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FibNodes™ - Designed by Joe DiNapoli. Order Now

An inexpensive alternative that allows accurate and organized trading utilizing D-Levels™.

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To develop a Fibnode Retracement series using FibNodes Software you also need reasonably good charting software.

We recommend:
To determine Focus and Reaction numbers on a bar chart, keep it simple! Use a clean chart with no indicators to clutter the picture.

Lets take a simple example :
In this chart we have a strong up move. We want :
-a "safe" entry on the long side
-a "reasonable" stop loss
-a logical profit objective.
Here's how we get them:

The first step is to...

Next, we enter the Focus number, then the reaction lows ...

The resulting Fibonacci series looks like this.

Now that we have our entry and stop

17550 1
===> 17084
===> 16796 stop
17550 2
===> 16950 * entry
===> 16580 *

It's time to calculate Logical Profit Objectives

Now you're ready for the next trade.

The real power of this approach, and the FibNodes Software, comes into play in fast paced trading, of markets like the emini.

1. Create a FibNodes Retracement series to determine your entry and stop placement points.
2. Create A FibNodes Expansion series to determine your logical profit objective.

Let's see how this works on a 5 minute S&P.

The following printout is the Fibonacci retracement series for the S&P trade.
Now we can pinpoint entry as well as stop placement.

Fibnodes Retracement Series

Focus Number File SPM051 Focus# (Low for the swing)
Point Number Resistance Fib Nodes Point# (Enter lowest reaction high first)

52350 1
===> 52423
===> 52467 ENTRY
52350 2
===> 52480 f
===> 52560 f
52350 3
===> 52501 * STOP
===> 52594 *
------------------------------------ Copyright (c) 1996 CIS, Inc.

Note: Lineage Markings (* , f) help you to determine your proper entry and stop placement points.

The FibNode Expansion series shown below, shows you where to take your profit.

0.618 1.618 Point Value Objective Points File SPM052

A = 52745 COP = 52221
B = 52350 OP = 52070 PROFIT OBJECTIVE
C = 52465 XOP = 51826

If you have ever wondered what rules emini moves, you don't need to wonder any longer...

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