where you showed us your actual workspace on your computer and taught us the need for "SIMPLICITY and CLARITY" and the importance of freeing up your brain for more
  important tasks and decision making during trading. I laugh at myself now seeing how ignorant I was and how I so failed to see the point of it all! When you showed how you set your charts up in such a way that it helps you to you track and trade so many instruments intraday ? it was a real  eye-opener. And I took notice of where the divider was on your trading desk and then I began to understand the “why” of your tools and why you still use something so simple as the divider even when you have the most sophisticated of software packages. I asked for a divider the minute we came out of your trading room, remember?. I guess these are things where you have to see it to appreciate it and no amount of reading about it will help. I think everyone who reads your book TWDL misses the importance and meaning of the words “Practical Application” in the second part of the title of your book. Thank you for showing us your trading desk and teaching me the
  “why” of things in addition to the “how to” of things.

The second big learning for me was that while I “thought I knew” how to use D-Levels, the simple truth was that I did not even know the basic pre-requisites of the knowledge required to apply your methods correctly. eg;  how to correctly identify the focus and reaction numbers. I thought I knew ? which is even worse than not knowing at all, becausee it kept me from making any real progress in using your methods. The way I used to do it, I would end up with so many D-Levels everywhere that I could not use them for good quality decision making. You changed my world with a simple stroke of your pen when you gave us those exercises in the p-sem just by adding a couple of lines here and there to the exercise sheets and asked us to label the focus and reaction numbers. Your tools and methods look so simple on the surface, but the application can be very complex – just like the simple chisel in the hands of a sculptor! And they did fool me. To me the
  MACD Predictor was just another line. They only look simple until you come across someone with your level of skill and mastery and shows you a thing or two about the application! I now realize that you cannot teach it all in a book or even a DVD course, the things you have mastered over decades, the way you can do it face to face so that you know what to teach based on the capacity and the skill level of the student in front of you. The experience of doing it with other fellow traders in a close-knit group adds to the quality of the learning experience. We get to see how common mistakes of perception are made and how you could easily fool yourself into believing things when you are on your own. I would never have realized where I was wrong had I not come to the P-sem and seen how it is done correctly. I would have wasted a few more years searching for a method!. This is where your p-sem becomes priceless! Thank you!

The next big take home lesson had to do with you allowing us glimpses of how you “read” the price action, when I asked about tape reading. When you taught concepts like dynamic pressure and things that happen behind the scenes of price action, I was thinking that watching price action with this kind of knowledge can be “highly entertaining”. My exact background thought was that you must be enjoying watching price action like a symphony while it looks like noise to me! Again you did not say it like that, and probably a topic of an advanecd p-sem but you were generous! Thank you.

My next big lesson I am taking away is the importance of “know thyself”. It was not only what you said but also what you allowed us to observe and learn by shedding some light on you as a trader and as a very down-to-earth human being. You do not hide behind any false pretences or an aura of superior knowledge. May be, you are not even aware of the teaching effect of the fact that you are present and interacting with us. And for that reason alone, I think you are so preciously rare and I see the p-sems as a great gift from you to those of us lucky enough to be there. I couldn't ask for more and I am taking away lot more than I deserved. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Since the p-sem and after I was able to talk to you, I am experiencing a new found confidence to face the challenges ahead of me with much better odds of success! Thank you!

There were many “how to”s and many “aha” moments. We strengthened earlier knowledge and put them in practically useful context. We saw things from new angles and gained new insights. There were more “aha” moments days later, after the p-sem, when I set up the charts again (this time more practically) and looked at the previous price action and I began to see things that I had never seen before. In some sections of the chart, I wanted to check the retracements, but because the tool draws it at the end of the chart, I couldn't use the drawing tool. I couldn't believe what I did next instinctively ?? I reached for the divider! And to think that I was going to buy it only as a souvenir! I checked the measurements on the screen and said “you beauty”. More elation came when watching live price action on 1 min chart and thinking ? according to what I learnt, this is what shoould happen next ? and a few minutes later “bingo”!.. Thank

Also, many thanks for the brilliant, funny and often outrageously splendid analogies and imagery that we can never forget even if we wanted to!

I am sure there were many more subtle lessons there that others would have absorbed but my brain simply could not take in more because I had never traded correctly using your methods. That is changing now and I am focused on following the trading plan and getting some proper trades so that I can qualify for an advanced seminar. My first trade after the p-sem was picture perfect and then I made a few mistakes. But this time, I was able to pin-point what those mistakes were and learned from them as opposed to blaming everything else. That was another thing I learnt about the importance of having a trading plan that I trust.

What more can I say, other than that I will come back begging for more? Thank you from the depth of my heart! Not a day passes without remembering you and thanking you silently for the light you shed in my path!

Warm regards,


 January 20 2010

Dear Joe,

Words cannot describe what this Private Seminar has meant for me. Firstly thank you for the hospitality for welcoming us into your home. The atmosphere was warm and relaxed.

The content we have covered has absolutely exceeded my expectations. Sharing very personal analysis approaches was very interesting
and is highly appreciated. I might not be in the game for very long but I feel that this weekend has elevated me to a total new level of development. If all my tutors through my life was on your level I could have been a genius today.

Your patience and consideration for everyone of us and questions (some less intelligent) answered are also appreciated very much.
I will forward the mail I have written to my fellow team members a little while ago. I cannot but looking very forward to the advanced seminar before the end of 2010.

Kind Regards,
K P.
(from cape Town)

 January 20 2010

Joe, I hope you find the following useful - my truest thoughts:

"I can't believe I could say a weekend that was so mentally challenging was also one of my most enjoyable and enriching ever! I had been trading on and off the last 5 years and was just trying out whichever indicators I happened to read about at that time. Naturally, it all turned out poorly and I was thoroughly discouraged. My decision to attend your session at ATIC Singapore 2009 was one of the best I ever made. Yours is a complete trade plan using indicators, patterns and fibonacci levels - one that made me realised what a comprehensive, structured trade plan should be and made me eager for more.

The P-seminar allowed me to learn more in-depth of the book's materials plus new advances that were developed through the years. The lessons really opened my eyes and it is obvious you had placed great consideration on the syllabus. And it is not just the technicals - a good portion was also dedicated to the mentality and psychology of what constitutes a good and successful trader. And all this in the company of friendly, enthusiastic, like-minded traders who want to learn from the master!

Joe, you are a good teacher and unpretentious. No airs despite your achievements. I truly appreciate your offer to seek your assistance when I was in Bangkok in late 2009, even though I wasn't there for your seminar.

While I can only hope and try my hardest to do justice to what you taught me, I know for sure I would be walking down Soi 8 to your apartment for another round in the future!"



 January 22 2010

Hi Joe
Thanks for the opportunity of having two great days with you. I travelled 18 hours by plane from Poland, Europe, just to have the seminar with you. It was worth it. The education I have got was not only about charts and patterns and get to know how to trade them, but also gave me the deep understanding of how the proffesionals think, and how to have a ride on their back. Those two days gave me a thorough understanding of markets. I am going to apply those new methods in my trading, and I am getting ready for the next seminar later this year. The night out was great. Hopefully see you Joe next time, later this year.

Best regards


 January 23 2010

Dear Joe:

Thanks for sending me the most important email that anyone has sent me in the last year.

Good Confluence.
I will watch and trade the S&P with that in mind during the next 6 weeks or so as this craters.

Thanks for the tip off to where we are - I didn't have my eyes on the big picture.



 January 25 2010

Dear Joe,

How have you been?
Pardon me for the late reply.
Just got back to singapore from moscow. It was freezing cold there. Missed the warm comfort of Bangkok. haha

Regrettably, i was unable to join you on monday night as i am going to moscow on that night.
Maybe we can hang out together again sometime in march when S is attending the advanced. I will try to drop by.

Since it is my first time attending the psem, my experience is definitely memorable, having most of my doubts answered and the basics strengthened.
Thanks for your hospitality and accomodating my hyper enthusiasm and numerous questions.

My humble opinion for future attendees would be for them to know the basics thorughly and the psem will aid in the refinement of what they had learnt.

Like myself, i believe most of us learned from the TWDL book and the forum. However, many doubts regarding the application and the implications of D levels lingers. Its more like you thought you knew it 100%, but actually you dont. This is where the danger is.

Psem aids in understanding the market mechanism and using the basic D levels the way they are designed to be i.e from Joe.

In the meantime, i will review what i had learned and try to apply it.
Hopefully, i would be able to gain more from the next psem.

Best Regards,


 Febuary 2 2010

Hi Joe,
Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the course. This second course was amazing compared to the first course, didn't realize how much was possible. Attached is a couple of photos the group.

All the best,


 Febuary 11 2010


It is the most successful method, I've found since the Dot Com momentum mania.




 Febuary 14 2010

Hi Joe,

I just thought I write to thank you for the wonderful experience of being at your private seminar this past weekend February 13-14, 2010.

Although many, if not most of the things that were taught, I could not try it because the software that I use did not have those indicators; just learning and understanding the "psychological and motivational" part of trading is worth my time there. For example, just understand the psychology of"Fibnode breaker" technique and not changing my oders and getting out of the ordercan save me serious money.

By the way, I will look to getting a better software so I can practice your technique and come back for a repeat seminar, sometime in July or later part of year.

Once again, thanks Joe for your time. For many years,I have been looking for a mentor in tradingthat I can look up to and learn fromuntil I found you!



 Febuary 15 2010

Hi Guys,
We had a great time. Sad I could not experience the climax as I had to rush for my flight:
Hope I did not missed much.

Really looking forward to attend the advanced seminar with the same batch.

Many thanks for selecting me for the seminar. The market mechanics that I learnt in the seminar, I bet can never be read from any book or person.


 Febuary 17 2010

Dear Joe,

First, thank you for giving us your time last weekend. I returned to Chiang Mai with my head buzzing with new thoughts and excited anticipation of what was to come and be achieved. Here's my feedback:

"Everybody, who attends the private seminar, has studied the book, tapes and videos. Our group all, in their own way, had done their best to be well prepared. But nothing prepares you for Joe's sofa: 7 hours each day of intense questioning, exercises and review to see if you really know the material, under pressure, just like in a real trading situation. You learn the absolute necessity of a well thought out trading plan using Joe's methods, the difference between failures and mistakes, and what you should do about them. And what I think was most valuable - the mechanics of the market - why and where the stops are and how the market can be moved to take them out. As Joe says: Without this knowledge you're a sitting duck. After 10 years of watching the market, this was the first time it all began to come together. A most enlightening weekend."

Hope to see you next week.
Good luck,




 Febuary 17 2010

hey joe

first - thanks a lot. it has been great and carried huge importance for me. i am still floating few sentimeters above the ground.
being with u for these 2 days strenghten my internal belief in using the dinapoli methods in my trading.
it was amazing to see how what u preach in "public" being used in practice. all the small nuances in using the d levels and the proper way to go from theory to the real world. it is obvious to me ,now more then ever, that i have a great trading arsenal and i am inspired to bring my skills into the next level.the seminar reveled the huge potential of your system, expanded my horizonsbeyond what i hoped is possible.

and, beside the method, i felt very lucky to meet the men. personally ,as an aspiring trader that struggling in this tough game , to meet somebody who is at the top of the game, is a "turning point" experience . i will not think about trading and traders the same way i didbefore the seminar. i also highly appreciate the way teach. u cut the B*** very quickly so we can focus at what trading is really about. it was felt that u have true intention and intrest to make us "get it".
thank u very much joe. i expressed what words can express but be sure it is much more.


 Febuary 18 2010

Dear Joe,

I got back home last night safely, Thank you for the Private seminar. I am sorry about my English, It brought me a lot difficulty, I will try my best to improve it.

I am so lucky to meet you and entry the seminar. I learned a lot from the seminar, lots of the concept and definition in the book(Trading with DiNapoli-levels) are much more clear, and I also learned some new methods, They are your trading experience, and they are all invaluable.

I got the forum's password, Thanks to Pat, She is so kind to me. I think the forum will be very useful for my study.

Wish you and Pat good healthy and Happy everyday.


 March 4 2010

hello experts and traders

since i came back from the p-sem ( which was the best thing i could do for myself as a trader) i started noticing DP. i incorporate it slowly in my decisions making
. many times it saved my ass so far, and sometimes it takes me out from good trades, but generally - it is a great piece of knowledge. i also understand there is   a bit of an art involved in using it.



 March 5 2010

Thanks you, Pat and Danielle for your help
I have been able to restore all my missing indicators.
As you can imagine I could not even think of Trading without them.



 March 11 2010

Hi Joe,

My trading has improved a lot since the p-sem. If you had a $ every time I said thanks to you after getting some near perfect entries and COP/OP exits! I have more winners than losers, but still slightly in the negative bcos of money management mistakes on 3 or 4 occassions. Unfortunately all of them happened after I increased size after a string of winners. Applied the rubber band remedy and now on the way to getting to break even.

The only thing standing in the way to profitablility is your's truly.

I have quit my fulltime job and am going to concentrate mainly on trading for the next 12 months with some parttime work in between just enough to keep the cashflow going.

I shall call you when I am in BKK. Would love to meet you again if you have some time then.

Thanks and Regards,


 March 13 2010


Many thanks for a great advanced seminar and your hospitality – thanks also to Pat. I learned a hell of a lot.

The use of DoM (and the ways they try and fake you out);

Comparison with sister markets;

Use of MACDP as an alternative to a stop;

Impact of volume on market behaviour and effectiveness of MACDP;

How to use dynamic pressure instead of the 3 period rule;

The timeframe in which the 3 period rule applies;

How to use the MACDP curl;

Use of A/D information;

Where to place your orders using DoM while taking into account volume and market conditions;

Impact of news reports and where to find them;

The price behaviour in the range between confluence and agreement;

The important timeframes for intraday trading;

The difference and use of Day and night sessions;

I am now writing all of this down and will be internalising it thereafter.

I was pleased that the markets were difficult sideways sloppy affairs because their slowness allowed time for explanation and also showed us what a “bad market” looks like – excellent! It has also put the cherry on the icing on the cake as far as fib analysis is concerned. I also learned a lot from S, H and K. The different styles and different interpretations were useful to know, it gave me an idea of where I stand in my development as a trader. As much as anything, the advanced course gave me confidence. Though I still have a long way to go, there is a faint glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel – I know I can succeed at this.

And on top of all this Bangkok was great fun, as always! I had 16 hours sleep in the 24 hour period the day after the course. I haven't done that since I was a baby!

I would be grateful if you would let me know when you run other advanced seminars.

All the best



 March 13 2010


PS I hope you and Joe are doing well as without his help I would have never been able to understand the markets. A million thanks as always and I always tell people about your methods as I still think they are the best to understand when people ask me about entering the markets.

Kindest regards,


 March 13 2010

J-Rock....I U here just checkin in ......only about 60 sleeps till we meet up.You can;t imagine how exciting that is for moi.I am getting that warm fuzzy feeling every time I touch down in BKK now.Weirdly comfortable there.
Will I know anyone in the May Adv Psem.? know it will be fun anyway.
I traded a beautiful node breaker/cascading stopin the Stoxx 50 yesterday right tomy XOP...and then reversed 1 tick later.It is really satisfying when you do it well.I was so stoked I had to turn off my machine!
I gues the day will come when I can be quite matter of fact about good trades.Its a bit like surfing a big wave well or skiing powder snow.
Sure feel a lot more comfortable in thrusting markets though.

See you soon brother!

I u


 March 15 2010

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your P-sem and your kind e-mail. I am for sure benefit from the P-sem and everytime I attend your P-sem, I learn something valuable. I learn your way in real trading , the risk control which I benefit a lot. Thank you again.

I really enjoy the P-sem and also the term as a whole. I learn a lot from the term member too and feel I am one of the group. I don't mind the boy talk,

Am I a gambler? I think I am not . When I first learn your method and when I first learn to trade outside of Chinese market, I tend to overtrading. I am just excited about the market and try to use the method in everyway. I try to trade every chance I find. But slowly I learn from the market that I am overtrading. So I change the way I trade. I did most of my trading in Chinese market now and for the world market I set alarms before the big daily or weekly, monthly fib nodes on the charts and only trade when prices are nearly getting there. I find this way seems working for me pretty well. I am a new starter in the trading and have lots to learn. And I wish I can make change and progress everytime I learn from you and the market and can survive in the market for the long term.

I wish you good healthy and happy good trading!

Very Best Regards,



 March 24 2010

Hi P, The seminar was a real revelation of how much there is to learn to successfully trade financial markets. The importance to continually have a birds-eye-view of the market could not have been emphasized any better. A great job was done when each step in the trade plan was discussed and analysed. The P-sem is of great value for anyone who is serious about success in trading financial markets. Pieter, thank you for showing all the patience and willingness to share you knowledge and expertise!



South Africa


2nd Quarter - 2010

 April 2 2010


I bought a few years ago from you----a set of indicators for Trade Station. Just wonderful I admit. the Stochastic alone has been superb.

Now I notice a " preferred Stochastic" on the TS indicator pkg; I do not see how you can improve on what I have; but if you or your staff says it is an improvement (?) over or on-top of the original I have from you---do let me know.
And I see pkg now has two 'oscillators' , also. Hard for me not to say " yes" to an upgrade (?).
From a very satisfied guy who has been trading the S&P for last 25 years and still at it.


 April 30 2010

Hi Joe,

I wanted to let you know about my trading. From January to March I started with a 10k Aussie account. Made a loss of 10% in that account over the 3 months. This month my trading has come together and starting to get a feel for the market. I know my timeframe now which I didn't before and its hourly. I like trading confluence areas mainly but still looking out for node breakers. Have made 26 trades this month, 22 wins and 4 losses. My account is just over 10k aussie again. The ratio of win/loss has increased dramatically. First time in 5 years I have seen this result. I still have a long way to go though but happy this month with the direction. Hoping I can do this full time soon, I need a bit more experience and money though.

All the best,



 May 22 2010

Hi Joe,
Thank you for the great seminar. really enjoyed it. going thru live trading with you was very informative, especially the scalping techniques and DOM analysis. i am sure this add-on knowledge will improve my trading a lot.

From the news, looks like its cooling down in bangkok. stay safe.



 May 24 2010

J Rock!
truly a memorable P sem and life experience.It has had IMMEDIATE positive effect on my trading.First scaling in to a short that went against me made me a little as opposed to losing $500 ,� second a nice bnb in the emini Friday, and 3rd an OTE�$6500� on�2 stock positions I entered last Friday.(not closed yet so careful not to bank that one).

Any hope of joining an advanced Psem in that time�would be welcomed.

See you soon hombre


 May 25 2010

Hi Joe,

Really loved the seminar and Bangkok even with all the action. Hope it doesn't get to much there for you and Pat. Despite the gunshots and explosions,

Feel at bit more confident after the course. Came back on friday and couldn't wait to trade. Made 3 winning SOR trades on Friday and another 3 winners on Monday.

Take care and all the best,



 May 27 2010

Hey JOE,

It was a really great experience there trading LIVE with U and the rest of the guys - indeed I've learnt alot, especially on the small timeframes scalping trades!

I've also learnt that U can be very nimble with your views/thoughts - not being stubborn.

Till next time - hope to be backed in BKK SOON.



 June 8 2010

Hi, Joe

first of all i would like to say thank you so much for sharing your 40 years experience even though you are painful all day long every day while teaching, you and Pat are very kind.

Best regard,


 June 10 2010

Hi Joe;

Just share to you that I look at Spot Gold in 60M yesterday(bigger TF is up trend), there was 2 agreements(OP&F3, COP&F5) then price break 1st agreement but just pass through 2nd Agreement and rebound very fast. I get filled both stop order(above 1st agreement) and limit order( above 2nd agreement). That's excellent.

Thank you



3rd Quarter - 2010

 July 7 2010

Hi Joe,

Thanks for having us over the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and
would love to come back sometime to do another seminar. Definitely put me
down on your list.

My experience?
Well I enjoyed the teaching style. Found it kept me on my toes and awake. I
like the interactive format and the more personal way it was run as opposed
to a room full of 20 to 50 other people. I agree the group was very
supportive and worked well together. Good to have A with his experience
also helping to guide us.

Having homework to do was very constructive and served well to focus my mind
on what I needed to know and revise. The final part seeing how your screen
was set up was very revealing. Good insight into organisation required..

Only one minor suggestion. You might consider putting your recommended
"things to do" on your introductory letter in a brief format. That boat ride
you suggested sounded great and wasn't in any of the brochures I read!!
Would have loved to do it when I arrived at the start. Would have added to
the "experience".

Thanks muchly,



 July 14 2010

Hey Joe,
Just wanted to say thanks for all of the help, instruction, and mentoring. I feel as though I learned alot and have shaved quite a bit of time off of my learning curve. I really enjoyed the seminar and it was well worth my time to attend. Not to mention the guys night out, lol. I'm finally getting back in the swing of things here, motorcycle VBIED threat today. I'm going to be ordering your course here shortly and right now I'm trying to decide on the GFT option or to just go ahead and get the CIS software so I can start learning my way around it. Tell Pat that I said hi and I look forward to seeing you guys in Bangkok again.



 July 19 2010


I would like to thank you for such interesting sessions, as you have made me realised I do not really know very much about trading, and still have so much to learn!

Regardless, thank you again for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.  you have made me want to do more as this is just so different from anything I have been working on, and to further improve on my trading techniques.   This has opened up something new for me and it is just beyond my expectations!

The advance course has certainly crossed my mind, but I will only attend this if I think I am OK to do so!  This will take a while, and I hope I will get to there one day!.

Best regards,


Hong Kong

 July 29 2010

Making 1-2K a day pretty consistently now with the ocasional ass- hair singe when a BnB becomes a RRT against me.
I believe you may have a cure for that Dr?
Ready for the next level.
Batter up!!



 August 21 2010

Hi Joe,

I appreciated very much for your effort to clarify the point with me personally. I didn't realized that the last trade was not a scalping trade until your clarification. Your email reached me at the right time. You are such a nice teacher, and make an effort that your student understand your teaching.

I enjoyed the seminar. It is really beneficial to me. Frankly speaking I was not able to absorb all the stuff during the 3 days. At the most I can absorb only 50% - 60%.

I will remember your advice to drop the time frame to look for DP on lower time frame.
I wish you all the best and hope to see you in Singapore soon.



 August 24 2010

Hey Joe,
We had a great time.  Have tons in common and basically trade the same market and time frames.  I learned a lot and Tony found a couple of very bad things that I do but will stop.

Thanks again, I know that Tony helped me a LOT.


 August 24 2010


Words from my wife: " I'm glad you have a friend like Joe. Thanks to him, we were able to live incredible experiences, and learn things no money can pay."

My father once told me: " friendship is a exchange of favors... the ornaments you put on top are nothing if the exchange of favors doesn't exist". Very simple way to define friendship but not very easy to see at first.

Thanks Joe, for all your teachings and a great time this seminar. Probably December is very soon for me to come back as I'm doing another seminar with Pieter in Melbourne in October (actually I'm doing two with him: the advanced and the standard, which meansI can practice in the middleof the seminars :> ).

However, next year from February as you suggested, I think would be great if I could come back for another advanced.

All the best.



 August 26 2010


Just letting your know 2 things -

1. I feel like an idiot when I said to you some months back (about the upcoming seminar) that "I know your stuff pretty well". That's the iceberg part because have since realised I knew the top 10% but the real meat is below the surface and I mean REAL meat, you know the real subtitles.

2. I've gone through every post in the new Forum twice and the the old one once and my understanding of your material has increased about 500%. BUT, I'm still struggling with information overload and trying to get some decent trade plans organised - but that's nothing that can't be sorted over the next 2 months - good things sometimes take time.

So please keep me down for an Advanced Seminar but I won't be ready till 2011. I know they're booked up in advance but remember what I told you - I can get to Bangkok at very short notice if need be. But if I've got to wait sometime then so be it.

Also, I've met Jason a couple of times and we're getting on great - he's very solid with your material.

Hope you're well and good trading.



 August 29 2010


Yes full time trading but I trade very less and focus on high probable winners.

Its all started  Nov 2006 listening to your presentation on "Where is my Fill".

Valuable Lessons I learned from you which I apply every day:
(1) Good health
(2) Focus
(3) Discipline
(4) Humility
(5) Keeping your office clean
(6) Taking time off from trading (R&R included)

All of the above transformed me a better person, dad and trader.  Look forward to your continued mentoring and friendship.

Last four years I met many traders from a retail to hedge fund owners and wealthy individuals.  One person impressed me the most was D W.



 September 7 2010

I would like to thank Pieter for the analysis as well. Apart from the phenomenal analysis I start to understand the way Pieter thinks and analise. This is what I need. It is very usefull for me. Thanks Pieter.




4th Quarter - 2010

 October 25 2010

Dear Joe,

I want to thank you sincerely for your time, guidance, hospitality and patience. The 26 hours spend in your presence was in credibly invaluable.

A great philosopher once said ; “ I cannot teach you wisdom, I can only lead you to the threshold of your own wisdom “

This is exactly how I experience your tutorship. I feel as if I was reborn during this Seminar. I can feel a great difference developing in my psyche which is very good news.

Give my thanks also to Pat for her hospitality and allowing us to take over her home like we did.

Kind regards,



 November 17 2010

Dear Joe,

Writing this email I never thought I'd give time to considerattending a course, but now I am. I was gentlyintroduced tothe marketsby a good friend of mine who i live with inJune this year . I live in central London straddled between the square mile and Canary Wharf.

How did I hear about Joe DiNapoli?

I'm not sure are you aware but there's a gentleman at, Sive Morten,who presentsa review of the forex markets almost daily with a strong emphasis on your methods and proprietary indicators. Well i glanced at the monthly chart, read his analysis and remembered hearing about the gbpusdpair he had bullish sentiment toward the 1.60 area. I remember thinking how on earth could anyone predict stuff like that.This was when the pair was at 1.41. I took little notice other then to remember his prediction for 1.70 and wondered how someone couldgive such a "guess". About 6 weeks later with the dollar weakening substantially I re-read his blog and by chancethe GBPUSD was up again. It took me 3 hours to read his daily detailed explanation, butI really wantedto understand the terms and techniques used.

Sive mentions every week that his methods owe a great deal to your own.It was the following week after another successful trade thatI read yourbook - DiNapoli Levels. I've since re-read your book to try and each time I havegained more insight. The next week it took me two hours to read the review online. Now it takes me little over 20 minutes to read all reviewed charts and take notes: (monthly/weekly/daily and 1/4hr charts on whichever currency pair is reviewed.)

Well I finished a course in Engineering this summer andI've got 4 weeks holidays built up so I decided to head to Bangkok for a well deserved break.I booked flights for the 7th of Decemberand I return to London on the 30th of the same month. It was only after i booked my flights thatI was really intrigued to see thatyou are holding a course on the weekend of the 11/12th of December.I would be interested in being part of your group if thereare some places still available.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,



 November 28 2010

Hi Derek,

(regarding a presetation DiNapoli Expert Derek gave in Singapore)

... toastmasters style presentation. Only a few are able to see thru the hype and recognised the "real ones".



 December 8 2010

Hello Joe
You are well prepared for the question, "How do I begin to study your method?"
When I clicked on the link, I started laughing for not finding it myself on your website.
I will place my order for your recommended book and trading course combination.
Thank you again for publishing your work.
I wish I had found you earlier in my trading career.
By the way... you are the only trader/author of strategies I can not find any negative reviews in all my Google searches! That is absolutely amazing!
My sincere thanks once again.

 December 9 2010

Hi Joe,

My trading has moved to the next level after the Advanced. Especially now that CQG offers the

South African Top 40 Index. It follows the exchange price by the tick.

Thank you again for your outstanding tutorship. Your trading system remains the very best

In the Trading World.

Warmest regards,

S. A

 December 17 2010

so informative , Knowledgeable and interesting.
u r an ideal role model Joe.




 December 222010


Would you please share the recommended reading list with us

From a technical/methodology perspective there 3 books and only 3 books


From a mental/mind perspective -- the choice is endless.
Here are a few nevertheless

1) TWDL :)
1) The warrior trader
2) Trading in the zone
3) Trading with passion and purpose
4) The investors Quotient

That should keep you busy for a while....




 December 25 2010

Hi Joe

I know this comes in a little late, but I'd to thank u for being a
great teacher & a good host during the P-sem.

I've been doing lot of soul searching & digging deep into myself for
the past 2 weeks after the P-sem. I'm always looking back & recalling
whatever I can at the events which happened during the P-sem,
evaluating & applying them. One of my new year's resolution will be
making changes to the way & methods in which I trade...

I've just started to read yr book again (& as many times I have to)
hopefully to better educate myself & to try to fully understand the
gist of yr methods before re-sitting for another P-sem (pls let me
know when will be the next once u've the dates)

Once again, thank u! Hope to catch up soon...Merry Christmas & Happi Holidays



 December 28 2010


(reffering to my Amegetton talk at the Traders EXPO November 2010)
I just listened to your talk. Really Excellent!!! I'm proud of you for speaking out so strongly. Pretty clear to me, but I wonder if others, non-DiNapolians understood. Did you find out if there were in fact any regulators there? If so, what agency were they from?



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