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DiNapoli Levels, the most comprehensive book ever published on the practical application of Fibonacci Analysis to the Price Axis, DiNapoli style. 300 Pages of trading techniques. $162

Independently rated #1 best seller.

Eighteen years in formulation, 18 months in the making, professional trader, lecturer, and author, Joe DiNapoli, tells it all in his first full length 8.5 by 11, 300 page book.

About the Book

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  Traders World Magazine
  Futures Magazine
  Traders Press

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  Fibonacci ratios as market tools

Professional Recognition:
  Walter Bressert.
  Michael Chalek.
  Bill Cruz.
  George Lane.
  Louis Mendelsohn.
  Larry Pesavento.
  Linda Bradford Raschke.
  John Hill, Futures Truth.

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Book Reviews: Traders Press

DiNapoli Levels: The best book on Fibonacci to be published this year!!

Joe DiNapoli, a well-known futures trading teacher and lecturer, has just self-published his first book-length treatment covering his particular area of expertise, the practical application of Fibonacci analysis to investment markets. He has encapsulated his trading methods in a focused, practically-oriented book… Specific entry and exit techniques are described that are the distillation of DiNapoli's considerable experience. A number of exemplary trades are detailed, along with the rationale for each step.

Interestingly, the author in no way sugarcoats the business of trading. To the contrary, he is brutally up-front about the psychological and financial impact of the trading game. He is equally insistent that constant diligence in the details of analysis and execution are part of the price paid for profitability.

This book is well written, with very large, clear illustrations. DiNapoli uses humor effectively throughout, making an otherwise tedious subject more enjoyable.. I recommend this title to those interested in learning more about this fascinating topic.

Excerpts from a review by Edward D. Dobson,
Traders Press, Inc.

Perhaps you think technical analysis is a dull and lifeless topic.

Think again! With three colorful characters, Diligent Dan, Hyper Hank, and Conservative Carl, Joe DiNapoli gets us to laugh at ourselves and see how our emotions can get in the way of our own success

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