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FibNodes™ - Designed by Joe DiNapoli. Order Now

An inexpensive alternative that allows accurate and organized trading utilizing D-Levels™.

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Frequently asked questions about FibNodes 5.0 (FAQ).

The most common questions relating to what FibNodes does and how it integrates with other charting packages are listed below.

What will FibNodes do for me?

FibNodes creates Fibonacci Expansion and Retracement points in a manner consistent with Joe DiNapoli's trading techniques as described in "Trading with DiNapoli levels" These (leading indicator) points are extremely useful to the trader as points of entry, stop placement, and profit objectives. They can be used in any time frame.

How do I use FibNodes?

You create a Fibonacci series by inputting a series of data points from a chart which is called up on your charting software. A given file may contain 2 to 15 data points but four or five is most common. The program performs calculations and presents both a numerical and graphics display which shows support and resistance areas along with the appropriate Lineage. The program then saves this file for later retrieval and use.

What's the difference between the integrated and non integrated versions of FibNodes?

We only offer the non integrated mode.

A comment on this from Joe DiNapoli: For over 13 years I traded using our old DOS non integrated FibNodes software. This was done on a variety of instruments including 5 minute S&P's where the action was fast and furious. Compared with the current FibNodes software we offer today it was crude to say the least. Still it was the best tool available for the job --uniquely suited to the exact methodology I developed. If you do not have the ability to use our more advanced software options or the integrated version of FibNodes, you're still way better off to use the non-integrated version than standard Fibonacci tools on other charting packages. Using FibNodes essentially forces you into doing things "right".

Is it a lot of work to keep the non integrated FibNode files updated?

There is some work involved, but it is not excessive. In fact Joe DiNapoli actively day traded the S&P 5 minute chart for 13 years using an older form of the non-integrated FibNodes software.

My charting software already does Fibonacci retracement. Why do I need FibNodes?

Your charting software does BASIC Fibonacci retracements but that is not adequate to most accurately and efficiently apply the concepts. Also, common software packages DO NOT UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY, so as new price data is displayed, you must manually update all of the Fibonacci displays. The tool does not fit the task. View this comparison of FibNodes and popular charting packages.

What about using a spreadsheet to do the calculations?

While this is a possibility, spreadsheets do not provide the most accurate and efficient means to efficiently apply the concepts. In this regard one of our clients has been working on an advanced spread sheet application for 4 years. He uses FibNodes to trade with. Given the cost of FibNodes this is a case of being penny wise and pound-foolish. We have done the work of properly implementing this process for you.

What charting software is the FibNodes program compatible with?

The non integrated version is compatible with all graphics software since the user is responsible for inputting the data points.

I still have questions, Where can I find out more?

Call USA 1 808-838-7500
Asia +65 9088 6721
Ask for Derek, he'll be glad to help you!
or email Derek: [email protected]

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