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D-Levels Financial Forecast™ Order Now

Your guide to navigating the markets.

  Above is the Link to a new service provided through Coast Investments Software. It is published by Pieter van Wyk, a private trader and DiNapoli Expert on Joe DiNapoli's Proprietary traders area on his web site

D-Levels™ is a specific application of advanced Fibonacci Techniques. Combining D-levels with additional high quality technical analysis is the basis for what is taught by Joe DiNapoli in his classic book "Trading with DiNapoli Levels".

Pieter van Wyk (author of D-Levels Financial Forecast™ and an expert in DiNapoli methodologies) employs Joe's advanced trading tactics on Futures FOREX and Stocks each week to define trends and project key Support and Resistance Levels well in advance of markets action.

Our goal is to provide concise analysis that can assist all levels of traders in reducing their research time and allow them to focus on the markets as they reach critical areas of support or resistance.

We have designed our newsletter to cover a variety of time frames and we recognize that each of you will have varying risk tolerances.

Whether you are day traders, intermediate-traders or very long-term players there will be value for you. We believe however that it is up to the individual trader to decide on the specific entry and exit points that best suit their specific needs when these predefined levels are reached.

If you want to approach these markets with no knowledge and little interest in learning how markets behave, this publication is not for you. If you want to learn how markets really work and want the best in technical analysis then this letter is for you.

Your subscription gives you notification of the best Futures, FOREX and Stock opportunities out there. D-Levels will provide analysis from the big picture and work down to the daily and sometimes intraday time frames. After scouring the commodity, currency and stock markets every week, Pieter van Wyk provides you with what he believes are the best opportunities available. Whether it's Crude Oil, Gold, Euro/USD, BP, Google, iShares, or closed end funds, Pieter will alert you to the market promising the biggest near-term move. (Delivered to your computer once a week.)

$79 monthly value:
Click Here to Order

You will be automatically billed until you notify us to cancel your subscription. If you start your subscription after the first day of the month, we will prorate the first month's subscription accordingly.

Cancellation policy: You may subscribe to DLFF at any time during the month but if you cancel, your cancellation will not be accepted until month end.

Note: this service does not include access to the proprietarily client pages. For access to client pages click here .

For Futures, FOREX, Bitcoin and Stocks, your subscription will give you:
  • A live webinar once a month. You can dial in using a headset to discuss markets and ask questions. This webinar is recorded if you can not attend.
  • Important Support and Resistance levels... D-Levels™.
  • Predict probable turning points.
  • Trends big and small.
  • Power patterns as described in TWDL.
  • New strategies covered in private seminars.
  • Profit Objectives way ahead of the market action.
  • Advance warning of potential explosive moves before they occur
  • D-Levels™ is brought to you in an video & audio format. So you'll be able to study the charts of the markets being covered and simultaneously hear our analysis come through your computers speakers.

Comments from a subscriber:

"Pieter, I have just entered my credit card order for the service. Frankly, I think it is an outstanding tool for any investor but even more important, it is an outstanding learning tool for someone just beginning the long path to mastery of DiNapoli Arts. I've learned a great deal watching a master put together his weekly assessment of the markets, step by step. Using the same software and data source, I can follow along with each layer as you build your forecast for the week.

This is not just "What do we expect." This is "How do you do it." This is a tremendous resource for learning the craft. More of this benefit of the service needs to be promoted. My initial thought was I have purchased all the tools, some twice. Bought the book, the home study course, been to a PSem with cousin Tony, joined the forum, what can I learn from the DLFF? I certainly learned what to expect from the markets. But the most important thing was watching a master put that forecast together step by step. I am learning how to put all those tools to work. I can pause the video and study the minute details of your process. Things which have long since become obvious to someone like yourself are laid out for those of us who are just learning. Such as the reaction points you choose in a complex configuration of waves. Where do you put the ABCs to calculate the resistance points as well as the LPOs? The accent is entertaining, but clearly you have mastered more than one language, whereas I still working on one. The jury is still out.

Of all the things I have bought on my journey to mastery of DiNapoli Arts, this one is the best value. It should be more highly recommended to "newbies" just starting down the path. More emphasis should be placed on its value as a learning tool. "

VTL - Texas, USA

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