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DiNapoli Trading Video VHS or DVD.

Four hours and 20 minutes of detailed instruction by Joe DiNapoli and one of his most successful students, professional trader, Merrick Okamoto.

Joe teaches the Leading indicator, trend, and Pattern techniques that have benefited so many.

Merrick teaches Momentum Stock trading and Sector analysis from a market makers (he was one) and institutional point of view.

Read what John had to say

You are entitled to a Free zip file with most of the charts in the video, in high resolution format. We'll provide you with the Down Load location when you receive your order.

There are 3 Sections in the Video

1 "Supercharge your Day and Position trading using DiNapoli Levels"

Joe 2 hours and 15 minutes:

Indispensable for day trading -- Incredibly effective for position trading (Stocks, Futures, Forex)
  • Pinpoint your Entry
  • Stop placement and Profit Objectives ahead of market action
  • Learn how to shorten your learning curve

You'll learn the most effective ways to apply Fibonacci ratios to the price axis. You'll discover how to mix leading and lagging indicators for a high-accuracy, low-risk trading approach.

You'll find out how to enter strong running market moves "safely" and where to place your stops for maximum protection and minimum exposure.
You'll learn how to calculate pre-defined profit objective points and how to employ the three-period money management rule to maximize profit and minimize heartache.
You'll understand the proper, practical, application of Fibonacci ratios to the price axis and you will have access to a trading style with the capacity to produce an incredibly high percentage of winning trades.





*Mutual Fund Switching

—If the instrument is liquid, you can apply this methodology.
Works on Monthlies, works on 1 minute charts, and everything in between…

2 "Direct Access Equity Trading using Momentum Sector Analysis"

Merrick 1 hour 20 minutes:

Market Makers, Market mechanics
  • How Market Makers handle overnight orders
  • Rules that Market Makers live by
  • Advantages that Market Makers have over the public
  • Advantages and disadvantages of ECN's
  • How to benefit from the actions of: "the axe" - "the wheel", the predominant traffickers (Market Makers) in a given stock
  • How to front run the Market Maker
  • How the (Market Makers) NASDAQ work station on auto execute can be used to fool the pubic
  • Eyes only institutional terminal, how Market Makers advertise on a NASDAQ terminal and fill positions on "eyes only", a private system for Market Makers
  • Importance Market Makers put on getting order flow
  • Market Makers ability to see order flow -how that benefits them and costs you!
  • On line trading firms sell order flow, how this benefits Market Makers and how this hurts the public
  • How Market Makers handle inventory by creating excitement in the stock
  • How to be your own Market Maker
Direct Access Trading, Patterns, and Momentum
  • The Direct access execution system and how it is used.
  • A Discussion of order routing, ECNs, Select net, SOES, etc.
  • How Market Makers use the tools we use and some we don't have
  • An investment rule to live by
  • Sector Momentum trading, how to get into the right stock at the right time
  • Index sorting, how it can affect your stock selection
  • How to increase your changes of success substantially
  • Proper use of Stochastic Divergence
  • Misconceptions about Stochastics
  • Money management rules for the Investor/Trader
  • How to determine where institutional money flows are going
  • What the leaders portfolio/ pre opening window can do for your stock selection
  • Sympathy plays, how to find them and what to do with them
  • Which price securities are best to trade
  • How institutional traders make decisions
  • Chart patterns, divergence, wash and rinse, volume considerations, 5 day momentum method, volume capitulation,
  • How to handle 3 day moves
  • Institutional issues when buying a given price stock
  • How opening and follow through or lack of it determine the direction of the market/ the 10am Rule

    "Simply the best dissertation on the mechanics of stock trading I've ever heard" - Joe DiNapoli

3 "Joe & Merrick use the material to forecast coming market events"

- 40 minutes.

Recorded in October of 2000
  • See how and why predictions were made!!
  • See the incredible accuracy of these techniques for yourself!
  • Learn how to make market forecasts on your own!

Be among the first to own this important educational Video/DVD

  • The cost - - Video $179.00 NTSC format only.
  • The cost - - DVD $179.00 Standard world wide format

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